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Tuesday   June 27, 2017

Photo of the Day
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6/15/17 Box of Salmon
Lk. MI N of Waukegan, IL
SB spoons and Attractors

Photo by "the Greek"

6/11/17 Fairport, MI
Crushed Fluorescent Orange
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4.0 Salmon Buster™ spoon
Top 40 Charters Photo

6/7/17 Manistee, MI
Excellent Solo Effort
Photo by Wayne J

Lk Ontario Olcott, NY
Pearl DG BTI Combo
Photo by Mark C
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6/2/17 Manistee, MI
Alewife SUV Salmon Buster
45' down over 100' of water


Salmon Busters™ Great Lakes Info Tips and Trix Capt. John's Log

Welcome New and Returning Visitors

"You've just discovered the most extensive information available to the Great Lakes Angler and Charter Fisherman I've been able to put together so far.  Please keep in mind, there's well over 150 different pages.  Full of my original content containing a complete encyclopedia fishing tips, past results, photos, You Tube videos, Facebook posts, tricks & how to's.  Only here, are the constantly evolving techniques to consistently catch more & larger fish are revealed in an easy to read & understand format" ...Capt. John King

Today's Update and, ...or Fishing Report?

6/27/17  "Many fish were caught this weekend in the MCSFA tournament week. On Wednesday we had a great turnout at Kids Fish at man made, on Friday the Ladies classic had many boats coming in with nice boxes of fish. On Saturday and Sunday many fish were caught despite some sloppy conditions on Sunday.
              I fished all three days and caught 15 plus fish each day. The majority were lake trout but did catch 6 kings and 1 steelhead. My biggest King was 14.95 and did catch a lake trout 17.75 pounds. I fished from Onekama to Arcadia in 110 to 115 feet of water. I have charters the remainder of the week." Click Capt. Kevin Hughes & Sandpiper Charters

The above is first hand fishing news from well respected, Capt. Kevin Hughes who charters out of Onekama, MI.  I can add, Kings to 25 lbs. were boated in this same event.

6/26/17  Today's update is delayed until tomorrow.  Extra busy in the shop and have not had the time to boil down the fishing info from this past weekend's results.  I'd rather postpone then just throw out info that's not had careful thought to verify.
               Shipping orders is job one, and as fast and possible.  Amazon's success is based entirely on getting product out the door and into the shipper's hands ASAP.  Guess what?  ...this is a easy no brainer lesson I've stuck to since I went into the tackle business in 2004.

6/25/17  Have a great Sunday!  Latest fishing reports from our message board members say, it's Lakerville from Onekama to Arcadia, MI.  More info on the Lake Trout is these fish are hitting clean/non attractors rods.  So, it's not like these fishermen are targeting LTs. Salmon for now, are hard to come by in that area.

6/24/17  This is the weekend Manistee, MI hosts the Bud Pro/Am Tournament.  This event dates back to the 1980s and helps generate monies for the Manistee County Sport Fishing Association.  Added boat traffic means I'm staying onshore until next week.

6/23/17  Cannot recall from recent memory, when we've had a stretch of rain and thunderstorms like the last few weeks in Manistee, MI.  This has kept me dockside, when  you throw in the wind that comes with unsettled weather.
              It is essential for me to fish where "on the spot decisions" provide a true testing platform for my tackle.  Feeling the pressure last July out of Manistique, MI is when we put the GhostBuster pattern to work.  Reason? ...we were down to our last couple hours of daylight and our fish take wouldn't feed a hungry yard cat.
             In these 2 hours we turned a slow fishing trip into a highly successful event. Because we needed a glow spoon and took a chance on Mr. Ghostbuster.  The rest is history that led to this pattern being transposed to flashers/meat rigs™ that are deadly!

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