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 Saturday April 19, 2014

Photo of the Day
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Manistee's 1st Street Launch
Docks went in yesterday
Photo by Wayne J

7' lump of snow
Outside my shop's window

My New 3D Printer
Project 2015 tool

It's like déjà vu all over again
Quote from Yogi Berra

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"You've just discovered the most extensive information available to the Great Lakes Angler and Charter Fisherman I've been able to put together so far.  Please keep in mind, there's well over 150 different pages.  Full of my original content containing a complete encyclopedia fishing tips, past results, photos, You Tube videos, tricks & how to's.  Only here, are the constantly evolving techniques to consistently catch more & larger fish are revealed in an easy to read & understand format" ...Capt. John King

           Today's Update and, ...or Fishing Report?

4/19/14  Hired 3 new workers this week to help build tackle.  Been behind the 8-ball ever since the 4/1/14 reopening of the webstore and playing catch up. 
              It's hard to tell what the future holds, but for the next month, or two shipping tackle to retail tackle outlets could be impossible.  OK, being busy sure beat the alternative, but this year is ALL about coming up with new tackle for 2015.
             I've yet to find the time to work with my new 3D printer.  So, tomorrow will be dedicated to getting comfortable with the software that runs the printer

4/18/14  MDNR Platte River Hatchery Fisheries Biologist, Aaron Switzer spoke on Traverse City's TV Channel 7 yesterday.  He brought up the fact that this winter's cold and extended ice cover "could" mean less of a growing season for Great Lakes fish.  In turn, resulting in possibly smaller fish this season.  This is makes sense.
              Only time will tell what's in store for us is a safe bet.  Was Lk. MI's return to plus 20 pound Kings an anomaly in 2013?  Like I said, ..."only time will tell."

4/17/14  Boat docks went in yesterday at Manistee, MI's 1st Street public launch.  The City of Manistee is kind to early season Lk. MI fishermen.  History says there's no charge to launch until sometime, ...usually in later May. Click docks going in on 4/16/14
              Guess we all have reel-dreams about what this season offers.  Good, bad, or indifferent the unknown is what makes Great Lakes fishing so much fun!!!

4/16/14  Winter seems to have returned to Manistee, MI after we had 4" rain recently.  Many central and N counties in MI's lower peninsula have temps in the teens this morning.  Yesterday, close to 3" of the white stuff fell at my place.
               Put the batteries in my boat last week, but holding off any ideas of fishing until there's more tolerable weather.  Click 7' lump of snow blocking window

4/15/14  Project 2015 begins with my new 3D printer to build, design, & water test prototypes.  Sent the 1st printer I ordered back.  It was cheaply built at under $700.
              My new printer is closer to $2500 when software, spare extruders, control interface and build PLA & ABS filaments are figured in.  Click my 2nd 3D machine
              Parts in the foreground displayed on white are pieces and parts this printer already made.  Which are pretty intricate according to my eyes.
              This is a brand new vista for me and challenges will be many conquering the learning curve that comes with the territory in the world of 3D home manufacturing. Stay tuned's gonna be fun struggling with new 21st century technology!

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