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Friday  October 18, 2019

Photo of the Day
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King Plant 2020 Increases
From MDNR Facebook Page

10/10/19 Northern  Pike
Gold SB 4.0 Arcadia, MI

Drone Technology
Used to video weir 10/4/19

Little Manistee Weir
10/4/19 Egg taking facility

10/4/19 Pine Creek
Manistee County, MI

9/20/19 "Mr. Whiskers"
Loon Lk. Catfish Black SB 4.0
Benzie County, MI

Rogers City King
"Bite Me" SB 4.0
8/23/19 Lk. Huron

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Today's Update and, ...or Fishing Report?

10/18/19  Weekend edition.  Plan 1 is tom fish Lk. MI on Sunday.  If the lake cooperates?  Plan 2 is to do a few laps around the S end of Manistee Lk where the Little Manistee Rivers enters this body of water.  Included in Plan 2 is to get drone video of the mouth of the river to add to the footage shot at the LMR Harvest Weir.

10/17/19  Yesterday afternoon spend a couple-three hours transitioning my boat back to fish the top 30' of water.  Wire divers, copper rods, meat tackle, and braid rigger rods have been stowed.  Remembered to back off the drags to preserve reel serviceability. 
                There's a silver lining to this effort.  Meaning, having my rods and boat in top notch shape for next March-April when the big lake season starts again with zero prep.
                This Sunday is predicted to be fishable with fairly calm seas.  It will be a great time to see if there's any fall Steelhead willing to do battle.

10/16/19  Ordering meat heads for the 2020 season is front row and center.  This means rough note counts transferred into Excel spreadsheets.  There's is a lot to keep track of.
                Masterbatch colorants must be available, or more ordered.  Several colors that have to be taken into account.  This job encompasses both mag and super mags.
                I only get one chance to make this right before the order is turned in.  If anything is overlooked?  There's a charge for short runs to fix mistakes.  Have to order at least 7000 heads to cover injection tool mounting.  This year will be twice that amount and then some.  This is a job that must be done in preparation for the 2020 season.

10/15/19  Coldest night of fall 2019 at my place in Manistee County, MI.  This morning it was 32°.  Been waiting for a NW blow to bring cold water to central LK. MI.  Today's gale warning let's me shift focus back to Lk. MI.  Previously, it was all warm water.  60° & above on the surface.  Here's today's weather warning the spells out was constitutes a gale:


A gale watch is issued when the risk of gale force winds of 34 to 47 knots has significantly increased...but the specific timing and/or location is still uncertain. It is intended to provide
additional lead time for mariners who may wish to consider altering their plans.
                          (34 knots is 39 mph.  47 knots is 54 mph)

10/14/19  CYA we all know what that means.  This is what's happening at the Little Manistee River Harvest Weir when the MDNR says they keep the weir open for early and late arriving Kings.  These fish are not counted in the total captured.
                 This weir is a data collection point.  Not using it to gauge the whole fall fish return is a terrible waste.  The DNR passes fall Browns and Steelhead above the little river weir.  So, why not Chinooks/Kings too?  Case in point: the lower weir on the Platte River passes up close to 20k Coho every year that are counted.  What's hard about this?

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