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Sunday  May 26, 2019

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5/15/19 E Chicago, IN
Big catch of Kings and Coho
Photo by Tom M

5/6/19 Ludington, MI
Capn Kirk's catch
Photo by Kirk C

Single Hook Buried Deep!
5/4/19 Ludington, MI
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Salmon Busters™ Great Lakes Info Tips and Trix Capt. John's Log

Welcome New and Returning Visitors

"You've just discovered the most extensive information available to the Great Lakes Angler and Charter Fisherman I've been able to put together so far. Please keep in mind, there's well over 150 different pages. Full of my original content containing a complete encyclopedia fishing tips, past results, photos, You Tube videos, Facebook posts, tricks & how to's. Only here, are the constantly evolving techniques to consistently catch more & larger fish are revealed in an easy to read & understand format" ...Capt. John King

Today's Update and, ...or Fishing Report?

5/26/19  Taking a few days off.

5/24/19  Have a great Memorial Day Weekend.  Good news for central Lk. MI ports is we're finally getting to the mid-40s for down temp.  There is no stratification according to the Ludington down-temp buoy.  So, what Kings there are? ...could be lurking from the surface to down deep.  Warming waters trigger spawning runs by Alewives.  This is another reel-fact to be aware of as the 2019 season marches forward.

5/23/19  Weather for our upcoming  Memorial Day Weekend looks just OK.  This Saturday is predicted to be the warmest day of 2019 thus far.  Thunderstorms are forecast, but not all day events.  There are windows to go fishing.
               Installed a new link on the Great Lakes info page to the South Haven down temp date buoy just like the one in Ludington, MI.  South Haven has 7 more degrees of water temp 49° down at ~50' compared to Ludington's 42°.  7° is a world of difference early in the season when it comes to fish and bait activity.  Click Great Lakes Info Page

5/22/19  Busy this morning with orders and shipping ASAP.  Did notice the amount of original products we offer.  Ball Chain Coast Locks, Cushioned Crimps, Diver Rings, Super Snubbers™, Fly Flippers, S. Bombs and our Salmon Buster ™ Spoons are not knockoffs. 
               Designing tackle to solve problems is one step at a time process.  So, I guess I'm kinda unique, by not duplicating other manufacturer's tackle lineups.  Then, flooding the market with cheapie copies from stolen ideas/products by others who did it first!

5/21/19  Plan was to fish Lk. MI this morning out of Manistee, or Ludington, MI.  Honestly, I'm just wore out by our unseasonably cold spring.  Not wanting to deal with 32° this am.
               Monofilament line breakage is from underperformance.  That's only be made worse by overpaying for it.  Breaking lines cost tackle and more importantly fish.
              Broke a big Laker off a while back.  What broke? ...the 15# Vicious Fluorocarbon leader.  Not the mainline of my standby, Triple Fish mono that has it roots dating back to originator/inventor, Ochert in Germany during the late 1940s.

5/20/19  Manistee, MI's "Tight Lines for Troops" pulled off another highly successful free tournament.  Close to 50 boats took part in taking our former service members for a great day of fishing on Lk. MI in homage to our vets. Click for tournament results
              Winning fish was a 19.5 lb. King caught aboard the "Indian Giver."  Lake Trout were the predominate species, but there was some Kings taken.
              With our late spring? ...Manistee could be setting up for an outstanding King fishery this Memorial Day Weekend.  If we get SW wind and warmer temps?         

5/19/19 Have a great Sunday.  Weather for Manistee is a lot better than predicted.
             Need to stress, as a safety issue, DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY into the 51 LED Black Lights we're selling at the webstore.  A few brief seconds is tolerable.  Please keep this in mind when you're using the best, fastest way to charge/light-up "glow in the dark" tackle.

            For a continuation of daily log entries going back 19 years: Click here

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