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Sunday  August 25, 2019

Photo of the Day
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8/23/19 Gary O.

Lk. Huron King!
Rogers City, MI

24 lb Rogers City King
8/19/19 Lk. Huron
Photo by Julie S.

8/20/19 Frankfort, MI
Big Kings on Meat!

8/15/19 Frankfort, MI
25# King 4.65 Bluetail Spoon
Photo by Chris G

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Today's Update and, ...or Fishing Report?

8/25/19  Just returned from a wonderful trip to fish Lk. Huron at Rogers City, MI with Wayne J.  Had a great time seeing new water and learned a thing, or two.  Fished Swan and Hammond Bays.  Places I've heard about for 50 years and never had a chance to wet a line.
              Our resident tour guide, savvy big water angler, and gift from God was Gary O.  Seldom do you meet fishermen of his caliber, sense of humor and flatout likeability.  The 3 of us, totaling over 210 years of combined life experience did a lot of laughing and grinning. 
              In fact, the 3 of us are planning a trip to Detour, MI next May for Atlantics.
Oh, how was the fishing?  Fill you in on the reel-story tomorrow.  Click Gary O's big King

8/23/19  Have a great weekend!

8/22/19  Good luck to everyone fishing.  Keep your expectations within reason.  Fish early and late.  Yesterday's 5 hits Frankfort, MI all came after the sun went down.  Last couple bites happened almost in the dark.  Every meat rod (had 4 out) took smacks and new 2020 A.I. 4.65 spoon.  Only thing that did not get bit was a flasher/fly combo.
              Keep in mind, this is the time of the season when temperature means squat.  We had nibbles in 40° to 70° water.  Fish the marks and you'll do fine!

8/21/19  OK enough trip last night out of Frankfort, MI with Wayne J.  Frankfort was my home port when chartered there from 1983 thru 1990.  So, I know this port very well.
               Our 6 rod spread (3 riggers, 2 divers & 150' copper) was set and looking around 6pm.  We rode, and we rode for the next 2 1/2 hours with nary a nibble.  Then, as the sun  slowly sank below the horizon all billy hell broke loose.  Let the games begin!
               Chute rigger, 90' slammed straight down, as a high teener King headed for the bottom in a vertical crash dive on the X-Glow Froggie BTI combo. 
               As Wayne was dealing with the nasty chute fish, our side planer with 150' of copper towing the new 2020 A.I. spoon took a whack and was peeling line.  Then, the 3 rigger 70' down, made another vertical run towards the bottom over 150' of water.  OK, great, my boat's first 3 banger of 2019.  Sadly, the copper rod got tangled around the board and snapped the 20# mono leader.  Click BTI combos and Kings
              By dark both divers hauling meat had fish on out to 270' of water.  The diver Kings came unpegged.  That's 5 good hooked up Kings, pulling line, with a sub par 2 fish, or  40% landing ratio.  Area fished was 2-3 miles N of the harbor over 120' to 250'.

8/20/19  Sometime during the earlier 1980s, the MDNR decided to put all their eggs in one basket.  Making King/Chinook the main focus of their stocking efforts.
               Former MDNR Fisheries Chief, John Robertson in the later 1980s advocated for a more balanced approach with Coho, Browns, Steelhead, & Lake Trout all equal in the mix.  This made sense.  If there was a hiccup with one specie the effect would be less painful.
               Now, in 2019 we're seeing how the leadership of the MDNR has failed across the board.  We've lost our Brown fishery, most of our Kings and the Coho plant is dreadfully low. The Lk. MI DNRs continue to spew out there's no bait & natural reproduction is our savior.
              Question: if there's no bait (alewives) how come Lk. MI is growing so many Kings above 20 lbs, with a few pushing the 40 lb. mark? Future chat topic, the problem is?

8/19/19  Manistee is the tale of 2 kinds of results.  Those that can find a few Kings and those who cannot buy a hit on suspended fish.  Running out deep 550' in hopes of staving off the skunk is a rare occurrence for this time of the year.
               Sure, there are few ginormous monster Kings pushing 40 pounds, but darn few of them.  I know several top-notch Lk. MI fishermen with decades of experience struggling to put a few Kings in the box everyday.  So, while size is up, numbers have fell off a cliff.
              This is a downward spiral.  Less Kings, less natural reproduction of future generations of Salmon.  MDNR's natural reproduction hypothesis is looking pretty darn shaky!

  Lost weekend as far as the internet goes.  Thunderstorms and no satellite connection are beyond my control.  Less than 1/16" of rubber coating on my underground sat cable has gave me problems before.  Hope to have this fixed soon.

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