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Wednesday July 23, 2014

Photo of the Day
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P15 Cupped Diver Ring
Version 2 .0070 upscale

7/15/14 Lk. Ontario Kings
BTIs and Meat Rigs
World Debut

Capt. John's Super Ring
More depth, less drag!!

7/11/14 South Haven, MI
Ben's 1st King, pushing 20!
Photo by Mike G

7/10/14 Hardtop Cam View
 Laker net job, edited image
P15 is colored in red

Great Lakes Info Tips and Trix Capt. John's Log Fish of 2013

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"You've just discovered the most extensive information available to the Great Lakes Angler and Charter Fisherman I've been able to put together so far.  Please keep in mind, there's well over 150 different pages.  Full of my original content containing a complete encyclopedia fishing tips, past results, photos, You Tube videos, tricks & how to's.  Only here, are the constantly evolving techniques to consistently catch more & larger fish are revealed in an easy to read & understand format" ...Capt. John King

 Today's Update and, ...or Fishing Report?

7/23/14  Near-shore wind and wave forecast for Manistee, MI:
Southwest winds 15 to 20 knots veering north to 30 knots after midnight. Mostly cloudy with a chance of showers and thunderstorms in the evening...then partly cloudy overnight. Areas of fog through the night. Waves 3 to 5 feet subsiding to 1 to 3 feet late at night...then building to 3 to 5 feet toward daybreak.
 This means a jumbled mess a fluctuating water temps.  Finding fish will be like playing "pin the tail on the donkey" blindfolded, when the fleet does get out tomorrow!

7/22/14  Manistee, MI offered up some pretty decent catches on the shelf yesterday.  Adult Kings, 14 to 21 pounds was reported by Sue Lee's Capt. Tom R.  He was in double figures with the fish coming at 55' to 65' down on meat.  This is great news for all of us after last season's tough row to hoe.  Wind is going to be out of the S and that should keep the Salmon pegged on the shelf.  Look for the best depths to be deeper as S wind stacks up more warm water at central Lk. MI ports.

7/21/14  Devoted most of yesterday (Sunday) printing out test P15 cupped diver rings. Finally, thru trial and error have the correct sizing for Dipsy Divers.  Next, is to have one fit a Slide Diver which has a slightly larger diameter.  Click P15 ring V2 .0070
               My boat, SR1979 has a new outdrive thanks to John J and "Todd the Rod."  My fishin' buds were kind enough to help with this job this past Saturday.  Mercruiser outdrives installs can be easy, or very difficult without knowledgeable help.
              What little I did hear about my home port of Manistee, MI fishin'?  I'd say medium with a few adults, along with a mix of juvenile Kings, Lakers and Steelhead

7/20/14  Closing in on the final .stl file for the new cupped diver ring.  This is a difficult part to make.  Mostly, due to the tight tolerances several trial and error rings were made.
               2014 prime time for King Salmon is underway.  Mid teeners, with an occasional 20 pounder looks like the norm for this season's crop.  This is the time of the year all big water Great Lakes fishermen eagerly await.  So, stop wishin' and go fishin'!

7/19/14  In about 2 weeks, on August 2, 2014 the Manistee County Sport Fishing Assoc. will be hold their annual big fish/small boat tournament. Click for entry form
              Tournaments get a bad rap for improprieties.  Like rule infractions, or possibly cheating in one form, or another.  Not so, with the small boat/big fish MCSFA event where it all comes down to having a big fish to win.  This is, as level as the playing field gets!
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