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Tuesday  December 12, 2017

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12/2/17 Lk. Huron Laker
Oscoda, MI Kayak Troller
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New 2018 Pattern
Skinny Minnie aka
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16.95 lb. Coho Salmon

Manistee, MI 9/26/17


Salmon Busters™ Great Lakes Info Tips and Trix Capt. John's Log

Merry Christmas & a Happy 2018 Fishing Season!

2018 Reel-Deal

2018 Tackle reel-deals are ready to go.  This year's tackle bargains feature a 18% discount to celebrate our upcoming 2018 season.  All tackle offered is the best of the best, proven in 2017 with time stamped photos.  Often posted here in daily updates.  These 4 special reel-deals are a limited time offer.  All have free shipping included too!
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Today's Update and, ...or Fishing Report?

12/12/17  Hard winter has barreled into Manistee, MI, after a long run of above average temperatures this fall.  High temps in the teens today with lake effect snow that can produce several inches when the winds blow across the Lk. MI and Lk. Superior.
                Progress at this time of the year is measured in bits and pieces.  Delays from the holidays happens to all in the manufacturing business.  
                Losing business days for shipping is the biggest holdup.  Have several colorants on order scheduled to arrive before Christmas.  We are in a hurry to restock our meat heads for 2018.  The way it looks, all colors of our meat heads will be available in January.
                Putting some thought into how to sum up my 2017 season that will be shared in the future.  Seen the good, the bad and the ugly going back to March of this year.

12/11/17  Keep forgetting to stress an important point about the 2018 Skinny Minnie aka Alewife SUV combos.  Being: it's a middle of the day producer working long after the early EZ bite is over.  This can be proven by the time-stamped photos. Click for this proof

12/10/17  Updated the trolling flies page at our webstore for 2018.  Design changes does take some creative talent to display tackle in the best possible way.  On the web, I make sure to include several views & not overstate photos. Showing only the reel-thing when customers open their packages. Click 2018 Trolling Fly Page

12/9/17  Restocking my trolling flies is the task at hand.  Sold out of many selections this season that must be replaced.  For me? ...attractor-fly combinations work best when the adult Salmon are hard keyed on a 54 to 58 degree thermocline.
              Colder water in the 50s and below a dedicated meat program is hard to beat.  Everything depends on what the conditions are that fish have found a liking to.

12/8/17  Finishing up a good week with progress on all fronts.  Now is the time inventory must be built for the soon be here 2018 season.
               Yesterday's video is very interesting.  Will be researching the fascinating data collected on Lk. Ontario's King Salmon.  Have a great weekend!

12/7/17  Video update for you today from Lk. Ontario on how they track Kings.
Click here for this fascinating video

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March 1999

"The action on Lake Michigan continued at a frantic pace... the crew went on to land 7 Kings (Chinooks), 1 Coho and 9 Lake Trout on the half day Charter." (17 fish)
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August 1984

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