Rigger Cam 2012

Please this is a MUST read before viewing

Hit the red arrow for play, then once the video begins, click the the very bottom of the video.  This opens the progress bar, sound/audio adjustment and a gear.  Click the gear icon.  This opens the menu where you must choose 720HD.  You Tube uses an autoset feature for resolution depending on the speed of your internet connection.  In some cases without bypassing the autoset feature, full 720 HD will never be displayed. 

Please don't waste your time trying to view this video in anything less than full 720i HD.  This is the upper limit You Tube allows.  Due to depth and amount of available light, the fish are very hard to see.  They begin just as faint shadows before you'll get a glimpse of a whole fish before it travels off.

I gave up on underwater video until I found a night vision camera lens mod recently.  Allowing more light in to expose each frame is a necessity!  Which, incidentally, there's 30 frames a second that try to get enough light for viewable exposure.  Camcorders work just like a regular cameras on how they processe images.  So, it needs a lot more light than my feeble beginning efforts in 2012.  It was exciting to see small wolf packs of Kings come thru the spread and try to eat the meat head.  But all missed :(  The flasher/meat rig combo did it's job by pulling these open water, free ranging Kings into view.  There's a tremendous amount missed attempts when it comes to deep fish trying to grab-latch on to your lure.

rigger cam