Manistee, MI Trap Net Locations
Confirmed as of 6/30/18
Brought to you by John King's Salmon Buster™ Spoons & (855 950-3474)

Understanding the layout of trap nets is vital to using the information provide here.  These nets have proven to be lethal to sport fishermen who got there gear stuck in big seas.  So, allow yourself plenty of room to avoid these nets.  If you do get stuck?  Having wire snips aboard is the best action, because your chances of saving your gear is next to nil.  Here's the locations:

13s Lead Net Staff Buoy
44° 12'.979 N
086° 24'.635 W
63' of water

13s Trap Net Pot Staff Buoy
44° 13'.120 N
086° 24'.806 W
92' of water

13s W King Anchor Buoy
44° 13'.348 N
086° 24'.935 W

109' of water

17s Lead Net Staff Buoy
44° 17'.676 N
086° 22'.308 W
 72' of water

17s Trap Net Pot Staff Buoy
44° 17'.676 N
086° 22'.549 W
 86' of water

17s W King Anchor Buoy
44° 17'.376 N
086° 22'.820 W
98' of water

Disclaimer: use the above info as a guideline ONLY!  Wind, currents and tribal netters can move these nets at anytime. 

Do not rely on visuals to see the flag staff buoys.  Wind can lay these markers over.  Making them next to impossible to see.  The N & S wing leads are marked by a floating string of detergent bottles that you won't see until you're on top of them.  Please keep in mind, trap nets are several hundred feet long that can stretch over a 1/2 of a mile.  When and, if more nets go in?  I'll do my best to update this page ASAP!!