"Not one of these Lake Michigan charter captains listed here paid one red-cent for their listing. 
They earned their charter listing with my faith & trust over the past many seasons. This is an honor 
I do not lightly bestow on just anyone.  I'd more then welcome the chance fish with any of these skilled, 
highly qualified, and recommended Lake Michigan charter operators in a heartbeat!"
Capt. John King

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Last updated Saturday, September 03, 2011

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Decisions, Decisions

Making a decision on Lake Michigan charter is no easy task.  You're faced with countless choices and options when it comes to finding the "right" charter fishing operator for you.

You can rest assured when you select from the charter captains listed here, that you're on the right track to a highly successful and great time catching fish on Lake Michigan!   

All are licensed and conform to the requirements of the United States Coast Guard and the State of Michigan concerning important issues of safety.

Charter Rates

Charter rates are a supreme bargain when you break down the season-long expense of owning a seaworthy, top-notch rig to fish the fresh water inland seas, known as the Great Lakes.

Availability of weekend dates is always in question. So, plan early in the season as possible.  This will also insure overnight accommodations, as lodging might be hard to come by during the summer months.

Which Port is Best?  

Every port listed here has it's own distinctive strong points, depending on the time of the season.  Lake Michigan charter seasons generally starts in late April and runs thru September.

Your Mission

On your part, please be prompt and make sure you're at the boat,....at the agreed time! Especially, if your trip is a morning charter.  Perhaps you've heard, "the early bird gets the worm?"  This hold double true, as morning fleet pressure builds on the fish you want to catch.

May I suggest, if you're a family group and there's children going, please consider an afternoon 1/2 day excursion.  This will make it a whole lot easier on all concerned. 

Make sure in advance you've have a fishing license beforehand.  Request your charter operator to give you further detailed info on this very crucial subject to avoid dockside delays.

Check on the charter operator's policy concerning alcohol and common sense dictates drugs and drunkenness will not be tolerated.

Manistee, MI
Sue Lee Charters
Capt. Tom Rasmussen 
866 Clay bank Rd
Manistee, MI 49660

(888) 723-4025
(231) 690-5754

wpe1.jpg (15357 bytes)
29' Black Fin

Manistee, MI 
Enforcer II Charters
Capt. David Deforest
3230 S37 Road 
Cadillac MI 49601

(231) 775-0785
(231) 920-8510 boat

Enforcer_2.jpg (25768 bytes)
29' Silverton

St. Joseph, MI
New Addition Charters
Capt. Hank Locsmondy
22181 Sandybrook Drive
South Bend, IN 46628

(574) 277-5269
(574) 292-2144 cell

27' Baha

Manistee, MI & Saginaw Bay
Adventure 1 Charters
Capt. Dick Donovan
730 Kim Dr.
Cadillac, MI 49601

(231) 775-8321
(989) 971-9210 cell

Adventure1.JPG (17286 bytes)
30' Cruisers

Ludington, MI
Silver Addiction Charters, Inc.
Capt. Mark Williams
3820 Breen Rd.
Emmett, MI 48022



31' Tiara

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