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My Trademark Meat Rig™

Framed ™

Find no joy in doing this page that goes against my grain of avoiding negativity during my 76 years on this planet.  Deal here is, I have to defend myself and my legacy in Great Lakes fishing world that goes back to 1968.  This is about those who have no respect for me, or my Meat Rig™ trademark.  Coined these 2 words back in late 2003 when Capt. George Metzler inventor of the Twinkie Twinkie 3 Fly Cut Bait Rig from Pulaski, NY was aboard, ...back when I was running a charters out of Manistee, MI. 

Metzler was here to promote sales after I ordered some of his Twinkie Twinkie 3 Fly Cut Bait Rigs.  Well, that's too many words in opinion to brand a product.  In a stroke of genus that don't happed very often for me, came up with meat rig™.  Reason: you fish with baitfish meat.,  In turn, producing a lot of fish meat.  Metzler was having issues getting bait heads.  Metzler said he would buy heads from me, if I made them.  Then, reneged in 2005.  So, we developed our own bait rigs branding them Meat Rigs™.

Registered meat rig™ as an US trademark after getting bitched out by customers that bought fake-cheapie rigs not of our manufacture.  It was well past time to protect my intellectual property of the 2 words strung together 20 years ago.

Official Registration

Biggest Offenders

Trooper Ingalls
Good Cop, Bad Cop?

Biggest offender hands down and going away is Christopher Ingalls.  He is a newbie part-time cub charter skipper that's also a state cop.  Ingalls a self appointed You Tube guru/expert with his Tangled Tackle Company's You Tube misinformation channel.  Proof on the misinformation? He claims to be only a DW bait rig devotee, but I have a paid receipt for his order for my meat rigs™ he purchased in 2022.

This brings deadbeat Carl Bud Fitzgerald owner of Tangled Tackle Co. in Manistee, MI into the picture.  Said deadbeat, because he has an unpaid tackle invoice for $447.36 from July 2022 that's he's made zero effort to pay.  These 2 conspiring culprits intentionally stole my trademark for use on their website and  You Tube channel for personal and financial gain.  While kicking me, a 76 year old senior citizen 1st generation Salmon fisherman to the curb.  Even though, I pioneered meat fishing craze back in 2003 out of the Port of Manistee, MI.

Here's where it's get interesting.  Called Chris from Dark Blue Charters to see if there was an amicable way to work out my tm™ dispute.  He got on the muscle going full-thug, bad-cop telling me to, "SUE" him.  Then, what he was, and wasn't going to do.  Next was his attempted Jedi mind-trick, as he stammered, "well-ah-ah-humm-ah ...you said it was OK could use it."  Well, I've never been to Egypt.  So, I'm not see-Nile. 

Assessed my courtesy phone call was a lost cause trying to be nice.  Hence, this
exposé came into being.  Before the internet, theft by these pirates, my side of the story would have never seen the sanitizing light of day.  Now, it's a different narrative where I've proven beyond any shadow of doubt their blatant, out of control and planned trademark infringement.

Below thumbnail images are proof my trademark is being ripped off by Ingalls and Fitzgerald

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2

Exhibit 3

Exhibit 4

Exhibit 5

Exhibit 6

Exhibit 7

Exhibit 8

This One Hurts Deeply

Ingalls Order 4/2022

From 2010 thru 2016 Tangled Tackle Co. purchased close 30k of tackle from me.  Then, TT suddenly stopping ordering tackle from me.  Probably about same time they got their side-hustle going on You Tube stealing my meat rig's™ identity.  Having a registered brand name with the US government is a must.  All along Carl Bud Fitzgerald knew I had a trademark on meat rig™.  This is as crooked as the day is long and he knowingly stabbed me in the back.  It's been said what goes around, comes around.  It's time to expose TT for who they are.

Christopher Ingalls who runs Dark Blue Charters bought close to $400 meat tackle from 2018-2022.  He'd stop by while on duty with his police cruiser to pick up his order at my shop.  During this time he ingratiated himself, acting very friendly.  He was nice enough to sight-in my pistol's Crimson Trace laser sight.  All the while scheming to steal trademark for his personal benefit.  Ingalls knew meat rig™ trademark belonged to me.  I was shocked to see he ripped me off for several You Tube scam videos doing research of his shady practices. 

Worst part is he over complicated meat fishing with too many videos.  This is all hog-wash, because fishing meat is as simple as it is.  A small 5 rod spread can keep up with a 10 charter boat rods.  Depending on good bait?  And there's not been much of that around for 10 years.  Their actions deeply hurts me personally.  Wrongfully, thought we respected each other and were on above board good terms. 
You can make up your mind if Ingalls is a good cop, or bad cop?

Please let me remind you, if Fitzgerald and Ingalls steal from me? ...they will steal from you!

Offender Info for my Attorney

Tackle Tackle Co.
Carl Bud Fitzgerald

26 E Parkdale Ave
Manistee, MI 49660

Christopher Ingalls
Dark Blue Charters
10527 Erdman Rd
Onekama, MI

Diabolical Custom Tackle
Mark McClutchey
PO box 786
Indian River, MI 49749

Dreamweaver Lures
Roger Bogner
5712 Brookwood Place
Ludington, MI

DW misuse
TV commercials

More to come...