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Photographic Journal 2001 
Awesome August & September Charters
These photos are the actual results from every charter during August & September 2001

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Aug. 1st    17 lb. Brown            Rich & Barry 8/4/01               Salmon School IV Aug 5th           Marsh & Ruth 8/7/01

Hoover Clan 8/8/01              Scott Jason 8/9/01am            Paul Hodson Trip 8/10/01          Dan Greiner 8/11/01

                                    JohnPawlukCatch.JPG (73090 bytes)
Yoder's Yankers 8/12        Dr. Steve & Father Louie 8/14               The Pawluk's catch for August 15 & 16

Oberly Family 8/17/01           Cashmore Group 8/18/01             Pete Cooney 8/19              Team Modelski Aug. 20th

                        Dave&DaveAug23.JPG (70068 bytes)          
Ben Nietubitz 8/21/01            Wixom Charter 8/22/01             Team Grandma 8/23/01             Grant Fry Trip 8/24/01

                             VanStoyk01.JPG (45164 bytes)    
Mark Smith 8/25/01                                    Rex Broome & Friends  Aug. 27 & 28                            Don Van Stoyk 8/29/01

Mike Gomez & Chris 9/1/01             Ed & Derrick Sept. 2nd                   Roland trip 9/8             Guests on 9/9/01

Richardson Charter 9/14/01             Tony, Tim & Tracey  9/15/01