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August Charter Results

Photos below are thumbnails click on for full size
Doug Hallet trip         Ed Evans charter       The Curzinskis 

8/31/00  Fished with Derrick Gress with his friends Don, Mike, and World Famous Doug "Cutie Pie" Acker.  The fishing was superb again with hungry Cohos swarming on our lures like Killer Bees.  The bite was on at daylight and we couldn't keep lines in the water.  We had at least 20 strikes in the two hours we spent on the lake before building seas chased us back to port.
    When we pulled lines at 8:00am we had 9 Cohos checked into the fish box and a King that was visiting with them for a 10 fish total.  Today's guests were out for a good time and I hope I fulfilled their wishes on a trip of short duration.  It's better to quit while we were ahead rather than toughing it out on bumpy or lumpy Lake Michigan.
  The laugher on the boat outweighed the fish box as Cutie Pie dug his heels in on the diver rods and landed 3 dandies.  A great time was had by all including myself, and I needed it after yesterday's Kamikaze Salmon War.  Click here for great fishermen on a short charter.

8/30/00  Doug Junior, Doug Hallet Senior, Orrin Hoblyn, Dave Keezer and Tracy Hill caught with us today.   Dave, Tracy and Orrin are Nebraska Corn Huskers and seen Salmon fishing beyond belief.  We must of had plus 40 strikes and way to much action to describe. We landed 20 fish, 9 of which exceeded 20 pounds and 9 Cohos that averaged 9 pounds.        
    Slaughtering big numbers of fish to satisfy guests takes to fun out of it for me. I'm glad that the 14 additional fish we had hooked got away because Senior had to go to K-Marts for a bigger cooler to transport fish home and there was way to many fish to clean anyways.
      Let me say, I'm not proud about what happened on today's charter.  Overkill will no longer be an option, I'm imposing a 15 fish limit on my trips!  And you can tell I'm suffering from Fishitis!  Click here for a massive overkill dockside photo.  Today was my own fault.  

Today's Charter with Cindy and Mick was even better that the day before.  Tremendous is the word that best describes what happened today, we smacked the fish in rapid flurries.  I had to pull duty on the third rod of a triple header that turned into a quad, when I discovered the rod that I was dealing with had 2 10 lb. plus Coho thrashing all over the surface.  That's right 2 Cohos on one rod!  While the Sheasers were doubled down on big Kings, Jeff Pefley slid a net on the first Coho then the second net on the other one.
    By now we had 2 Cohos on the floor with Cindy and Mick's Kings approaching the netting zone.  Fast net action by Jeff put the double header of Kings in the fish box, 4 fish in the boat before all the rods were set...mind-blowing!  The fishing was awesome, we ended on a triple header that almost seemed common place and pulled lines at 8:55am and headed home with 5 Cohos and 6 Godzilla sized Kings to 25 lbs.  
    In the two days Cindy and Mick fished with me they had 23 Salmon hooked up and put 22 of them in the boat.  Let me say "you won't find any better fishing folks than these people."  Also, they've reserved the same 2 days for next year.  Click here for a great dockside photo!

8/28/00  Cindy and Mick Sheaser were my esteemed Charter Guests today.  These folks know how to fish--and never, I mean never, lost a hooked up fish.  With anglers on the rod like the Sheafers it's easy to look good.  Cindy dealt with huge line stripping jumbo Kings that almost wore her out, but she hung in there and landed every bad boy that messed with her!!  Mick did fantastic as well, heeding all instructions to the letter because we had 3 double headers to deal with.  His assistance was needed and appreciated.
    Constant fish on was the order of the day, from 7:00 to 8:30am the strikes came hard and fast, because the Salmon were on a hard bite in Tunaville.  Fantastic or incredible best describes the fishing on this charter.  And guess what?  I even get to have more fun with Cindy and Mick tomorrow in search of more Salmon.  
     The fish box weighed in at over 170 pounds with 7 Kings to 23 lbs. and 4 Cohos that averaged 10 lbs. for an 11 fish total.  Click here for a heavy Tunaville trophy board.

8/27/00  "Limit Out" Ed Evan once again graced us with his fishing prowess today.  I swear every time that man steps aboard my vessel the fish are in a super cooperative mood.  The charter was a Fishfest for Ed Evans, Capt. Chris Carey and myself because there was no one else on the boat.  When Ed got bored from landing fish he let me and Chris have a go at reeling in those nasty bad boy Salmon that dwell in the depths of Lake Michigan.
  It was a superb outing for a threesome with constant fish activity until we pulled lines.  Ed is tournament leader and always is great company, plus the trip went very smoothly.  We hung 15 fish on the meat rack which included 1 Laker, 1 Brown Trout, 5 large Kings and 8 Cohos.  Estimated live cooler weight was in excess of a 160 pounds.
     Oh, by the way I never lost a fish today when Ed was nice enough to let me have a turn, but I do know a couple of other people on the boat who did.  But, I won't mention any names.   Click here for an "awesome meat rack" 15 fish limit catch.

Mike Brodie and friends were today's Charter Guests and these fisherman got to the rods quick.  They had about 20 strikes and landed 10 fish including 3 Kings, 5 Cohos and 2 Brown Trout for a 10 fish total and decent box of fish.   
     Details on this trip are sketchy because Capt. Mark Pefley and Capt. Chris Carey ran the trip.  After yesterdays going 2 for 13 on the early morning bite, I was fit to be tied.  A day away from the boat is what I needed, because of my intense schedule (everyday).  Both Captains teamed well together and deserve praise in doing a great job on my day off.
                                   Click here for their trophy board photo. 

Today's Charter Guests were Brian, Bill, Andy and Don Brown.  I had my hands full on this trip, losing 11 of our first 13 bites.  I had called a meeting about 8:30am and told the fisherman if we were going to end up with a good box you'd better start putting them in the boat.  Excitement had caused to many missed opportunities.  After the meeting the anglers performance level soared.  We went in a 6 fish run without misses. Brian and Bill picked up on the proper techniques first, boating several hard fighting Salmon.  Andy and Don caught on quickly and began building a heavy fish box.
     We had at least 30 bites on today's charter and a 20 fish limit could have been there, but it was my day in the barrel to lose a lot of fish.  Fantastic Salmon action was the rule with not long between hits.  We ended up with nice mix including 6 Kings, 2 lake Trout, 1 Steelhead, 1 Brown Trout and 6 Cohos.  A 5 specie Grand Slam was had on today's outing.

   Click for Grand Slam photo.               Click here for trophy their board photo. 

Cara and Brad Chicky, a great couple from downstate celebrated Brads birthday today by limiting out on Salmon.  Their box was awesome even exceeding the 15 fish limit they boated with me last year at the same time.  The size today is the reel story, the 6 Kings ranged in size from 21 to 26.5 pounds and the Coho went from 8 to 10.5 pounds.
    Oh, let's not forget mention they had 4 double headers and landed every single fish that was hooked up.....fantastic!!  After a foggy morning and more fish that would fit into the cooler we pulled lines and headed for the barn at 10:45am.  More that enough fish were landed to satisfy everyone on board including me.  A very special thanks goes out to "Quick Rick" for helping out as guest first mate.  He preformed admirably and never missed a fish with the net......outstanding job Rick!! 
Click here for their awesome meat catch photo! 

Fished today with "Quick Rick" Pritchard and his father Ray, plus Eliott too.  The morning fishing was god awful terrible because of a severe thunderstorm that lasted through most of the night.  After 2 hours of fruitless trolling we as a group decided to throw in the towel, regroup and hit it again in the evening with a different plan.
    We left the dock around 5:00pm hoping for better action than the morning and it wasn't long before we were into fish.  Eliott caught a large King and Ray did likewise.  Both these anglers landed their largest fish ever this evening.  "Quick Rick" helped out immensely with the rod tending duties and landed some good sized fish too!  We ended up with 8 fish for our efforts today that included 3 Coho, 4 Kings and a Steelie.  What happened here today is that we saved what otherwise could have been a poor trip.  Click here for trophy fish photo.

"Lightening" Ben Nietubisz today was accompanied by Al and Norm Buchner.  Ben started the day by pushing on me for a limit catch instead of just being happy with what the fish gods would be willing to give us.  Al and Norm were just plain happy to have an opportunity to catch some fish, which they did in a grand fashion.  Everyone dealt with large Kings and Coho also.  Norm did a fantastic job on a 12 pound Steelhead that put on a flashy show for us on board. Click here for Norm's Steelhead photo.
    Ben turned out to be a natural and this Salmon thing and was lighting quick at the rod and knew how to bring 'em to the boat like a pro!  Al landed several nice fish with the wisdom of the old man in the sea.  We hung 12 fish on the trophy board which included 5 Cohos, 5 Kings to 24 pounds, a Laker and Jim's dandy Steelhead.  Considering the way the thermocline went down from 25 to 105 feet it was an awesome catch.  Oh, yeah Ben almost limited out and he left knowing there was more than enough opportunities that were missed.  Overall the fisherman did a expert job in getting their own rod and hook set. 
   Incidentally Norm had been on 6 previous charters on Lake Huron and on all 6 they only boated 10 fish, so Norm now knows what its like to fish Lake Michigan when they're biting!
                                       Click here for trophy board photo.

/21/00  Rex Broome and Jim Fountain, both from Indiana decided they were up for a Salmon Charter on Lake Michigan.  We first set lines in the harbor and in the first half hour Jim and Rex had landed 3 Adult King Salmon.....incredible!  The next pass in we hit another 2 Adult Kings and I thought we were off to the races.  Then the fast bite we experienced came to a screeching halt.
      Deep water was our next stop and Jim caught his third King when the wind shifted and I couldn't locate the fish.  Right at 12:00am a Nasty Bad Boy King ripped the center rigger and Rex tangled with a super large King exceeding the 30 pound mark easy.  After about 20 minutes he passed the rod to Jim and the fish was still full of meanness.  Hey, I got tried just watching the 2 fishermen dealing with that monster.  We had the lunker almost within netting range when the hook pulled loose and the trophy swam away, with Rex and Jim agreeing that any fish that can fight that hard deserved his freedom.  
      Great trip today with 2 very knowledgeable and patient anglers.  Oh, I just about forgot to mention both fishermen limited out on King Salmon.     Click here for trophy board photo. 

  The reel story here is the fight a 22 pounder gave Sally as the boat was pitching to and fro because the lake was getting rough.  Believe me this lady had her hands full on a fish that wouldn't quit, plus I had to steady both of us in an uncomfortable 3' to 4' beam sea.  Sally won out in the end with determination and strength.....good job Sally!!!!
    The unfortunate thing about today's charter is that rough water had to spoil a full day in search of Salmon to a shortened half day.  However, all was not lost we still ended up with a cooler that had 4 fish in it that weighed 70 pounds and a great time with nice people....the Verniers!!!    Click here for their trophy photo.
Tournament Ed Evans and his son Derrick cleaned up on the Salmon today with the help of Bob Rondelez.  They had at least 20 strikes from big mean Adult King Salmon.  We had 2 four bangers, boating 3 twice and a triple header, of which we only managed to land 1 out of the 3.  The action was constant and thanks to my team and they knew how to put them in the net.  Ed is part of my tournament team and showed why today.
    The unbelievable fishing we experienced made up for Ed being dockside yesterday.  We all got tried from dealing with the monsters that were on the lose today.  We ended up with over 200 pounds of fish in the cooler and I'm glad we didn't land all the fish that were on because I'd still be at the cleaning table instead of posting this report.  A special thanks goes out to Bob Rondelez for helping out!  Click here for trophy board photo. 

8/16/00 Stayed dockside today because it was much too windy and caught up on sleep and rigged a bunch of reels with new line.  Tackle maintenance was taken care of today.

8/15/00  Jim Horlocker, Rick Bielat, Dave Schiltsges and "Uncle Jim" Ruttan hit the Salmon jackpot today.  Strong thunderstorms in the early morning almost cancelled today's charter.  So, we left kind of late and didn't get lines in the water until 7:30am.  Immediately we found the Kings on the feed when the center rigger tore free and a big tuna started peeling line off the reel!  Everyone on the boat put forth a team effort because the action was fast and furious while it lasted (until about 10:00am).    
     We landed a triple header on Adult Kings and boated 5 more Kings plus a Lake Trout on a short morning outing for a total of 9 fish and a cooler that weighed at least 150 pounds.  
     Jim Horlocker who booked today's trip has fished with Kings Charter since 1987 and his cheerful but determined fishing skills are always welcomed.  Let me say to my guests today, "a great team job  on the triple header, you guys know how to cooperate when the pressure is on."
     I'll sum up this charter by repeating what Uncle Jim said as we returned to the harbor, "We done ourselves proud today."  Click here for trophy board photo.

8/14/00  Whitney and Paul Prucka had a fine Salmon Charter today.  They caught about 100 pounds of fish or more in about 8 hours on a pleasantly calm Lake Michigan.  
     This was Whitney's first time after the King Salmon as she amazed me at on how fast she picked it up and put 'em in the net like a pro!!  Also, Paul has caught Adult Kings in the past and landed 2 Big Kings on my 30# real wire outfits.....they're to toughest rods to master because there is absolutely no stretch......this is no easy feat to accomplish.  They ended up with a Laker, a decent Steelhead and 6 large Kings for a total of 8 fish.
     When it seems my job can't get any better than it has been, I run into just about the nicest couple you'll ever meet!  I'd like to personally thank Whitney and Paul for being such gracious fishing guests and so undemanding to be around, which makes my job a pleasure!!!!
Click here for their trophy board photo. 

Steve, Tom, Bob Junior and Bob Laughery Sr. fished Lake Michigan with us today.  We boated a doubleheader on big Kings and missed another 3 or 4 fish on a short morning charter.  Rain and thunderstorms chased us off the lake by 9:00am.  They've rebooked for later in August when they'll be up on vacation in Manistee.  The Laughery's have fished with me since 1992.  Click here for 1999 trophy board meat catch!  Need I say more?

Matt, Gary Junior, Gary Curzinski Senior and Paul Austin fished with us today.  He had a strong early morning bite, hitting 3 fish before the whole spread was in the water.  This group of fishermen are probably the most experienced and confident group I have the privilege to take all year from being former big lake boat owners.  So there's need to elaborate on their prowess.  
     While we boated 8 fish, the cooler was heavier than the 15 fish box they got with me in 1999.  Size was the big deal and that's just what these fishing fanatics were out after.  Fish after fish came to the boat until the box was almost full to the top.  I know everyone enjoyed themselves because August 11, 2001 was the Curzinski and Austin name on it....thank guys for rebooking, you're a reel joy to fish with!  Click here for meat photo.

Good times today were had by  Steve Hooks, Dominic "Consigliore" Fucciolo, Kevin Lytle and Ron "Forrest Wood" Bell.  Fun was today's theme with the above mentioned skilled fishermen.  Even though we lost 4, that's right 4 double headers we still ended up with a 170 pound cooler of fish.  The guests today all hailed from Lansing and were "Up North" to catch some Salmon and cut lose and have a good time, which I know they did.  The laughter and inside humor on the boat matched the full box of Salmon we had!
    Overall, we had 16 hits and ended up with 8 Adult Kings from 16 to 23 pounds and a Lake Trout for a total of 9 fish and more than enough action to please everyone including me.  Each one of today's fishermen preformed like experts in handling both the agony and ecstasy  of losing and landing giant sized trophy King Salmon.  In parting I told the group "I probably had more fun then they did, as I drove away with a smile on my face."  Plus, I didn't have to clean the 6 monsters that got away!  "Click here for their trophy photo."
8/10/00  Victor Pytko, Dave Keyes and Jon Reesman were on an Auto Conference in Traverse City and thought a Manistee Salmon Charter would be a good idea and they were more than right.  Dave who can be called the ultimate outdoorsman was first up and landed a 12 lb. King about 8:30am.  Then we had slow going for about 2 hours before the action picked up.  Jon who is a veteran of many salmon wars and knowledgeable in the tactics to put fish in the net fought a doubleheader with Dave on the other rod in the middle of the day and both fisherman boated a couple of dandy Kings in the mid 20 pound bracket.   
Victor had to wait until the charter was almost over (2:00pm) before he got his chance at a reel screamer, and with wisdom and diligence handled tough King in the mid 20's like a pro to top off our box.  We hung a Laker, 2 Cohos and 6 reel decent Kings on the meat rack!
    What made this trip for me is while I suffering from mid-season burn out today's guests made the day by being patient and just plain nice folks to be around.  Also, I'd like to thank Capt. Tom Rasmussen to the excellent first mate job and expertise that helped us look decent on a slow day.  We had 11 hits and boxed 9.  To top it off Jon, Dave and Victor never lost a hooked up fish............remarkable!!!!!  Click here for their trophy board photo.

Brian Green had the unfortunate luck of the draw to have this date.  After an early morning thunderstorm ruined our chances at a daylight bite we had tough sledding ahead.  The fish were down at 130 to 150 feet and wouldn't touch our lures even after a long and costly boat ride to Big Point Sable.  
   Our plans were hit it again in the afternoon hoping to experience last evenings tremendous bite.  However, Brian didn't want to take a pounding when it started getting rough around 3pm.  So, it was wisely decided on his part to postpone his charter when conditions will be more on our side.  Brian was not charged 1 red cent for my efforts today.  Although, they went home empty handed we could have rode the trip through for a costly skimpy catch at best and a bad case of sea sickness at worst!
    Keep in mind I had Brian and his friends into an outstanding catch last season and will do so yet this year when he returns.  

Mary Shaw owner of Offshore Release chartered my boat for some deep water release testing which we accomplished in a grand fashion.  She was accompanied by Marshall Dunn, her wonderful daughter Janet Shaw along with her 3 well mannered sons Jesse, Micah, and Elijah Shaw-Rutschman.  So, this was more or less of a family reunion charter for Mary's grandchildren.
    Today's report is special, because while we spent most of the day delayed by weather when we finally had our chance at the fish, they were on the bite.  We had several multiple hook ups and landed 3 double headers, testing each anglers skill to land huge King Salmon.
   We got rained out with thunderstorms in the morning, but we had an excellent evening on Salmon including one Master Angler King that went 27 pounds.  We ended up with 1 Coho, 1 Brown trout and 6 Adult Kings for a total weight of at least a 125 pounds of fish and missed at least that many strikes.  Click here for family trophy board photo.
    P.S. Earlier in the day I promised Janet some fresh Salmon fillets to go home with and guess what?....... she did!

Today's Charter was booked by Mike Kirchner.  He was accompanied by Cindy, Joe and Mike also.  The Lake was uncomfortable at a 3 to 4 foot chop and building.  So we decided to cut the trip early.  We landed 1 small Laker after breaking of a decent King when the leader to the fly broke.  We had another tap on the center downrigger that didn't get hooked up either.
   I really was looking forward to this trip because the guests were having a good time before we left the dock at 5:30am and that's hard to do that early in the morning.  Rather than having people feel ill, I'll take the loss in hopes of seeing folks back again.  This group is rebooking for something next year because I only have 2 Salmon dates left.   

3 Joe's, Caleb, Joshua and Stephanie Cuellar went on today's superb happening.  After losing the first 2 strikes in the morning things started looking pretty bleak.  Stephanie even started to complain about the size of the fish when I suggested if they're not happy with the job I'm trying to do I'd be glad to take them back to the dock, because I have no use for bad attitudes and unreel expectations. 
    Then fortune smiled on my group and the fish turned on with a vengeance to whack our lures like a bunch of hungry Piranha.  The downriggers were taking savage line ripping hits from adult Kings.  Joe Senior even fought it out with a huge trophy King that pulled the scale down to almost 32 pounds.  Both the other Joe's caught respectable sized lunkers plus the young guy's, Josh and Caleb boated fish also.  
    What tickled me about the whole event is that Stephanie had to eat her words and knows now, not to complain to me ever again about things I can't control.  It was a reel nice feeling to weigh in a 31 plus pounder for everyone on the charter.  Oh, by the way Steph got tried reeling in 2 Kings in the 20 pound bracket.  The trophy board had 1 Steelhead, 1 Coho, 4 Lake Trout and 6 Adult King Salmon from about 15 to 31.5 pounds hanging on it for a 12 fish total for an extremely heavy box.  Click here for photo

Doris and Dan Culton hit Lake Michigan for a Salmon trip with us today.  I decided to go to the stick (Big Point Sable) in hopes of staying away from the Manistee Flotilla and didn't find many fish willing to accept our offerings.  We trolled 27 miles of water for 6 hits and boated one decent King Salmon, 2 Steelhead and a Laker.
  Doris and Dan were more than patient with the lack of activity from aggressive fish. These are super nice folks that provided a great lunch for me (potato salad and fried chicken).  We tried from 15 to 450 feet of water with only limited success.  In fact I invited them back again at my own expense for a half day trip because of the slow fishing, plus I liked their food.  Not many fish were caught by anyone today and the entire fleet came in with small boxes of fish, but at least I had a full belly, thanks to Dan and Doris!
   Doris who has been with at least 10 different charters and she paid me one of the compliments I've had all season when she said; "While you might not have the largest boat I've been on, or the fanciest, but you got the best run charter service I've been with.  I didn't have a people yelling at me to reel and not to reel, pump the rod, etc....."  Quite a compliment from a fishing lady on a 4 fish trip!  Click here for Doris and Dan.

Elaine and Dick Kowalski fished a Half Day Charter with me today.  The fish were almost impossible for me to locate,  we only had 6 hits and boated a 17 pound King and 4 decent browns.  Fishing has been on a roller coaster ride for about the last week with excellent one day and poor the next.
   The Kowalski's have been chartering with me since 1991 and always have great catches, except on today's trip.  Dick in the past has landed a 30 and a 32 pounder back to back!
Click here to see the double trophy's in 1995.

8/3/00  Russ Boomsma, Kyle and Dave Bradley hit Manistee's Harbor from some incredible King Salmon fishing or should I say catching, as we boated 8 Kings for a total live weight of about a 175 pounds!  Although the charter started reel slow and as usual and we didn't have a fish in the boat at 8:30am, things turned around in a hurry for us. 
    First to tangle with these Nasty Bad Boy King Salmon was "Russ the Rodman" and he found out in a hurry why they're called Kings when he battled a good 20 pounder to the net in close quarters, because the harbor is always crowded.  Then Kyle got into the fray when he put a whipping on a spunky 22 pounder also.  We had two honest double headers and almost a third in what can be described as a up front, in your face slugfest with large, mean and difficult handle Adult Kings to 26 pounds.  What helped here is that both Kyle and Russ are sturdy young men that with stood the brutal punishment these fish were willing to dish out.  
   Dave who is a long time patron of Kings Charter stayed in the front of the boat with me  for the most part and let the young guys have a blast.  Before I forget, we almost cancelled today's charter because Lake Michigan was rolling at 4 to 6 foot seas and I won't fish rough water.  But, we decided to mess around in the harbor for a little while rather than me sending him home empty handed and ended up finding a Salmon Bonanza!!!  
Click here for Trophy Photo.

Dick Tuner, Peter Paul VandeWisj (from Holland),  Ernie "The Arm" Weiss, Tom Hardy and John Israel from Hardy Communications Inc. booked Tom Rasmussen from Sue Lee Charters and myself for today's outing.  Right off the get-go both the Sue Lee and I had bad luck.  Capt. Tom Rasmussen's came in the form of a log becoming wedged between his prop and rudder and mine in losing fish on the "hot" morning bite.  
   I'd just finished setting our 8 rods when the #3 downrigger rod took a hard poke, broke free from the release with nobody home.....then simultaneously a double header hit, the lead core and the #5 rigger rod started towards Ludington and crossed over each other with the Lead core sawing through the mono and no fish!!  To make matters worse to fish on the lead core then came off.  So that's the way my morning went.  My luck has to change soon on keeping those darned fish hooked up!
  Sue Lee's day went a little smoother on the fish with him, boating 3 while I was still skunked.  The bright spot here is I got to see Ernie, John and Tom after absence of 5 years and these super savvy fisherman in the past have experienced some awesome fishing with Kings Charter Service going back to 1987 in the Lake Erie Walleye days. They're great folks to know and have on board!  Plus, they taped the first TV Outdoor Show I did.
   Oh, by the way everyone landed decent sized fish and we ended up catching 1 Lake Trout, 1 Coho, 1 Steelhead and 5 Kings to the 22 lb. range. Click here for photo. 
Today the Salmon fishing on the Wenet Charter didn't happen so this date is being postponed the future.  6 hits in 4 hours is a slow go, plus 4 of them didn't hook up!


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