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White Lake 7/24/04

Trolled Lake Michigan out of White Lake with my brother from 5:30-10:00 PM & went 4 for 6 (2 kings, a coho, & a laker). 

1st king took a Silver Streak green dolphin spoon off a MUP rig with the chrome shark weight 51’ down in 61 FOW.

The laker hit a dipsey diver trailing a black fishcatcher/ Purple Taco blue dolphin fly in 80 FOW with 130’ of line out & the dipsey dialed at 2.

The coho hit a #4 green-glow J-Plug set 4’ behind the chrome shark rigger weight 80’ down in 115 FOW.

The 2nd kind (20.3 lbs) hit a dipsey diver trailing a white fishcatcher/Purple Taco blue dolphin fly in 120 FOW with 130’ of line out & the dipsey dialed at 2. This king had 460’ of line out before we decided to pull lines & go chase him down.

Wire dipsey was silent all night.

The 2 missed fish were rookie mistakes-drag set way too tight & trying to net the first half of a double single-handedly.

All fish came on a south troll with the hottest action occurring from 9 o’clock on. Temp at the ball ranged from 48 degrees 90’ down in 120 FOW to 57 degrees 50’ down in 65 FOW.

Steve Yonker

a.k.a.Limp Bait

White Lake 7/22/04

Trolled Lake Michigan with one other crewmember from 4:00-8:30 PM & went 0-2. 

We had a nice fish hit a Silver Streak Blue Dolphin spoon off a SWR equipped rigger set 85 down in 110 FOW. After a nice 10-minute battle the fish made a kamikaze run & charged the boat wrapping itself around the port rigger wire which quickly sawed through the 17lb test mono-goodbye spoon. The second hit was on the wire rod with a chrome dipsey/chrome Opti dodger/seaweed Horse Fly rig 125’ back in 60 FOW with the dipsey dialed at 2. After 3 good bounces the knot behind the dipsey broke abruptly ending that fight.

Temp at the ball was 53 degrees when the rigger was down 80’ over 110 FOW. Surface temps were in the mid 60’s to low 70’s. N/NW wind blowing in the mid teens with waves running 1-3’.

Steve Yonker
a.k.a.Limp Bait

Whitehall 7/2/04

Trolled Lake Michigan out of Whitehall with my brother from Racine, WI from 3:30-7:30 PM & went 1 for 1. The 6lb Coho took a Purple Taco Blue Dolphin fly behind a black-glo Fishcatcher 4’ behind a chrome shark weight that was 40’ down in 120 FOW. Speed at the ball was 2.3 & temp at the ball was 58.5 degrees. We were trolling east when the coho hit.

The NOAA near-shore forecast predicted E/SE winds 5-10 mph with seas 0-1’ when in actuality the wind was N/NW 15-20 with seas 3’+. Had the NOAA forecast been more accurate, we would have fished longer.

First fish in 3 outings & the bonus was no donations to the fish gods. 

Steve Yonker

a.k.a.Limp Bait


Whitehall 6/9/04

The skunk & I trolled Lake Michigan out of White Lake, MI on 06-09-04 from 4:00-5:30 PM before a front moved in & the seas went from nice 1 footers to big shouldered 3+ footers from the NW. 

I started with a wire rig set-up using a dipsey/green-glo fishcatcher/green ghost fly, a Silver Streak green dolphin off a single section of core on a rigger, & a #3 silver j-plug on an inline planer board with a single section of core. 

I was only able to make one rotation of lures on my set ups due to lack of time & building sea conditions. I set lines in 45 FOW & only trolled out to 75 FOW. Surface temp was 63 degrees the whole run & the temp 45' down at the ball was 57-58 degrees. 

I did mark some fish 10-35' down in 45 FOW NW of the pierheads. I trolled this spot almost the entire time I was out making about 6-8 passes through it with both set-up rotations, but I couldn't get anything to go. I would have loved to been able to stay out longer and try more set-ups, but it just wasn't in the cards.

Steve Yonker 
a.k.a .Limp Bait 

May 31, 2004

saturday we took 6 kings and a laker in less than 2 hours starting in 125 and ending in 225 fow. sunday the same thing happened, no lure seemed to dominate and spoons, flies in any color caught fish. I really think i finally found a decent place without a lot of people.


Whitehall, MI 05-26-04

Trolled lake Michigan solo out of White Lake on 05-26-04 from 3:00-8:00 PM & went 1 for 2. Boated a shaker king & had a decent steelhead become unbuttoned after 3 jumps & a malfunctioning slide diver release. 

Started trolling in 70 FOW & headed west to 175 FOW. 

The shaker was hooked on a standard sized Dreamweaver Coyote Ugly 120' back using 2 colors of leadcore off a rigger set 35' down as I was trolling back east. The exact water depth is uncertain because the fish didn't trigger the Black's release, but my best guess would be the shaker hit around 165 FOW.

The steelhead hit a Purple Taco Green Ghost fly/green-glo fishcatcher 20' behind a slide diver set-up that was 220' back & dialed at 2.5 in 95 FOW.

Surface water temp was 54 degrees all the way out to 175 FOW. Temp at the ball ranged from 45 degrees at 70' to 48 degrees at 175'. Speed at the ball ranged from 2.5-3.0.

Afternoon sea conditions started a little lumpy, but settled down to calm to 1' seas by 5PM. Only 3 other boats out & they appeared to be working the 180-220 water depth.

Steve Yonker
a.k.a.Limp Bait