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6/21/04 Manistee

Capt. John, My wife and I just returned from your town yesterday. We
decided to spend 4 days of our vacation fishing. In the brief time the
lousy weather let us on the lake, total fishing time ten hours we
managed 3 small kings and I mean small. All were released unharmed. On
tuesday after the fog burned off in 70FOW 65 down the deep pole jumped
to life and after twenty minutes my wife landed a fat 13 pound brown,
which made our trip well worth the journey from Saugatuck- am having it
mounted for her for a gift. We catch browns down here but only the size
of the salmon we caught there. Go figure. To top off our trip our
Suburbans transmission blew apart just north of Ludington on the way
home with boat in tow. We were buying a newer model next week and
thought one more trip was in order. The folks at Mareks in Ludington
were a huge help in finding us a decent hotel and trying to hook us up
with a rental truck but to no avail. They did buy our worthless( to us
anyhow) our suburban for a good price. Our retired neighbor in 
came and rescued us and our boat Thursday - no work missed either. My
co-workers think we had a terrible time but to see that look on my 
face after that brown was in the box was worth the grief- guess you 
to love fishing to understand that. Thought you may get a laugh out of
our adventure- would do it again in a heartbeat, in fact will be back
third week of August to try for that big king. Brad