Log with Instructional Tips and Tricks
Salmon Buster™ Spoons

By Capt. John King 4/19/2015
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Copperhead M.
/1/15 Manistee, MI

Ludington, MI

Gold HRP SB 4.0
4/17/15 Manistee, MI

John J & Todd B.
 4/24/15 Manistee

In the Beginning

Piecing Together an April Early Season Brown Trout Program

1. sweet spot in speed for me has been 2.4-2.6 on the GPS SOG (speed over ground).  Know of  
    others trolling faster to 3.0-3.2, but that has not worked for me ...yet?
2. all my early season hits have been on various shades of the hyper holographic lure tape,
    like what's my Super Silver Bullet flashers.
3. lead length off my planer boards has been 110'-120' for trolling on the beach.
4. gold and copper hyper holo has been head and shoulders over other colors for Browns on my boat.
5. water temp on the beach was 37-41 for the first 2 weeks in April 2015. Warmed up to 46-47 on 1/17/15.
6. line used is mono 15# test for April Browns on the beach.
7. weight 5' in front of spoons has been 3/8 and 1/2 ounce bead chain keel sinkers purchased of eBay.
8. Mamba patterns are leading the hit parade accounting for 75% of my bites.
9. Changed out my size-1 9650 VMC trebles to the light wire version of this same round bend hook, the 9649 and never missed a hit after I did.  Not recommended for Kings/Salmon, cuz 9649s will bend.  Reason for the swap is we were using a larger dual boards, not inlines.  Hooking a fish is harder this way.  There's nothing stationary to force enough pressure for hook penetration.

This page will be an ongoing log documenting Salmon Buster™ tips and tricks.  With my spoons being brand new, sharing should get us all off to a good start! 

Presently, everything is still in the learning stages that shows great promise for April shoreline trolling.  It took me some time to get off the stick-bait bandwagon after using size 11 floater Rapalas for a good 30 some odd years. Now I'm a believer, after running Salmon Busters™ vs. Rapalas in controlled experiment when my spoons took fish, while the Rapalas rode.

Biggest issue we had in Manistee, MI in April 2015 was debris in the water that often fouled lures.  With the water being up ....shore erosion dumped in loads of grass and roots into our side of Lk. MI.

May 2015




Best testament to success with my tackle is when fishermen reorder more spoons. 

Here's what Troy P in MI had to say, "This is my second order. I liked the first order (caught really nice king using Manistee Mojo), so I am placing a second order. Hopefully there aren't any new spoons not yet on the website I am missing out on. Thanks again!


HRP 4.0 SBs
4/6/15 Ludington, MI

 Test Puke  SB 4.0
4/11/15 Manistee, MI

Grand Haven, MI

King Midas Mamba
4/24/15 Manistee

5/1/15 Grand Haven