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9/30/12  Tomorrow at midnight tackle sales cease at: www.michignangler.com
for the rest of 2012.  Plans are unclear for 2013 at this time.
               Making underwater videos with cameras not meant to deal with low light conditions taught me a lot.  Massive amounts of light we're used to see topside is almost nonexistent down below.  I now see why flashers and meat rigs are so deadly.  The "why" part is the darkness & the large target my tackle present to the fish.
               Today's photo shows the snakelike action as a flasher and meat rig circles thru the water like a corkscrew on steroids.   Click underwater Smurf Combo
               More underwater video tests soon.  Next test will be with the highly reflective Super Silver Bullet flasher with the hyper holographic lure tape at various depths.

9/29/12  Today's featured photo is the bottom of Lk. MI off the Port of Manistee, MI in 30' of water on top of the shelf before it plunges to deep water.  You can see for yourself the bottom is a living viable environment.  Always in a constant state of flux evidenced by the current caused windrows that furrow the bottom. Click floor of Lk. MI 30' down
              Natural sunlight filtering down is changed to almost a fluorescent green.  I found this very interesting.  Fishermen topside seldom see bottom detail.  We fish in a zone of invisibility.  I will do my best to unlock this complex unseen zone, as we all try gain a better understanding of what's going on down below. 

9/28/12  All technology comes with a price.  That means in most cases you become a slave to it.  I have several cameras that shoot video, everyone of them requires a different set of instructions to make them work.  Regretfully, there is no industry standard.
              1st try with the Rigger-Cam left a lot to be desired.  Learned there's hardly any light visible to the camera down at 100'.  Click underwater pic of Rigger-Cam
               There's enough light to present a fairly good picture to maybe 50' before darkness blanks out the video.  Smurf 12" combo can be seen 100' down, but just barely.
               Did see every pebble and stick encrusted with mussels in 30'-40' of water which was no great surprise.  Being able to see this only confirmed what I already knew.
               Rigger-Cam is a work in progress that needs further major tweaking before I'd recommend anyone spending their hard earned dough to buy one.

9/27/12  Today the world debut of my new Rigger Cam.  The fish shaped weight has adjustments on the tail fin to get the camera angle right. Click Rigger Cam
               Plan for today is to see what's on the bottom of Lk. MI at various depths.  Seeing the exact depth will let us know just how much available light there is.  The video different flasher/meat-rig/fly combinations for visual acuity ...i.e. what's visible?
               I'm armed with a lot of technology when I hit the pond today.  2 styles of underwater video gear and a topside video recorder.  Melting all this together is no easy feat, but I am up for this challenge that will stretch to the limit my video skills.
               This camera like a lot of things from this website are made possible thru it's members.  My thanks for Frank at Calumet Marine for furnishing the Contour video camera and Steve S for hooking me up with Joe A who made this very special weight.

9/26/12  Was going to comment on the MDNR Chinook/King Salmon plant reduction, but figured it would be like poking a stick into a hornets nest.  2016 is when this will play out.
               What catches fish is in the eye of the beholder.  Fishermen hold certain colors almost like a religion.  A lot has been said about UV and what the fish can see. 
               Me? ...don't have a clue about what any fish can see, but my 2 top selling meat rigs for 2012 are the Rage Red SUV and X-Glow Smurf SUV.  These 2 colors lead the hit parade by a fairly wide margin and rank as the highest reordered patterns too!

9/25/12  Press release from the MDNR yesterday:

Under the lake-wide plan, the 3.3 million Chinook salmon annually stocked in total in Lake Michigan by the four states would be reduced to 1.7 million starting in 2013...
                             Click for 9/24/12 MDNR press release in full
Because of the significant natural reproduction occurring in Michigan, the DNR will shoulder the majority of the stocking reduction. Michigan will reduce stocking by 1.13 million spring fingerlings, or 67 percent of the 1.69 million recently stocked by the state. Wisconsin will reduce by 440,000; Indiana will reduce by 25,000; and Illinois will reduce by 20,000." 
  My commentary on this tomorrow, but it sure as hell ...don't look fair to us MI anglers!

9/24/12  Took a short trip to Pine Creek that's only a few miles from my place to checkout our fall run of Salmon.  There were no Salmon to be found ...just yet!
               This will be the 6th season I've posted pictures of this designated Trout Stream in a time study that began in 2007. Click 9/23/12 no fish yet Pine Creek
               Part I of the history of the website debuted yesterday.  The goal here to to explain how this site came about, cuz it certainly wasn't planned.  Part II will focus on how the internet has leveled the playing field.  My web presence exceeds all tackle manufacturers with photos, videos, & written articles to help you ...catch fish!
               None of these efforts would have been possible if we had no internet.

9/23/12  The history of this website begins in late December 1999 with the purchase of my 1st computer.  I was dumber than a stump when it came running one, but persevered to gain knowledge in land of computerville.  Click 7/7/00 customer contact mailer
               Idea behind buying the first computer was to do mailing labels for charter customers, but first had to learn how to form a data base/spread sheet to print labels.  This was quickly accomplished within the first month of i2k. 
                Addressing 500 mailers by hand sucked big time, cuz in the charter business it's a lot harder to catch customers, then it is fish.  Making my own mailing labels back in January i2k was a time saving godsend and helped book more trips.
                By July i2k my skill level had progressed to design and print-out customer contact mailers at home ...instead of pricey print shops.  End of Part I.

9/22/12  Plans for the coming week include visits to the Little Manistee Harvest Weir and to Pine Creek in Manistee County, MI.  Been doing photos of the fall Salmon run on Pine Creek for the last 5, or 6 years.  This year videos will be added.  Hearing the sounds of fast running streams will add an extra dimension for those unable to see this in person.
              Just about to enter the last week with my webstore being open for 2012.  This was a monumental decision that didn't come easy.

9/21/12  Posted an aerial photo of Frankfort, MI's Betsie Lk.  I'm very familiar with this area.  Started my charter career out of this port in back in 1983. 
              At the top end of the longest line is Mike Bradley's East Shore Marina.  I docked there in 1989-1990 & know there were issues reaching deeper water back then.  It's far worse now with low water levels in Lk. MI.  Click sand bars in Betsie Lk.
              St. Clair River erosion is said to be an issue, because it's flowing more water.  Then, my pet peeve, the Chicago River that drains our Great Lakes water into the Mississippi basin.  This connection provides a highway for the Asian Carp too!!!
              Great Lakes water needs to stay in the Great Lakes as nature intended. 
If it did? ...maybe, ...just maybe ...the low Lk. MI water level would be slightly higher!

9/20/12  Fall 2012 officially begins this Saturday.  Fall is a great time fish with crowds of summer long gone.  Many turn to hunting and that just means less people fishing.
               Problem with fishing in the fall is wind.  September seems to be the windiest month of the big lake trolling season.  Fast moving fronts with wind coming from all directions keeps most boats tied to the dock, or on the trailer during this month.
               I'm primed and ready hit Lk. MI at least a couple more times this year.  First part of next week looks like stable temps ...that might be OK.  When each day ...daily high temperatures are going up and down like a yoyo, you can bank on it being windy.
              Yesterday it was mentioned the closure of Frankfort, MI's  Betsie Lake due to the exposed sand bars with returning Salmon having difficulties migrating up the Betsie River.  Anglers wading on the sand bars are spooking ...in turn, causing fish to beach themselves.  Found a link pertaining to this on the MDNR website: Click for more info  

9/19/12  Low water is forcing the closing of certain portions the far E end of Betsie Lk. in Frankfort, MI.  Water is so low the fish are barely making it over the sand bar where the Betsie River dumps into Betsie Lake.  This part has never been closed to fishing before.
              Almost the same deal with Manistee, MI's Little Manistee River from what I noticed during my travels yesterday.  The little river is dreadfully low with exposed sand bars normally not seen.  There's been a Bald Eagle hanging out in this same area on a daily basis.  Hope to photograph these low water conditions.  Will be checking out Little Manistee Harvest Weir soon.  To me? ...it's fascinating to watch the fall run of Salmon. 

9/18/12   Lot's of good stuff yet to come.  This Friday looks like Lk. MI might be fishable.
Have plans for some new underwater video from the big lake, rivers, and streams soon.
                Webstore is closed for the rest of 2012.  Kicked around the idea for 10 days during the Christmas season, but that would interfere by delaying my winter plans.

9/17/12  Think it's about time to start recapping the 2012 Great Lakes Salmon season.  This year taught us never ever stays the same, as every season is different.
               2011 was Kings in the 20 pound and over range was no big deal.  2012 was Kings in the 12 to 15 pound range for the most part.  Salmon were probably more plentiful in 2012 for those who were dialed in.  Me? ...I fished more this year, but averaged about the same fish count per hour as the last few seasons.

9/16/12  Today's reel-story is the classic do as a I say, not as I do.  Saturday's chat focused on the page I use most off this website click for: Great Lakes Info page
               On this page every conceivable piece of info pertaining to wind and waves is assembled.  It's no small secret fishing the Great Lakes is controlled by the seas.
               Now, to cut to the chase, checked yesterday's wind at 11am prior to a planned afternoon trip.  Wind was barely puffing at 6 knots.  So, I headed to the boat launch in Manistee, MI around 2:30pm.  Low & behold, the wind had increased by almost 3 times.
               The 22' hard cut deep vee hull on my 1979 Sea Ray is miserable in any sort of beam seas.  SW wind means taking waves on a north troll on the port stern corner is not my idea of fun.  So, after trailering to the launch, I turned right around and came home.
              This effort for nothing could have been avoided ...if the the info page was re-checked at 2pm.  I'd have seen increasing wind & stayed home in the first place!

9/15/12  Wind has laid down ...somewhat, with 1 footers off the Port of Ludington, MI.  Temp of 54 degrees is 72' down.  More info can be found by clicking here
             This & more data for your home port can be found at the
I made this page to assemble all pertinent facts to see what the conditions are, or what might be when planning a fishing fishing trip.  Found the Ludington down temp, or thermocline is generally pretty close to what I see off Manistee, MI (my home port).
              Sitting at home, seeing in reel-time what's happening is the 21st century!

9/14/12  T.G.I.F.  Here's this weekend's wave forecast for Manistee, MI:

SE wind 5 to 10 kt becoming SSW in the afternoon. Sunny. Waves 1 ft or less.
Saturday Night: S wind around 10 kt. Clear. Waves 1 to 2 ft.
Sunday: SW wind around 15 kt. Sunny. Waves 2 to 3 ft.

9/13/12  Lk. MI looks like it's going to be very fishable this weekend.  My plan is to catch
a few fish needed to do a new You Tube fish cleaning video. 
             This video will not be about speed.  The focus will be how to keep a knife sharp, technique/knife angle to fillet, skinning, washing fillets, pin bones, and the often overlooked sanitary precautions that are a major concern.
              Since 1968 I've cleaned at least 25,000 Salmon and Trout.  Most of which was during my charter days (1983 thru 2003) and want to pass on what I have learned.

9/12/12  This website is on autopilot for now as I handle the decision making process of where I want to be 2 years from.  Been kicking around a lot of alternatives concerning the potential sale of my tackle company.  Tackle store closing on 10/1/12 is firm. 
               Considering taking a hiatus from daily updates too.  My sincere gratitude to all that have followed this website and use my tackle.  I look at updating this website everyday for the past 12 years as the crowning achievement of my life to share my passion for Great Lakes fishing with you.  Besides, it been to windy for any big lake fishing reports.  September is always a windy month and this one is true to form.

9/11/12  Today we remember the victims of the horrific tragedy that befell our nation on September 11, 2001.  This shocked our country, the USA into the 21st century.

9/10/12  October 1, 2012 will be the last day my web based tackle store will be open as the quest to find a person with enough vision to buy my tackle manufacturing company.  Learned volumes from my first failed attempt last year that was a mess.
               Most wanted me finance their livelihood and were just not the right fit.  Being a successful business owner requires supreme dedication. 
               Having computer skills is another part of this deal.  Web based sales? ...there's at least 4 programs involved to design, display, process, and maintain the books.  New owner will get my support for a year and own: www.michigananger.com
               Back to fishing ...I'm a long ways from storing my boat and see more Lk. MI fishing well into October, as I extend my season.  Wind went full circle since last Friday and expect we had a lot of Kings make their annual pilgrimage upstream.

9/9/12  Part II on my attempt to sell on tackle manufacturing operation begins on 10/1/12.  Which also coincides with the 2012 closing of the webstore. 
             I will not be handling the sale.  Hired an MBA on commission to handle the details.  To sort the wheat from the chaff those interested in purchasing? ...an up front 250 dollar consulting fee before any financial info is disclosed.
             Exploring several possibilities that include: liquidating my inventory, taking a year off, or closing down operations all together.  Hard to say now what course of action will be taken.  This I promise you ...I've worked my last 100 plus hour weeks forever.  At almost 66 years old personal time becomes more important then making money.
            Way too rough yesterday out of the Port of Manistee, MI.  Fishing was good this past Friday with a strong deep water bite.

9/8/12  Damp, cool and windy best describes Manistee, MI today.  Looking forward to next week.  This passing week was not good for me.  Wisdom tooth pulled on Tuesday and a root canal on Thursday was not my idea of fun.  Lost one of the best weeks to fish of the entire season.  The new week beginning tomorrow has to be better!
             Introductory sale prices on the new 2013 Kevorkians and Super Silver Bullet tackle ends soon.  Click info & pricing on the new stuff for 2013

9/7/12  Big blow from the N and NW is predicted for Manistee this weekend.  Depending on how hard it does blow factors in how many Salmon will head upstream from the lake. 
           September is always a windy month with fast weather changing front that leads to up and down thermoclines.  More warm water being pushing S will not enhance the fishing at our more southerly Lk. MI ports already plagued by a reel-deep temp break.
            Fall is definitely in the air.  Maple trees at my place are just beginning to change color and leaves are falling.  How in the heck can summer go by ...so fast?

9/6/12  Today's featured photo is from website member, John J aka Megan Ann on the message board.  John called me from the water yesterday morning and was sitting on a skunk around 10:30am.  The mid day bite helped him put 3 fish in the boat.  4 fish is no big deal, but it's a lot better then coming back to the dock with the black kitty.
             The new 2013 Super Silver Bullets have been a surprise to me.  Glow and colored patterns are usually the big deal for this late in the season.  Having the plated Super Silver tackle working now ...proves how deadly the new crystal ice holographic tape is.
             New 2013 Kevorkian patterns are holding there own as a late season winner too.  Multi colored sparkle, twinkle and glint best describes this new model for 2013 in case you haven't seen the video debut. Click Super Silver Bullet & Kevorkian video
             Having cutting edge tackle is a confidence booster that eliminates the fear, worry. and doubt that can throw you off your game.  The industry leading 2013 Super Silver Bullets and Kevorkian tackle are at special introductory pricing thru this coming Saturday at midnight. Click info & pricing on the 2013 models
                I'm proud to say the 2013 hyper holographic metalized vinyl lure tape on the new deadly tackle for 2013 are world exclusives to my line of tackle.
             My online tackle store will be closing on October 1, 2013.  More info about shutting down next Monday and the reasons behind it.

9/5/12  Abbreviated update due to wisdom tooth that departed ways with me yesterday.  Lk. MI temp did come up to 65', but it's a very sharp break with not a huge comfort zone to hold fish.  Yesterday's trailer boat yield averaged about 3 fish a boat.

9/4/12  Best to postpone any fish reports until I get a better handle on what's up.  Deep was the last word and that was from this past Saturday morning.
            Special bargain prices on the just introduced 2013 tackle will end on 9/8/12 at midnight.  That's this coming Saturday.  Hope to have fresh Lk. MI news soon.

9/3/12  Installed the new tackle for 2013 at my webstore.  These new models with the hyper holographic lure tape are exclusive to my line of tackle.  I'm proud to bring you industry leading 21st century tackle. Click new Super Silver Bullet & Kevorkian tackle

9/2/12  Here's fish report from Onekama, MI about yesterday's fishing:
"John. Another adventure went 4 for 7 Onekama straight out 180 feet water. 100' down all on new flasher and red meat head.  Lines went in at 10 am. Finished by 1pm. Started to get real lumpy & Lisa is a newbie as first mate but good driver.  Every fish wrapped around other lines, or cannon balls made an interesting challenge.  So, 4 for 7 wasn't bad. Anyways ...the new flasher tape is awesome." Richard E  Click for these fish

9/1/12  Have a great-safe Labor Day Weekend that marks to unofficial end of summer.  There's still plenty of the big lake season left for adult Salmon.  This week will be gangbusters for the fleet providing the seas cooperate.  Last week of August and first 10 day of September has been traditionally best for big numbers with little effort.
            We're lucky to have the world's best freshwater fishery on our doorstep.  This magnificent doorstep is all the Great Lakes from MN, WI to NY!

8/31/12  There's great news for the weekend warrior trailer boat fleet.  Lk. MI is gonna play nice with 1 footers over the upcoming Labor Day Weekend.  This is after yesterday's breezes that exceeded 25 knots (about 30 mph) pushing 6 foot seas from the S.
               Fish we caught this past Wednesday evening all came deep. 120' down on the rigger towing a 12" X-Glow Frog.  Mag divers were hot at 250' out dialed on 2.  New King Kevorkian Glo with cloned 2 fly meat rig along with the Super Silver Bullet BTI with new Super Silver Bullet Green 2 fly meat rig did most of the damage.
               To see the hyper holographic effect the below video can do a far better job visually than I could ever do with words.  Enjoy and thanks for tuning in!


8/30/12  If you fish enough sooner or later you will catch a monster King (at least for this season) as today's featured photo proves. Click Todd the Rod with 25 lbs. of King
              The reel story begins yesterday afternoon and it was lumpy.  Ran the boat down past Guerney Creek S of Manistee.  Then put the waves to our fanny and trolled N towards Manistee.  Line went in the water about 5pm & we began pulling rods at 8:30pm while doing battle with the biggest fish aboard my boat this season.
              Tried to stay over 200' in a SW choppy sea, but the angler of the wind meant with had our transom taking sloppy waves on the port corner abaft the beam.
               More vitals to come ...later today.

8/29/12  Catching has been absolutely phenomenal out of the Port of Manistee, MI lately.  That's why why I didn't saying fishing and started today's update with "catching."
               Here's what Capt. Tom from Sue Lee Charters in Manistee had to say:
"The fishing remains good for some and tough for others. As you can see in the photos if you have your deep fish program in tune you can have a nice catches of adult kings. Meat rigs took all the fish with 1 exception ...a plug fish.
              We fished the flats N to Onekama, MI in 120' to 135' of water. Then, we turned ...went S 160'-175' of water, finishing the box off. We fished the marks with no regard to water temp."  Capt. Tom Rasmussen  Click for Sue Lee's boxes of Kings

8/28/12  Weather for the Labor Day Weekend appears to be decent.  Low 80s and no rain is the forecast for now.  Hopefully, the seas will play nice too.
               Reports from Frankfort, MI's Benzie Frenzy Tournament winning weight totals are way down compared to last year.  Boxes that averaged 12 lbs. a fish were winners.
               Word is there's a green gooky algae bloom going on in the inside of 250' off Frankfort.  More on this down the road, but suspect warm inshore waters are the cause.

8/27/12  Long range wind forecast for Lk. MI is for more S & SW wind towards the end of this week.  Today going into Tuesday there's light N & NE wind before it swings again out of the S.  This means a deep thermocline that going to get progressively deeper.
              Some have attitudes that prevent them from being successful once the preferred water temp range (54 to 44 degrees), or thermocline goes down below 100'.
              Deep fish can be caught and I have articles devoted to this reel-fact.  Stiffer rigger releases. braid rigger rods, and extra sticky-sharp hooks will improve hook-up ratios.
              One more thing about fishing over 100' down.  Relax, ...it's just a number, cuz back in March of this year we were catching fish on the riggers to 150' to 175' down off the Port of Manistee, MI.  So, it's no big deal now ...to do the same.

8/26/12  Safety means being on full alert at all times.  Manistee, MI's piers collect boats every season from those who are over confident.  Even if you have radar & a plotting GPS relying on instruments to navigate is plain stupid.  You MUST navigate at a safe speed where your boat does not outrun your field of vision. Click 8/25/12 boat on S pier
               2 people were critically injured when a throttle jockey crashed into Manistee's S pier yesterday morning at 6am.  6am is pitch black now and not the time to be in a hurry.  In fact, navigating in total darkness is dangerous in the first place.  Boats don't have headlights, or brakes.  Remember this and safety afloat comes before catching fish!

8/25/12  As of yesterday, the big deal out of Manistee, MI was flashers and meat rigs down about 140' over 150' to 300' of water.  S wind is driving the thermocline ever deeper.  If you're setup to fish with meat, braid rigger rods, and special thin rigger cable? ...deep fish (plus 100') are dumber than a stump and EZ to catch.
              Day 1 of the Benzie Frenzy tournament going on in Frankfort, MI.  I know we have at least 3 top-notch teams in this 2 day event from our message board.  Good luck to all and especially our website members fishing today!

8/24/12  T.G.I.F. as we head into the busiest weekend of the season for the Port of Manistee, MI.  Patience and courtesy is needed on everyone's part.

8/23/12  S, S and more S wind is the predicted wind direction thru this coming Sunday.  So, be prepared to fish deep if a big box of fish is needed to cure your Salmon fever.
              Temp over 390 water on my 8/12/12 evening fish out of Onekama, MI.  Inshore the deep was deeper, probably like 70' to 75' down.  Deep water further out will have temp in case Manistee's shelf is warm water top to bottom.  Which it very well could be with 5 days of S wind pushing warm waters already heated by this hot summer.
              The new holographic lure tape on the 2013 Super Mambas proved deadly on our line of plated, or metalized Silver Bullet flashers and heads too. 
              To debut properly a new video will be forthcoming.  Today's pic of the day was taken during my recent evening fish.  Reflection blinded the camera and did not to justice to this awesome pattern. Click to preview the 2013 Super Silver Bullet tackle

8/22/12  It was my great pleasure to launch and fish out of a new port for me, Onekama, MI.  While I've fished these waters many times before ...it was always from Manistee.
              This is a sleeper port that's often overlooked, but not by the fish.  While setting up around 5pm ...we started catching fish.  Click Dylan hoisting a sunset King
              Action remained steady until we pulled lines around 8:30pm.  100' down with the John J Combo, Super Mambas (both 10 & 12") and Blue Mamba Smurf BTI/Smurf 2 Fly Meat Rig on the starboard diver were the preferred flavor of the day.  Started in 390' fow and caught fish all the way into the 140' depths, but nothing shallower.
              For some reason new ports always treat me right and this one was no exception.  I will be using this first-rate neglected port again to avoid the crowds.

8/21/12  Let's start today with a of my a recent email:

"6 of 8 on meat.  4g green mamba and x glow smurf.  Thanks for turning a slow morning into a great morning for 2 first timers. Thanks, Derek" Click for Derek's catch
             Now into the above statement that needs clarification on my part.  It's nice to see testimonials, but all I did was sell the tools/tackle for Derek to accomplish his goal. 
            They caught these fish on their own with knowledge they chose to use from this website.  Ask yourself this question: how many tackle manufacturers offer the support in the form of written articles, videos, & message board like I do?  Short answer: nobody!
             The age old saying, "give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day.  Show a man how to fish and you'll have a friend for life."  OK, so ...I changed the last part a little.

8/20/12  Prime time for EZ catches of Lk. MI Salmon is now.  Last 10 days of August and first 10 days of September means the fish are at all major ports. 
              Today's featured photo is courtesy of Larry M who's been getting nice boxes of Salmon off the Port of Ludington, MI.  Thanks to Larry and everyone who has shared their photos with us.  In turn, keeping this website fresh & current. Click Larry's catches

8/19/12  Cut up the bellies of 3 Kings.  This is a scrap part that gets tossed.  These 3 bellies made 20 bucks worth of bait ...once I prove it works.  Click new batch of strips
              My experiments into making something out of nothing thus far:
              1. Did dry brine, air dry to the point of Salmon jerky.
              2. Have another batch of Salmon strips soaking in wet brine.
              3. Tried the dehydrator after a dry brine.
              4. Today another batch that goes into dry brine until firm.
Homemade Salmon strips will never replace the EZ to use over the counter prepared strips, but it will allow for more alternatives and you'll never be out of bait!

8/18/12  My journey into the land of turning Salmon skin in bait that can be used has taught me a bunch of things not to do.  Click dehydrating fillets to make bait
              1st attempt was to dry brining, then air dry for several days.  This worked, but the strips turned into tough leather.  Then, I wet brined these dried out leathery strips for a few days and they look like they should work. 
               2nd try was to use a dehydrator to speed things up.  This did not work!  Cuz the dehydrator got the fillets to warm.  The oil under the Salmon skin separated the meat from the skin.  Learned the top half of Salmon skin will be dark when treated.  Down past the lateral line? ...it's nice & has a silver sheen.  Haven't gave up idea of making strip bait from the part of a Salmon usually discarded, but the way to do it is under refinement.

8/17/12  Good luck to all chasing Great Lakes fish this weekend.   Seas are predicted to be OK for the trailer boat fleet ...with 1 to 3 footers tomorrow off Manistee, MI.  Saturday's wind/wave forecast was just recently increased to 10 to 20 NW knot winds.
              Yesterday's wind to plus 30 knots was from the S, W and N.  So, your guess as is good as mine figuring out where the temp will be.  Click 10am 8/15/12 King action
              On 8/15 we couldn't buy a bite on the inside of 125' depths.  On 8/8 all of our action was on the inside of 80 feet of water.  So, be flexible and adjust on the fly.
               Mentioned the 1/2 coppers, or 150' was hot for us this past Wednesday.  Half coppers fish 40' deep and the temp was at 45' on 8/15.  300', or full coppers get down to 70' according to my Fish Hawk TD depth-temperature inline sensor.
               To clarify the depth readings: we were using 45# test copper pulling BIT 10" flashers with 2 fly meat rigs.  Other flashers and lures will effect exact depth attained.

8/16/12  Here's a fish report from website member, Kevin D fishing out of Arcadia, MI:
"5:30 - 9 AM, 10 for 10, 120-160 FOW, riggers 80-90, wire mag dip 200 back, temp 60 & 44 at 70', new mamba rocked these fish. All fish after daylight and still hitting when we boxed (limited out)."  Click Kevin's 8/15/12 Arcadia MI tonnage catch

            "Todd the Rod," his son, Dylan and I fished out of Manistee yesterday morning 7am thru noon.  Raised mediocrity to an art form with our 6 fish that made it to the net.  We had zero-zilch-notta for an early bite.  Never boating the first fish until 8:15am.
               Ran the new Super Mambas in a mixed spread against the popular Smurf series.  The new Super Mamba BTIs with cloned 2 fly meat rigs on 1/2 coppers (150' sections) was as good, ...as it got for us.  Fish bite was semi OK thru 11am when Lk. MI became gently calm and turned to flat glass.  Further details & more pics tomorrow....

8/15/12  Fishing has been good at Manistee, MI.  Boats that are dialed in are doing double figures on Kings.  Cold surface temps that was with us last weekend have moderated towards the 60 degree range for inshore waters.
              Thanks to all for purchasing the new Super Mamba tackle.  You won't be disappointed as today's photo clearly proves: 8/14/12 King pushing 18 pounds 

8/14/12  Here's a fresh Manistee, MI fish report from website member Darren H:
Good fishing this morning 150 to 300 fow 15 for at least 25.  Three steel 2 coho 1 laker and 9 kings.  Speed 2.3 to 2.6 200-250 back on wire dipseys & 2-4 colors lead.
              Yesterday morning 7 for 7 & last night 8 for 13 with meat doing most damage." ...Darren H. Click Darren's 8/13/12 fish box

8/13/12  Special introductory pricing on the new 2013 lineup of Super Mamba Tackle ends today at midnight.  The rainbow holographic shimmer is a dazzling light show to behold.  Fished with this new pattern on 8/8/12 & we took 5 fish in little over an hour. 
               Granted 5 fish is no big deal.  But for just Todd B and I aboard it was more action packed into a sort period of time then my boat has seen all season long.
            2012 Super Mamba Video Debut       
Click for 2013 Super Mamba Tackle
The recent N wind blow has brought cold water to the surface ...it was a struggle for the Manistee, MI trailer boat fleet yesterday morning.  2 to 6 fish catches were the norm.

8/12/12  Yesterday morning was harbor patrol for many Manistee, MI boats.  Temp came up high and the first major push of Kings went up the Big & Little Manistee Rivers.
              There were some fish caught in deeper water as today's featured pic confirms.  Look for the Salmon run to continue building. Click 8/11/12 100' down King

8/11/12  Have a great weekend & enjoy yourself! 

8/10/12  T.G.I.F again ...already?  Posted an Alewife vs. Meat Head with Herring photo. The end result is almost identical twins.  Hope this explains why meat is so deadly. 
              The Alewife picture was taken on a few days back on 8/8/12 and shows the size of bait the Kings are chowing on.  Click Alewife vs. Meat Head
              Seas, ...beginning today look pretty nasty.  Sunday looks like it might be OK.  Light winds predicted for this coming Monday is welcome news for the fleet.

8/9/12  Video update to show you the new 2013 Super Mamba Tackle:

                    Click for video debut: 2012 Super Mamba Tackle

Super Mamba flashers are specially priced thru this coming Monday with a buck, or two off regular prices.  Interested?  Click Here to Purchase

8/8/12  Plan A is to escape to Lk. MI for a few hours this morning.  Providing the seas the seas are favorable for shooting video.  Keeping the camera still does provide challenges to make quality footage if the boat is getting tossed around a lot.
             Plan A-1 is to get my homemade Salmon filleted strips wet.  Plan A-2 is to get images of the new 2013 tackle I mentioned yesterday in action.

8/7/12  Yesterday, fishing at Manistee, MI made a marked improvement according to savvy charter boat skipper Dick Donovan from Adventure 1 Charters.
              Capt. Dick said, "the early morning bite was hot.  We had 17 hits before my charter customers got sea sick and we had to go in early."
              Hopefully, before this week's end I will be able to debut 2013 tackle.  Photos will not do this new amazingly active pattern on steroids justice. 
               Hence, the reason for a You Tube video unveiling.  So, you can see for yourself the most visually stunning lineup of tackle I've ever made to this point in time.

8/6/12  No local Manistee, MI fishing reports from yesterday.  20-25 knot winds kept the trailer boat fleet onshore.  Saturday was medium with boats that fished a little N.  5s to 7s just N of Big Point Sable was another OK spot this past Saturday.
            List of my goals for this week included catching fish on my homemade DIY Salmon strips.  Shooting another video demonstrating cut/hand fillets, whole bait and prepared strips all working and producing fish for my: My YouTube channel
            Have an exciting new series of 2013 tackle that I'd like to debut before this week is over.  Need to get photos and video to prove to you why ..."it's reel-enticing!" 
             Hopefully, these goals can be accomplished if the weather cooperates!

8/5/12  This means I won't be fishing today after FINALLY making the time to do so:



8/4/12  Manistee, MI continues to be lukewarm and has not shifted into high gear yet.  8 to 11 fish catches by the charter boats (I know of) was the norm yesterday.  Look for these numbers to double when the main herd of Kings arrives off this port.
          Have a great weekend and enjoy what the Great Lakes states has to offer!

8/3/12  T.G.I.F. already?  This week just flew by due to the workload making and shipping tackle.  Being too busy beats sure the alternative of not being busy enough.
             Looks like this August Lk. MI will have more Kings available, but the size will not be the common place plus 20 pound hogs we dealt with in 2011.
             Ludington continues to be rock solid according to Capt. Paul VanTol.  His trips have been 12 to 20 fish like clockwork.  Word from Manistee, MI?  Don't have a clue, but last weekend was a struggle for the trailer boat fleet.  5s to 9s N of Big Point Sable was the big deal in last weekend's Manistee tournaments for those that didn't make an approx 60 mile one way run to S Manitou Island.

8/2/12  Fishing is all about fun.  Fun and fishing have a lot in common.  They both start with a f, both share the letter n, and the u in fun means you participate. 
             There's never been any video that has captured the reel excitement when a rod loads up with a fish.  It's the initial bite.  Never knowing how big, or small your opponent is until the tug of war begins where the stakes are instantly raised.
             Today's featured photo sent in by website member Grand C shows fish don't have to be giants to ignite a radiant smile.  This is proven when his niece landed her first King Salmon out of South Haven, MI a few evenings ago.  Click Alyssa's 1st King

8/1/12  2 things on tap for today.  First ...my You Tube page crossed over the 20,000 views threshold.  Not too shabby seeing my You Tube efforts began on 1/21/12.
             Second, finished lettering my boat..  The logo was designed by yours truly and so were the choice of graphics on my boat.  Click boat lettering done
             Better yet? ...cut and installed the lettering myself.  The slogan,  "Made with pride in Manistee, Michigan USA" is a natural fit, because it's 100% the reel-truth. 
            There is absolutely no foreign content in my flashers.  Meat heads, crimps, swivels, bullets, & Mylar in my meat rigs are USA content too.  I do use VMC hooks that are made in France & Triple Fish line that's made in Germany in my meat rigs.  Neither of these countries are a threat to our economy like the cheap labor Pacific rim nations are.
             Fishing off Manistee depends on who you talk to.  I do know the boats that did well in last weekend's tournaments in both Ludington and Manistee had a good deep program.  They worked depths of 150' to 330' of water and fished 130' to 180' down on the their rigger counters.  Lots of testing to do and hope to return to the pond soon.

7/31/12  Been working on a EZ cheap way to solve the ever present issue of having  a supply of bait to use with my tackle.  Used a meat slicer set at 3/8" thick to cut the skin off some fresh Salmon by website member, Todd B.  Click air drying Salmon Strips.
              Then, dry packed these rough cut strips into a 50/50 mix of Kosher salt and 20 Mule Team Laundry Freshener in a sealed baggie.  Stored the Salmon strips for about 24 hours in the refrigerator to toughen up/cure.  Air drying process is next before the final trim and usage.  Granted, this is all very-very experimental, but it does show promise with a strong fish smell that should work.  Stay tuned for how this works out!
                Results were lackluster from Manistee, MI over this past weekend.  0 to 5 fish was the consensus from the trailer boat fleet for a morning, or afternoon fish.  I'm sure the charter guys hit better numbers, but I report on the average Joe not privy to inside info from being on the water everyday.

7/30/12   Little Point Sable S of Pentwater is still the hot spot for limits of King Salmon. Ludington was decent from the bath house to the big point.  Manistee was medium according to the scant reports I was able to come by.
               Enlarged my logo and cut 2 tone reflective lettering in-house with a vinyl plotter/cutter that can do amazing things.  Reflective vinyl is expensive, but it's worth it considering the additional visibility/safety it affords when it dark. 
               My printed logos are 14 by 10 inches.  Upscaled the 14s by 10s to 34 by 20 inches once I figured out the program.  Having the ability to make signage is fun and opens up a world of reel-possibilities in the future.  Click reflective boat lettering

7/29/12  Congrats to "Team Burns Unit" and Capt. Steve Burns for their win in yesterday's the Flint Steelheaders Ludington, MI tournament.  He won this event with the Smurf SUV combo fished 10' off the bottom with whole red label trimmed to fit aboard. 
               Steve said, "water depth and area didn't matter that much, ...as long as the flasher and meat rig was kept running close to the bottom."
               His winning weight in the allowable 10 fish limit was 112.6 pounds. 
               More importantly my most sincere thanks to Steve to helping me out in the early days of my tackle manufacturing operation.

7/28/12  Have a great weekend and enjoy yourself.

7/27/12  At 2pm yesterday the temp break, or thermocline was 105' down off Ludington, MI's Big Point Sable.  This is attractor and reel-meat territory for sure.  Attractors can work at any depth, but come into their own the deeper you have to fish.
               Smurf's in the 12 and 10 inchers are working on these deep fish.  Just remember, BTI 10 inchers work best with 2 fly meat rigs.
                        T.G.I.F? ...that cannot come soon enough for me

7/26/12  This is the big week for tournaments at the Port of Manistee, MI and when fishing info tightens up.  Stable to lower gas prices and more Kings available since 2007 is good news for all.  Vast majority of Kings are cookie cutter 13 to 16 pounders, but there are a few in the 19 to the low 20 pound range.  Last year we didn't see a steady diet of over 20 pound bruisers until August.  Then, it was game on!
              The demand for tackle has us ultra busy.  This means I'm not fishing at all.  For now? ...getting a morning/afternoon is on the water is a distant dream.           

7/25/12  Today's topic is fishing news.  Little Point Sable S of Pentwater was red-hot and that's where the majority of the good catches came from in last weekend's Ludington Offshore Classic.  Big Point Sable's Salmon action is on the improve according to Craig from Capt. Chuck's tackle in Ludington.  This news is from yesterday.  Hope to have a fresh fishing report from Manistee long before this coming weekend.
               Tournaments is where conclusions can be drawn, because catch numbers are recorded at the weigh-in along with number of boats.  Using the recent Ludington tournament as a model here's some reel facts:
                Teams in the 2012 LOC event was up around 20%.  Most in the pro division caught their tournament limit set at 12 fish, with only 9 Kings allowed.  You needed 3 oddball fish, like Steelhead/Lake Trout.  The largest fish caught during the 2 day contest was a Brown over 24 pounds.  Biggest King was 22.7 pounds about the same as in 2011.
                In 2011 most of the pro boats in the LOC did not weigh in the allowable 12 fish.  To sum it up? ....the size of Kings is on pace with last year, but numbers of fish available are way up.  There's a lot more Steelhead in the mix for 2012.

7/24/12  Hats off to website member, Hawkeye for his niece's winning 17.3 King in last week/weekend's Ludington, MI recent Youth Tournament.  Team Hawkeye used Smurf Combo (12" flasher & 3 fly meat rig) to nab the top spot for his young niece.
               Biggest single day catch in the Ludington Offshore Classic went to Team Angler's Avenue on their second day with a 153 lb. box in 12 fish.  12 fish is all that can be weighed under this event's rules.  Angler's A used Calumet Marine's thick cut strips. 
               Compared the reel-facts by comparing the 2011 vs. the 2012 Ludington tournament results that will be discussed in greater detail tomorrow.  There was 120 some boats competing.  These catch and fish numbers reveal a lot.  Echoing what I've been reporting on this season.  That being ...fishing is way ahead of last year!

7/23/12  Began a topic yesterday focusing on the size of this year's crop of King Salmon.  According some data gleaned from the Ludington newspaper, looks like the average weight was up around 2 pounds a fish from 2011 winning catch weights. 
              We've entered into prime time for summer adult Kings.  Full blown mature adult Salmon develop a strong fondness for anything that glows.  Glow tackle works all season long, but rules the roost during August and September.          

7/22/12  Manistee, Mi's fishing has tightened up a bit.  Yesterday, even this port's big guns struggled to get towards double figures ...after mostly EZ catching last week.
              I know we're all interested in size.  Manistee season long contest held by the MCSFA? ....the June monthly prize was taken by Cap. Tom R from Sue Lee charters with a rock solid 22 pounder and change.  There was a few larger Kings caught by those didn't ante up the bucks to compete in Manistee County Sport Fishing Association's Derby.

7/21/12  Report from the Ludington, MI's Youth Tournament is fish a plenty, but King Salmon over 17 pounds are in short supply.  A 17 pounder and change won the kids event.
               Congrats to one of my favorite fishing buds, 11 year old Dillan for 10th place in the youth tournament with a fish knocking on the door of 15 pounds.
               Further congrats and a huge thank you to the wise Ludington tourney committee for putting together a special day for our next generation of fisher-people.

7/20/12  Today's featured photo from Ludington, MI is self explanatory.  There's a fish fest in full swing, ...as this season continues to wow me.  This photo is courtesy of Pro Team Anglers Avenue awesome, Capt. Bill.  This crew hails from WI and drove their boat across Lk. MI to compete in this week's Ludville events.  Click for their 7/20/12 catch
              Good luck to all fishing this weekend.  For me it's T.G.I.F after a hectic week!

7/19/12  Lk. MI is going to behave itself for the weekend warrior fleet beginning tomorrow.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday the seas are predicted around 1 foot off the Port of Manistee, MI.  Wind will be from the SSW and that should help move the thermocline a little deeper.  Last I heard the temp break was high, like 40' and above due to N & E wind.
              No reports on jumbos, or catches averaging 20 pounds a fish yet.  Most Kings are good solid teeners. Click late morning BTI Mamba SUV & Rage Red King
              We're in what I consider prime time for adult King Salmon that will run thru mid September.  I never seen the big guys (20# plus) until August, but this year could be ahead of schedule due to the warmer water temps going back to last winter.

7/18/12  Going to do something I haven't done in a long time.  Today's update will be a testimonial by Brad R with some nice words about my efforts 

Hi John,
Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you, and your staff, for producing  great products. We...(Team Bounty Hunter), were lucky enough to win the Flint Steelheaders tournament in Grand Haven yesterday (last Saturday). Your meat rigs and flashers played a large part in our program. The willingness to share and educate the Weekend Warrior fleet thru your videos and how to articles is priceless. I have to give thanks to our friend Bob (Getaway) K. as well. My hat's off to both of you for the help. 

Thanks Again, and keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!  ...Brad R.

7/17/12  Ever feel the need to open a can of whoop ass on the fish?  Want to send a clear message to the fish?  Proud of your boat's name?  Like stuff out of the ordinary?
               Then, today's world debut of 2013 personalized flashers is right up your alley!  Hope to show you more about this soon.  Click personalized flashers
               Fishing was decent to incredibly good over this past weekend according to my sources on our side of the pond.  2013 just seems to be getting better and better. 
               84 degrees at midnight last night in Manistee, MI.  Yesterday's high in Manistee was 93 degrees broke the old record of 91 set in 1964.  Way too hot for me!

7/16/12  Semi postponed until later when I debut personalized flashers with a message, or a boat name that will be a hoot to fish with. Click lettered flashers
               Fishing is all about fun!  While there's only 3 letters in the short word "fun" it would probably take a lifetime trying explain the reel-meaning.  Fun blurs reality into your own choosing that so far away from the ever present daily grind.  Fun puts a honest grin on your face that can't be faked and that's hard to explain!
               Fishing news from this past weekend?  Everything I've read on our message board says excellent fishing, or should I say "catching" from Muskegon northwards.

7/15/12  Hot and muggy in Manistee, MI as scorching summer 2012 continues to blaze on.  Extra deep the thermocline in August probably is on the way
               Restocked on Blacks Downrigger Releases and have a few spools of Cortland Black Spot Spectron in stock too.  If you're not hooking up in the 80% range?  Blacks Releases will fix that issue.  Blacks Releases & rubber bands are the only way to go with meat program to stick deep fish consistently.  Plus 90% of my rigger bites hookup.
               Been working on a solution to fix missing fish on divers, but that's still in the testing phase.  If this new idea continues to perform well? ...you'll see in in 2013.

7/14/12  Big fun yesterday!  Rewarded myself with a brief 6 hour furlough away from the shop.  Hours on leave? ...being from 6am to noon.  Then, my Cinderella story from Manistee, MI came to an abrupt end and it was back to reality of the tackle business.
               E wind scattered the big schools of fish off the shelf that were hanging out in 60 to 100 feet of water.  Temp was 54 degrees at 40' down and at 80' it was 44 degrees.  So, the fish had a wide comfort zone. Click before & after Dillan's net job
               We had lines in the water from about 7:00am until our last fish came 10:40am.  During this time we boated 3 Steelhead and 3 Kings all on the 2012 SUV patterns.  Best was the Smurf BTIs with 2 fly Smurf meat rigs.  BTIs in the G2 and Black Mamba SUV patterns took hits too.  150' coppers and the divers took most of the bites.
               Best part of this fishing episode? ...watching my fishin' buddy, Dillan (11 years old) net his first fish on my boat while his dad, "Todd the Rod" gave instructions.
               Our trip was strictly all catch & release.  We put back 3 Steelhead & 3 Kings.

7/13/12  Finally finished the Mag vs. Super Mag video. This project has been dragging on since late June when we shot the first underwater segment. 
              There's a diminishing return for experienced meat fishermen, but heads side by side at the same time is interesting footage.  Click new meat head movie
              This movie is 7 minutes long with the first part devoted to basics.  Please keep in mind, compressed web video loses a lot of video quality.  Movie was shot in amazingly clear 1080I HD.  End product on You Tube is 640 x 480 to speed load time.

7/12/12  Just between me and you? ...my want to go fishing is a burning desire held in check by my customers in need of tackle wanting to do the same.  Phenomenal reports from Leland to Grand Haven, MI of limit catches of Kings in the mid to high teens are coming in.  While I'm extra busy with making tackle, shipping orders and shore bound.
              Almost done with the side by side Mag vs. Super Mag Meat Head video.  Scenes have been edited & video overlays are done.  I have about 2 minutes of voice-over, or narration before this project can be published on my You Tube page.  Plan is to get this done by noon today if Murphy's Law stays away. Click end title of meat head movie
              I kid you not, this is my most ambitious video to date.  Capturing both styles of heads turning underwater at the same time working in unison was no EZ undertaking.

7/11/12  Yesterday reinforced the story of the best laid plans by mice and men often go astray.  Got down to business early, finished my work by 2pm, and cut a trail for an evening fish at Ludington, MI.   Big Point Sable Weather Station BSBM4 reported a mild 7 to 11 knots breeze around noon (last time I checked).  Wave forecast was 1', or less.
               OK, now we arrive at Ludville around 4pm.  The wind is puffing a lot stronger at the downtown launch.  White water with a few waves crashing over the piers. 
               The parking lot was completely empty of boat trailers and tow vehicles with the wiser folks opting to stay onshore.  Click NOAA big point weather
               Gas was 3.48 a gallon at the US10 & US31 Miejers.
 Moral of this reel-story?  Never trust anything on the internet.  Unless you read it here!

7/10/12  Hope to hang the "gone fishing" sign at 2pm this afternoon if all orders are filled and completed.  Customers deserve to have their tackle shipped fast and that's why we treat all orders as ASAP.  Be sure to check back tomorrow to see if the pond won, or I was stuck in the shop all day taking care of business. 

7/9/12  The weather has cooled off some, but not the fishing for Chinook/King Salmon from Ludington to Frankfort, MI on our side of the pond.  Sheboygan to Kewaunee, WI is doing good on the fish and probably all ports in the N half of Lk. MI.
             Ludington Area Charter Boat Association has 11 trap nets listed from S to N at
latitudes: 4350.820 to 4358.814.  Be sure to print out the net locations and be extra safe when fishing in & around trap nets. Click exact Ludington net info

7/7/12  Taking Saturday and Sunday off.  Regular updates will resume by Monday, or sooner if I can get the new meat head video finished and posted on YouTube.

7/6/12  T.G.I.F. in bold type and capital letters!  Been burning the candle at both ends way too long and need some personal time off.
             Re-shot the underwater side by side Mag vs. Super Mags heads video earlier this week, but haven't found the free time to piece this remarkable video together. 
             My most sincere thanks to Todd B for the work he put into special pole built to pull both styles of heads underwater at the same time.  Look for this video soon.
                     Have a great weekend with tight lines and calm seas!!!

7/5/12  The surface temp on Lk. MI is rising ...common sense says that.  Learning to deal with what "might" be in store for us this summer makes a good subject for today's chat.
              When there's no thermocline off Manistee's shelf, go W towards deeper water.  Seen nothing warm water stacked down to the 200' depths off Manistee before. 
              By moving out to 300' to 400' of water you'll be on the outside of the bathwater piled up closer inshore.  There will be a temp break over deeper water.  The further W you go the higher up the temp break will be. Click 7/4/12 Manistee temp chart
               Remember summer 1988 well, the scorching weather seared this season into my mind when I chartered out of Frankfort, MI.  1988 was the precursor that led to the 7 strand wire divers of today.  Predating super braid Spectra fiber lines by a good 3 years.
               There was a time when temp sent the fish below 50'.  Divers were put away and sinker drops off outriggers was the big deal.  Nowadays, it's rare to see a boat using outriggers ...which was standard everyday fare for thru the 1980s into the earlier 1990s.

7/4/12  Have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July.  Average daytime high temps for Manistee, MI at this time of the year is 75 degrees.  When I updated this website last night around midnight it was a sticky 77 degrees at my house.  In 2012 we've had more days in the 90s, or pushing 90 ...then the last 3-4 years in Manistee County.

7/3/12  Air & water temperature is the reel story from Manistee, MI.  92 at my degrees place yesterday for a high and it still was pushing 75 at 11pm. 
            Surface temp of Lk. MI on our side of the pond is building into the 70s already. 
            Temp break, or thermocline is 70' down with a lot of water in the mid to high 60s until you reach this depth.  With warmer water temps the plankton, or water fleas collecting on the line is beginning to happen.  This is good 3 weeks ahead of normal.
            Today's featured photo is from Gregg S showing Ryan's double digit Kewaunee, WI King caught on a Black Mamba SUV and SUV meat rig. Click 7/2/12 Ryan's WI King
             Been sending out complimentary boat decals with every tackle order (when box size allows) and appreciate Gregg displaying my company logo on his splash well.

7/2/12  Planning on fishing Manistee, MI this week?   If so? ...be aware this week is Manistee's Forest City Festival where they setup a carnival with rides, etc. at the First Street Public Launch.  Making parking for boat trailers and tow vehicles difficult.
             City of Manistee built a sign at their old fishing cleaning station touting plans to build a new one that will freeze that remains of carved up fish.  But that's all we got is a sign.  With the hot summer 2012 depositing raw fish innards in a dumpster will soon reek.
             Manistee recently sunk a million dollars into a new boat/marina house for their tiny city marina that serves only a few 100 people a year. Click fishing station sign
             1000's of sport fishermen spend several million dollars in Manistee each year are deserving of a top notch fish cleaning/entrails freezing facility.  Far more money then the summer transient boat crowd just looking for short term dockage.  Seems to me Manistee has put their shoes on the wrong foot & their priorities are all screwed up!