Capt. John's 
Invitational World Championship 
of Salmon Angling 
held in
Manistee, Michigan
July 6th, 2002

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Weigh-in and our
Picnic Area

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Manistee Boat 
Launching Area

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Tourney Rules 

Please keep in mind, this a team deal dedicated to making sure everyone catches fish and enjoys the company of like minded individuals.  This is meant to be a good time above all else.  Captains meeting can be held on the message board to keep things simple if you need more information.  Click this link for Message Board Thread on Tourney Rules Forum

Friday, the 5th of July I'll be at the Stronach boat launch at 7pm.  That way everyone will know where it's at, pairings for teams will be drawn then.  If your from way out of town the remaining pairings can be done Saturday before we leave the harbor at 7:00am

And I'll announce teams paired, once I know who's involved.  If possible out of town boats will be paired with a Manistee boat, this might have to be done as late as the Friday nite before the doings, by then I'll have a better idea of who's around.

There's not a million dollars at stake, but a good time by all is.

Rules: only 6 rods in the water at any one time and Michigan fishing laws prevail.  Please if you feel like you have to cheat and run more that the allowed 6 rods, please disqualify yourself and your team member on channel 68.   Radio channel 68 for tourney start and stop times.  All boats must radio me upon arriving at pier heads. 

Sliders no longer than 8 feet. 

Any legal radio channel or cell phone can be used for boat to boat communication during the tournament.

Weigh in your best 5 fish and it must be a legal 5 fish Michigan limit.   In other words 3 Kings, 2 lakers would count as a limit. 3 Steelhead and 2 browns would be a legal one license catch, so I think you'll get the idea.  A combination of the teams catch weight will designate the winners.

7:00am start time from the Manistee harbor and all boats back into the piers by 2pm (No exceptions). Teams will weigh their catch at Stronach Public Access Site at 3pm, so there's plenty of time to get on the trailer, or docked.

Tournament boats will identify themselves with a light colored towel, or rag tied around their antennae, or another highly visible place if you can't make the captains meeting.  If you be at the Stronach Public Access Site orange streamer ribbons will be handed out.  Either way will identify that you're in the tourney.

Rules committee is comprised of Bob Bell, Bob Hicks and Bill Sweet, to be known here after, as the "Enforcers."

Awards Plaques

There will be awards for first, second and third place teams.  The heaviest individual catch, largest fish and a best sportsmanship award will be given also.  

The plaques will be highly personalized with boat, captain and team name.  I'll shoot the photos to be embossed on the plaques at the awards ceremony.  These awards that are a life long testament to your skills, will then be shipped to you via Priority US Mail.

Updated list of boats below, as of 6/30/02 12:45pm

Dottie Kay, Canadian, Dragon Bait, Megan Ann, Captain Morgan, Bell E Flopper, Best Deal, Bang-a Rang, Imoffduty, Yarnfly, Hammertime Too, Never Enough, Frying Pan, Reel Sweet, Weebles, Surebite, Secondwind, Spoon Tang, Office, Jamie Lynn, Tailgunner, Wet Net, Lucky Charm, Sarah Ann, Sunrise, Bluthunder, Diver Down, King Fish, Hammertime and Snow Queen is suppling engraved award plaques.  There might be more, but the above boats have either paid there $20.00 entry, or have expressed firm interest they'd be mounting a supreme effort to capture the World Championship of Salmon Angling. 

Please help out if you can

We need picnic tables and if you have chairs please bring then to the Stronach Public Access.  We have 3 turkey fryers on duty, a fish boil, one large charcoal grill so far.
Might need a extra gas grill and help preparing food for everyone.  If you have a plate you want to pass, so much the better.  While initially I didn't plan on chow for about 100 people, we will accomplish this if everyone pitches in.  It goes with the saying, "the more the merrier," so thanks for your overwhelming interest.

The picnic entrees will be Cajun Turkey, Brats, Burgers, Hot Dogs, Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, Baked Beans, Condiments, Coleslaw and Capt. Mark's Famous Fish Boil.  2nd Wind John, Hammertime Mike, Capt. Mark and myself are on the picnic committee and we'll need volunteers to pitch in as needed...........please!

There's a playground next to the picnic area with swings and slides for the younger set.

Boat Storage and Camping 

I have a room at my house for boat storage and limited amount of self-contained camping space at my house.  Free boat parking and camping for the picnic-tourney is offered.  Call the below phone for location of where I live.  

Call me if needed

I can be reached by phone at all times on my local Manistee number at:

(231) 723-1130