Capt. Randy Even's Revolutionary
Slide Diver
This Product is a modern day solution to the age old question of 
"How to Catch Fish?"
and more of them!

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How It Works 

Water pressure against the planing surface forces the Slide Diver to dive when trolling. Adjustable weight shifts the Slide Diver from center to far right or far left trolling positions from boat. Based on setting and amount of line released, the Slide Diver descends at selected angle or position.  The Slide Diver is a directional trolling device that leaves you hooked up with the fish and not the diver.  Also, it eliminates the use of snubbers or shock absorbers when using monofilament line.

Rigging: As in the illustration, first thread the line through the diver including the rubber tubing. Tie the barrel swivel (included with this unit) onto the line between the diver and the bait. Then allow 3 to 5 feet of line between the barrel swivel and lure. Cock the arm up into the release. Adjust the release tension screw on the top of the diver for desired release action. A slight tug on the line from rod or fish strike will release pin, alter planing action, allowing the diver to side with minimum restraint. Adjustment may be made on the adjustment screw on the bottom of the unit for desired action. Now you're ready to fish the Slide Diver.


 Capt. Randy's update for  2001
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Capt. John's Personal Review

This is a tremendous product and I met Randy Even, the savvy designer of the Slide Diver, at the Grand Rapids Sport and Fishing Show in 1997.  This is a premier solution for skittish fish that get spooked by the diver because it's adjustable, as far as the leader length goes (you can run 10 to 100 foot leads) by a piece of surgical tubing.  The tubing pinches down on the line without damaging the mono.  This product slides down to an inline barrel swivel once a fish strikes and will also slide up the line if a fish is a reel screamer, so the fish can't use it against you like a Dipsy. 

Randy makes the "best add on ring" in the market for both his product and the Jensen Dipsy Diver.  The ears, or tabs, don't break off and the largest size he makes will co-reference the Dipsy to a depths of 100 feet or more.  I'll use the slide diver mostly for spring Salmon and June Steelhead fishing but this is a versatile diver that can be used anytime.

This diver comes in 2 sizes and they're the same size as the Jensen Dipsy Diver, so depths are the same when using either product.  I've never used the Slide Diver with Spectra type lines because of the slippage I've encountered by not clamping down hard enough to hold the line.  The Slide Diver is one super product!  Here's the web address: Try this product and you'll probably like it as much as me!

2001 Update: The slide diver can now be used with the spectra type braided lines by turning the rubber piece of surgical tubing once.  I'll be trying this in 2001 myself.
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