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Readers Reel Trophy Page
These photos are sent to me by the viewers

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   sekreterarrecordlax.jpg (62207 bytes)              JohnSamNZ.jpg (24417 bytes)               010.jpg (29942 bytes)
        Atlantic Salmon from Sweden           John of the Sam-n-z's          Sam-n-z's John  at the Frankfort
          Sent in from Hans Ostlund             A nice King off Frankfort          Public Launch, 2 nice ones         

                                               ElainesFish.jpg (15921 bytes)                              GrindstoneKings.jpg (23175 bytes)
Martha from "Team Kill n time"     Elaine's Master Angler Steelhead 17lbs.      Joe & Jesse with Grindstone Kings

                                       mikeys24lb.king.jpg (41725 bytes)                                 chris,s 27 lb king.jpg (508350 bytes) 
          Gracie's Monster Brown Trout                     "Hammertime" Mikie's 24 pounder              "Hammertime" Chris with 27 lb. King      

   MikesLudSunset.JPG (58989 bytes)                Mikes25pounder.JPG (18147 bytes)              MikesLudCatch.JPG (59223 bytes)
       Mike Juchno's Sunset Pic                               Mike's 25 pound King                                Ludington with Mike & Friends

brets_16_lb_brown.jpg (17087 bytes)                               JimShars_Board_82501_1.jpg (28401 bytes)                                 pikepic2.jpg (12285 bytes)
Brett's 16 lb. Brown                     Jim & Shar aboard the "
SPOONTANG"                  42 inch Northern Pike
aptained by Sty Trombley of Bear Lake, Mi             Hillsdale, MI by Randy Dominique 

    Trout_Bum.jpg (15943 bytes)                                                       Kevins29lbKing.jpg (51366 bytes)     
 "Troutbum" aka Daniel from Sweden        Scott with a 12 lb. Steelhead            Kevin's 29 lb. Trophy  King               

Howard_Vaas.jpg (33015 bytes)                  Michelles30lb.Musky.jpg (25880 bytes)                   11lb.Walleye.jpg (54171 bytes)         
  Howard Vaas, Manistee 10/2/01           Michelle's 30# Lk. St. Clair Musky                      Jesse's 11 lb. Lake Erie Walleye 

CaptMorgan.jpg (20914 bytes)                 JanisKayla.jpg (50703 bytes)                  Randys_36.8_pounder.jpg (12832 bytes)
Capt. Morgan's best catch             Janis & Kayla with a big King             Randy's 36.8 lb. King

sunset.jpg (16236 bytes)                big_hen.JPG (11295 bytes)                             Tuna_2.jpg (43828 bytes)
                 Sunset north of Manistee            Walter from New York              Jason's Master Angler King

      GREENW1.jpg (30566 bytes)                  37inches.jpg (21234 bytes)                  help.jpg (23913 bytes)   
Ryan & Roger Double Header                 37" King Salmon                              Help!               

fish_1.jpg (51396 bytes)              Bp2.jpg (58892 bytes)                      Sep2919.JPG (50625 bytes)        
        Master Angler Brown Trout             Barry's Steelhead               Pere Marquette River King over 30 lbs.       

fishkip2.JPG (21023 bytes)            sunset.jpg (14352 bytes)             ShowLetter.jpg (19631 bytes)
        Capt. Kip's Steelhead                          Sunset                          Kenai River Rainbow Trout 

22-4oz1.jpg (21190 bytes)                        KingSalmon.jpg (26427 bytes)                          Henrys_Perch.jpg (32417 bytes)
Skipjack with a tuna              Wayne Johnson's Lunker King                 Henry's Lake Erie Perch

fred.jpg (76477 bytes)                   32lbfish2.jpg (9362 bytes)                      14pound_brown.jpg (52028 bytes)
                       Fred's PM King                        32lb. King                14 lb. Brown (released)

33_pounder.jpg (22354 bytes)             Dans_boat_3.jpg (22737 bytes)               Fishface.jpg (18319 bytes) 
33 pound Tuna                     Dan's boat at sunset                       Fish Face 

KidsFishing.JPG (35949 bytes)                  Image_2JohnMilbourne.jpg (25621 bytes)             Image_1.jpg (38464 bytes)   
Kids with a reel King                    Silver Beauty King                   Manistee King Salmon 

Pict0002.JPG (77387 bytes)                              PriortyOne30poundKing.jpg (35860 bytes)                 BADDAY.jpg (72056 bytes)        
Martha's 30 pounder                Priority One's 30 pounder            A Bad Day's Fishin'? 

Youngster-Fish.jpg (13337 bytes)                     stelhead2.JPG (77991 bytes)               DADGARY.JPG (19973 bytes)  
       Mr. White's slimy kiss                      Capt. Kip with a pair            Dad & Gary's pair                  
SuttonBaySteelhead.jpg (17310 bytes)               TeamSilverStreak.jpg (24249 bytes)             PIC00008.JPG (26639 bytes) 
Kevin's 18 lb. Steelhead              "Team Silver Stalker"              Eric's BMR Tuna               

  DavidAndersonSteelhead.jpg (17354 bytes)              Dons_1st_steel.jpg (48354 bytes)                 alpena_3rdplace0001.jpg (29682 bytes)                
Dave's Trophy Steelhead            Don's 1st river Steelie            "Great White"  3rd Place Alpena 

SE_Mich_River_Steel_1.jpg (20967 bytes)          Sunset_Fight.jpg (32417 bytes)        20_pound_Lake_Trout.jpg (24202 bytes)
       Don's SE MI Steelhead                          Sunset Fight                      Jan's 20 lb. Lake Trout 

Musky.jpg (17216 bytes)            Jims_27lb_Salmon.jpg (129705 bytes)    Samnzs.jpg (11384 bytes)
Jason's Musky              Jim's 27 lb. King        
John on the Sam-N-Z's

Team_Great_White.jpg (135825 bytes)                    Connies_Algoma_King.jpg (47018 bytes) 
          Team Great White '02                                            Connie's Tuna  from Algoma, WI

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