Lake Michigan Salmon and Trout Fishing Results from Kings Charter Service.  
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Photo Gallery and Hall of Fame
Brought to you by the Greatest Fishermen in the World
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These photos are from 1983 thru 1999

photoClaudia_2.gif (105921 bytes)
Claudia from Germany

yarema.jpg (25583 bytes)
31 lb. King Salmon  

First-Mate_1.jpg (14288 bytes)
Your First Mate  

Lee_5.jpg (23037 bytes)
30 lb. Chinook

Lockery.jpg (83068 bytes)
8/99 Laughery's

tackle_1.gif (107292 bytes)
Your Rods & Reels

Bergquist_3.gif (102367 bytes)
Sept. Meat Fishin'

box_1.gif (107315 bytes)
Are You After This?  

Van Zweden_1.gif (111979 bytes)
Limit Of Salmon

Tunaville_1.gif (115674 bytes)

Walleye Bob_1.gif (104317 bytes)
   Walleye Bob 

john-salmon_4.jpg (13745 bytes)
River Chinook

Caselli_4.gif (106270 bytes) 
Rambo's Raiders 

Van Stoyk_3.gif (93654 bytes)
Don's Overkill 

kowalski.jpg (23205 bytes)
63 lbs. of Salmon

donna.jpg (18170 bytes)
River Steelhead

record_brn.jpg (22071 bytes)
State Record Brown Trout

paulc.jpg (20723 bytes)
February Steelhead

Merlene.jpg (20151 bytes)
Big Game Fishing

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