Reservations and Rates

The Reel Story on Charter Rates

Are always on a first come, first serve basis.  During peak season available dates are hard to come by.  At certain times, I'm often booked a year in advance from my guests.  Due to the uncertainty of weather I recommend a 2 or 3 day trip if you are coming from outside of Michigan.  If you're concerned about "no fish, no fee", (that's a often used term by less experienced operators with hardly any repeat business) to gain your confidence--I haven't been skunked on Lk. Michigan since August of 1988.  
When it comes to rates, never is the cheapest the best value for your money!   

My Lk. Michigan boat is roomy enough to accommodate groups up to 6 comfortably and my RiverMaster Jet Boat is designed for 2 fisherman.  Please keep in mind that I am harder to catch by Phone than a 30 pounder, so leave your message with both a day and an evening Number and I'll call you when I get done cleaning fish.  I'll answer my E-mails on a when I can get to it basis, your best bet is to call me on the telephone because my answering machine is waiting to assist you, even if I'm out fishing.

(800) 552-2009 or (231) 723-1130


Lake Michigan Charter Rates For 2003

Half Day (6 hrs.)  4 Persons................. .$400.00
Half Day (6 hrs.) 1 to 3 Persons........................$350.00
The special $350, 1 to 3 person rate does not apply to any August Charters
1/2 day charters are $400 for 1 to 4 persons

(Additional Charge of $50.00 each for the 5th and 6th Person)

Full Day (9 hrs.) 1 to 4 Persons...............$550.00
(Additional Charge of $100.00 each for the 5th and 6th Person) 

Big Manistee River

Full Day (8 hrs.) 2 persons......................$300.00

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*Custom Fish Filleting and Packaging included in Charter Rate

Captains Note to you: "I could have included an online booking form, which I conceder cold & impersonal (I'm not Amazon.Com) not to mention the Credit Card security  issues.  I offer a highly personalized service and need to speak directly to you about the details your reservation."

Michigan fishing License Info

Annual License "All Specie" about $27.00 for Residents of Michigan and it runs from March 31 to the following March.  A One Day Pass is available for Residents and Nonresidents alike for about $6.00 and it can be purchased Post-Dated.  For those of you fortunate enough to be under 17 no License is required.

Online Fishing Licenses

You can now purchase your Michigan fishing license online by clicking on:

Deposits, Refunds & Fee upon Completion

On Full day Lake Charters $200.00 and a $100.00 is required for Half Day Lake Charters is required.  River Trips I need a $100.00 to hold your date.  I can take Credit Cards by the Phone, E-mail, or you can send a Check.  

Weather cancellations are a fact of life in Great Lakes fishing and you'll be entitled to a complete refund although I'd  like reschedule you if possible.  If you cancel your date and I know unforeseen problems can happen at the last minute.  In that case I need 30 days notice to refund your money. If your excuse sounds reasonable at my discretion I'll forward your deposit one year from the cancelled date.  My goal is to go fishing with you because I really enjoy seeing people catching the "big one" that didn't get away.

Unless prior arrangements are made I cannot accept your credit at the boat after your trip is completed.  Let me know if you plan on paying with your card and we'll work out the details beforehand.