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Tuesday October 3, 2023

Photo of the Day
(Click for full size)

Mountain Dew 12" flasher
Soldotna, Alaska
Photo by Big Dan

9//22/23  hen Steelhead
Ludington, MI
Photo by Kirk C.

9/22/23 Ludington, MI
4 Salmon 1 Steelhead

Single W Coast 4/0 Hook
E Platte Bay, Benzie, MI
9/15/23 Photo by Chuck B.

9/15/23 Sunrise King
E Platte Bay,
Benzie, MI

9/13/23 Ludington, MI
King Salmon in the 20s
Photo by Kirk C.


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                Today's Update and, ...or Fishing Report?

10/3/23  Capt. Dan S. from Big Dan's Charters in Soldotna, AK ordered more 12" flashers from me.  He said, in today's featured photo, "I've caught more then 40 Salmon in the last 2 days" ...running  12 incher with a spoon.  Click for Mountain Dew 12" flasher
              Know it works, just don't see many in the Great Lakes doing it.  Flasher in the photo has held up OK after 5 seasons of saltwater Pacific Ocean use.
              Soldotna, AK is home port for the legendary Kenai River over 50 lb. Kings 

10/2/23  Leaves are coming down and the Salmon are coming up in the tributaries of Lk. MI tells us October is here.  This month presents some of the best big water fishing of the year when the wind gods take the day off.  Finding calm seas is October is rare.
              Those 2 and 3 year Kings I've been seeing in photos is super news for next year.  These juvi Kings should be available throughout this month with lots of Steelhead.  My best hours for fish in the boat came in 1994 when my customers boated 28 Salmon and Steelhead in under 2 hours based on lines-in to lines-out.  Click late season Steelead

9/29/23  Great stretch of summer like weather thru the middle of next week makes this a perfect time to get a head start on fall projects.  Mine is stacking 12 face cords to prep for winter.  Once that's done, need to make Strip Teezers™ in frog and green glow.

9/28/23  DIY projects are usually one-off issues.  Doing it a second time is a piece of cake, because you have it figured out.  Trailer bunk job was self-explanatory. Just a lot of grunt work swing 16' 2 by 6s.  Click broken bunk board
              Fixing my Generac home generator was a 1/2 hour job.  Plus, a half day on the web researching to diagnose the problem that confirmed a faulty time delay fuse failed.  That took some doing, but it's back up and running like a champ now.
             Hiring jobs out at times can save a lot of grief depending on where you live.  Living in rural MI there's no Generac service techs for my area.

9/27/23  It's nice to see Steelhead mixed in with Kirk's catch.  Along with future Kings this fall's Lk. MI fishery should go gangbusters. While the out-door's public is shifting to hunting, late season big water fishing can offer the best opportunities for EZ limits.
              Tomorrow's focus will turn back towards DIY projects with a photo of the cracked stringers on a main support truss.  Glad I fixed this problem before it broke and pierced a hole in the hull.  Fixing stuff for me is a never-ending journey.          

9/26/23  Fishing off Ludington, MI has been respectable as today's photo from Capt. Kirk proves.  4 Salmon & a double digit Steelhead is a nice reward for an am 1/2 day fish.
              The juvenile Kings in this photo is our future fishery that's looking better and better all the time.  2023 has been all good from the git-go.  Click Kirk's photo


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28 lb. King  Pacific Ocean
3/13/21 Soldotna, Alaska

3/13/20 Soldotna, AK
12" White Lightening Flasher
26 lb. King Salmon!

Sunrise over Manistee, MI
Low light? ...better photos!

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XG-Frog 12" Combo
9/19/21 Burns Ditch, IN

UP's Fairport, MI
29lb. King last July


27.93 lb. Atlantic Salmon
114' down, Salmon Buster 4.0
Baltic Sea, Russian Federation