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Wednesday November 29, 2023

Photo of the Day
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XG Blue Green Dolphin
New for 2024

Quality 8 point
Mason County, MI buck
Photo by Kirk C.

X-Glow Yellowtails
2024 Rip Teezers™

Winch cable tangles?
Gets stuck!

10//23/23 Ludington Coho
Photo by Kirk C.

XG Frog Rip Teezer™
BTI Froggie Combo


Salmon Busters™ Great Lakes Info Tips and Trix Capt. John's Log

Merry Christmas &
Successful 2024 Season!

New 2024

2024 Tackle Special will debut soon.....

Today's Update and, ...or Fishing Report?

11/29/23  Extra busy yesterday with orders that slowed progress on the 2024 Mega Deal.  Under estimated the time to put this deal together,  Do have the combo fly and 2 fly meat rigs™ ready.  Issue is I have to build multiples for stock on hand for shipping.
               My front yard guestimation snow gauge is once again on duty with a total of 4 inches before it settled.  Other areas got a lot more, but Manistee dodged a bullet.

11/28/23  Focus is to package the 2024 Mega Tackle Deal and show it later today.  Yesterday was a lost cause from the eye doctor appointment.  Problem is when they dilate your eyes that don't return to normal for a good 8 hours.  With your pupil being wide open too much light effects everything you try to see.

11/27/23  Eye doctor's appointment this morning at 7:45am this morning for wet AMD makes today a wash.  Injection in my eye makes any work today impossible. 
                2024 tackle deal is on hold until tomorrow.  Have most of the web work done.  This year's special is $245 of tackle for $125.  Have excess inventory that needs to find a home.  All items will be useful to have aboard, because there's no tackle shops on the water.  Plus 2 proven combo selections all packed neatly in our Leader Locker™.

11/26/23  My time is pretty much spoken for web work.  On deck is getting the 2024 Mega Deal ready to go out the door.  Lots of tackle is included.  Supposed to get our 1st snow of the season today.  This is about a month later then usual.

11/24/23  New 2024 X-Glow Blue Green Dolphin along with the X-Glow Yellowtail are enhanced air brushed deadly Rip Teezers™.  Both are selections proven winners with a long track record that goes back to the 1980s.
                Working on a 2024 Tackle Special stock up the 2024 season.  Hopefully, this deal will debut this coming Monday, if can production goals can be met.  This will be my best deal offered with plenty of useful bonus tackle. 

11/23/23  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


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"Simply has a edge through knowledge and ability of having broken the lock jaw barrier with his own bag of tricks on a regular basis....
& good sense of humor."

Guy Ellis-The Outdoor Guy "Manistee News Advocate" 
Feb. 2000

"King of the Charter Boat Skippers"

Tom Huggler 
"Fish Michigan" 
March 1999
"The action on Lake Michigan continued at a frantic pace... the crew went on to land 7 Kings (Chinooks), 1 Coho and 9 Lake Trout on the half day Charter." (17 fish)
Dave Richey 
"Sunday Detroit News" 
August 1984

28 lb. King  Pacific Ocean
3/13/21 Soldotna, Alaska

3/13/20 Soldotna, AK
12" White Lightening Flasher
26 lb. King Salmon!

Sunrise over Manistee, MI
Low light? ...better photos!

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XG-Frog 12" Combo
9/19/21 Burns Ditch, IN

UP's Fairport, MI
29lb. King last July


27.93 lb. Atlantic Salmon
114' down, Salmon Buster 4.0
Baltic Sea, Russian Federation