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Friday  May 17, 2024

Photo of the Day
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April WI Brown Trout
Baileys Harbor, WI

5/17/06 Spring Kings

Archived proving atrractors work in May

Garmi TR1 Gold

Lee Bienz 30 pouder!
Archived pic from 2001
Gone but not forgotten

12 Lb. Brown Trout
Lk. MI E Chicago, IN
Photo By Tom M.

4/21/24  E Chicago, IN
3 limits of Coho

New Audio System
GoPro 12 with Volta


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Today's Update and, ...or Fishing Repor

5/17/24  If the wind god play nice today round 2 Lk. MI trip out of Manistee, MI.  Round 1 was complete fail with a strong magnet too close to the compass part of my TR1 Garmin autopliot.  Hopefully, today wil go better when I can run some speeds on P24.
                 Looks like a sneak peek of summer will arrive this weekend with temps that might push the mid 80° mark.  We haven't seen this kind of warmth for 7 months.  Weather for weekend is supposed to gorgeous, so go outside and enjoy yourself.

5/16/24  About month ago, WI's Baileys Harbor had their Brown Trout tournament.  Baileys Harbor is due west of Frankfort, MI on the WI side of Lk. MI.  Several 15 to 20 pound Brown were caught. 
              Their Brown Trout fishery is what we used to have back 20 years ago off Manistee, MI.  Limits were the rule, not the exception in the late 1990s early i2ks.  Nowadays it's a Brown once in a while.  Don't know why the MDNR has not fixed our ailing Brown fishery.  This fish is needed at all central Lk. MI ports are needed in April before Kings/Lakers show up. Click WI Brown event results

5/15/24  Pollen time in Manistee, MI.  Tree pollen coats everything outside.  This is especially noticeable on vehicles.  Pollen kick starts Lk. MI's food chain.  Inshore thermoclines will be forming soon with the warming temps. where plankton suspends feeding the bait fish.  In turn, bait draws predator fish like our sought after King Salmon.
               From now until the end of this month there will be good fishing. opportunities.  Kings that were here in April that was a bonus fishery.  Kings in May is a given for all central LK. MI ports.

5/14/24  Messed up on the date of Manistee's hometown event,  Tight Lines for Troops where our military service members are honored.  This do takes place on Armed Force Day, this Saturday, May 19, 2024.  So, this was my mistake by not researching it fully.
               This all volunteer happening has a website where you can donate, as I did with PayPal to help cover costs with the money going back to our veterans. Click for website   Click to donate 

5/13/24  Along with Mother's Day, this past weekend in Manistee, MI was the Tight Line for Troops event.  Manistee goes all out to welcome vets with free fishing, lodging and meals.  This well established do has been going on for about 10 years.
               Other Lk. MI ports have followed suit using the Manistee model.  Think Holland, MI puts on the same deal.
               Don't have the particulars on what was caught.  Do know Saturday morning was lumpy with NW wind in the mid 20 knot range.  I'll do some digging today and find out about the fishing.

5/10/24  Mother's Day weekend is when we honor the person who brought us into this world.  A mother's love is unconditional that lasts forever.  If you're lucky enough to still have your mother do something extra nice to show your appreciation.  You'll be glad you did!

5/9/24  Central Lk. MI ports, being Ludington, Manistee and Frankfort are all producing decent numbers of Spring Kings according the MDNR fish report.  Which I totally believe.  May Kings are a good gauge of what's to come this summer.  Goal for me is to reprogram my kicker's autopilot and share you a 1st hand report. Click MDNR report

       For a continuation of daily log entries going back 20 years: Click here
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Feb. 2000

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Tom Huggler 
"Fish Michigan" 
March 1999
"The action on Lake Michigan continued at a frantic pace... the crew went on to land 7 Kings (Chinooks), 1 Coho and 9 Lake Trout on the half day Charter." (17 fish)
Dave Richey 
"Sunday Detroit News" 
August 1984

28 lb. King  Pacific Ocean
3/13/21 Soldotna, Alaska

3/13/20 Soldotna, AK
12" White Lightening Flasher
26 lb. King Salmon!

Sunrise over Manistee, MI
Low light? ...better photos!

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XG-Frog 12" Combo
9/19/21 Burns Ditch, IN

UP's Fairport, MI
29lb. King last July


27.93 lb. Atlantic Salmon
114' down, Salmon Buster 4.0
Baltic Sea, Russian Federation