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Tuesday  March 5, 2024

Photo of the Day
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February Lake Trout
2/26/24 Ludington, MI
Photo by Kirk C,

Mint Chrome Steelhead
2/22/24 Ludington

Manistee's 1st St. Launch
2/22/24 2 docks are in
Photo by Wayne J.


Platte River into Lk. MI
Water diversion good deed

April 8, 2024
Full Solar Eclipse

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Today's Update and, ...or Fishing Report?

3/5/24  It pains me to say Indian gill nets are back in MI waters of the Great Lakes.  I seen firsthand in 1970s UP Indians emptied the Lake Trout in Little Traverse Bay between Petoskey and Charlevoix in a little over 2 months in 18' tin boats.  Boats they have now and a lot more efficient.  So, expect the worst & hope for the best. Click net info
           There are warnings on Whitefish and Lake Trout limiting intake.  Most troubling is no pregnant women should consume these fish.  Our politicians  from both side should be all over this like stink on dog doo for endangering the public.  Warning labels are a must!

3/4/24  The MDNR came up with another hoop to jump thru for those guiding on our inland waters.  Such as stream, rivers and lakes.  Back when I run trip trips, a USCG license was all you needed.  River guides with no CG icense called for a MI guide license to take customers on  just rivers and lakes. Cick another MDRN brain fart 
           Make-work government bureaucracies getting involved in private business is plain stupid.  Glad I'm no longer part in this end of our Great Lakes industry.  Dealing with multiple government mandates is a pain in the you know what.
           Stuff like this is uncalled for, because the safety record of captains and guides is stellar with only 1 fatality over close to the last 50 years.

3/3/24  Yesterday started the process of readying my 1979 22' Sea Ray for the Lk. MI season.  Like the 1979 part, because that's when Sea Ray built bullet proof boats.  Doubt many the boat made nowadays will be around 45 years for now.
             Checking all systems today before even considering pulling the boat out of the pole barn.  Outstanding is checking the water level in the batteries and washing the windows.  Rods and reels need to be made ready too.

3/1/24  Welcome to March 2024.  Official spring is only about 3 weeks away the begins on the 19th of this month.  Next weekend we get to play clock yoyo and "spring" forward a hour.  2023 Fishing licenses are good until the end of this month.  I'll buy mine when they 1st become available.  Improving weather this weekend will bring out more boats looking to shake off cabin rust from being  indoors.  It's a great time of the year for fishing folks.

2/29/24  Bonus Leap Year Day ushered in by huge temperature swings.  We've went for the 70s 2 days ago to 15° this morning in Manistee, MI.  Cold front came in with high winds that knocked pout my electricity yesterday morning,  Not to fear, Generac is here.  Having stand alone home generator is one of my best investments (about 7k).
             Weather snippets of this the earliest 70° temps that predates the old record by 8 days.  February is not known for tornados, but 2 were confirmed down-state.
             Going to spend my extra day on Project 2024 with phone conference to my CAD designer.  It's essential we're on the same page, as we tool up for rapid prototyping.

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March 1999
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August 1984

28 lb. King  Pacific Ocean
3/13/21 Soldotna, Alaska

3/13/20 Soldotna, AK
12" White Lightening Flasher
26 lb. King Salmon!

Sunrise over Manistee, MI
Low light? ...better photos!

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XG-Frog 12" Combo
9/19/21 Burns Ditch, IN

UP's Fairport, MI
29lb. King last July


27.93 lb. Atlantic Salmon
114' down, Salmon Buster 4.0
Baltic Sea, Russian Federation