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Friday June 18, 2021

Photo of the Day
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10 month Test
Baitfish oil effects

King Smurf Glo
New Strip Teazer for 2021
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Super Smurf Strip Teazer
24lb King Salmon  Fairport, MI
Photo by Reid R.

6/7/21 S Lk. MI Coho
Green Glow Strip Teazer
Photo by Tom M.

5/30/21 Arcadia, MI
10" BTI Flasher & Fly

400' ft of water 17 lb. King
Photo by Steve T


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ST Videos

Game changing Strip Teazers for the 2021 season have arrived.  Our soft plastic herring replacement strips are tremendous weapon to add to your arsenal.  Seen these strips out-fish traditional herring in low light and have video proof.  Plus, STs held their own in full sun conditions.  Glow properties are outstanding.  Durability is measured by seasons, not a few fish.  Click info & video gateway  Click to purchase Strip Teazers

Today's Update and, ...or Fishing Report?

6/18/21  Father's Day Weekend and time to share some one on one time with your dad.  Life does have an expiration date, so make the most of this special day.  My father has long since pasted and that opportunity no longer exists for me. 
              Taking the weekend off.  Been burning the candle and both ends and in the middle.  We all need personal time to recharge.   Be back Monday with a 31lb King pic.

6/17/21  Today's featured test photo shows exactly how to ruin our soft plastic herring replacement strips.  Top 2 strips were soaked/submerged in baitfish oil.  This shrunk and hardened ...turning into hard plastic, worthless chunks of junk.  This test happened over a period of 10 months going back to August of 2020.  Plus, it removed any hint of color.
              Bottom 2 were strips made in clay molds.  They were processed with a light coating of the same fish oil.  Then, stored in our clear cello-bags that we use now.
              Outcome is obvious with the top 2 being reduced in size.  Found out from the manufacturer, too much fish oil will remove the plasticizers in the soft plastic.
              More on test soon.  This is an important subject that needs more depth.

6/16/21  Strip Teazers are a great insurance policy of always chasing for bait to fish with.  These strips can live aboard.  This means no extra ice/cooler for bait.  Brine is another bothersome step that eliminates with the jar and no stinky spills.
              I have to keep reminding myself I'm not Superman when it comes to building tackle.  The covid crisis wiped out a lot of our reserve tackle inventory.  Only recently we were able to hire more help that's still learning the job.  Be prepared for a 2-3 day wait when it comes to items we have to make from scratch get out the door.
             Tomorrow? ...long term strip test revealed on what absolutely not to do!

6/15/21  World debut of our new 2021 King Smurf Glo Strip Teazers.  Added a light trace of blue flake to help identify this pattern.  This is our brightest blue glow teazer.  You can expect a high intensity blue glow for a good 30 minutes.  Then, it dims over time.  At the 4 hour mark something weird happens, because it changes to a dim white glow.
             When ever my next trip happens, know I'll pair this color up with our popular XG-Smurf combo/meat rig™/flasher. Click new King Smurf Glo Strip Teazer

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28 lb. King  Pacific Ocean
3/13/21 Soldotna, Alaska

3/13/20 Soldotna, AK
12" White Lightening Flasher
26 lb. King Salmon!

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27.93 lb. Atlantic Salmon
114' down, Salmon Buster 4.0
Baltic Sea, Russian Federation