Stealth Presentation
All the fish in the below photos are from the 2015 season
Proving what I say in pictures is a big deal to me

Swivel vs. Snap

Tied Direct

Gold Mamba & Snap

HRP Plain Snap

Various snaps & swivels

A Proven Way to Connect Salmon Buster™ spoons

2015 was the first season with my Salmon Buster™ spoons.  I'm "all in" and provide you with the absolute best tackle support on this planet.  This is fun stuff!  Fine tuning and experimentation is a pure joy.  This led to the bead chain keel weights.  Then, tried just a plain snap to eliminate bulky swivel on the nose.  This was an eureka moment that proved itself time and time again.  Bead chain keel weights & plain Roscoe Dou-Lock 50# test snaps are a match made in heaven.

Removing bulk from your presentation towards a more lifelike appearance has to help with spooky fish not on a hard bite.  It's the marginal fish that will make your day, or break you day.  Especially, when fish are in a negative pattern reluctant to strike.  Having a snap to quickly swap out lures is a necessity.  Plus, the snap acts as a self-centering tow point that ensures perfect alignment for the maximum best possible action with my spoons. 

Breaking the lockjaw barrier can be done!

June Steelhead

Surface Spoons

4/1/15 Brown Trout

For me this was a brand new idea in 2015.  Departing from my past routine of using only snap-swivels.  Going to a plain snap is made possible by the nose split ring on all of my spoons.  Split rings make it easier to attach spoons and once again provide a straight-line tow point.  I engineered split rings into the spoon manufacturing process to guarantee there was no wrong swivel, coast-lock, or cross-lock device that would get in the way of you catching fish with Salmon Buster™ spoons.

Little tricks like this are a confidence builder.  Knowing your presentation is as natural as can be, puts the odds in your favor.  That welcomed mental edge that eliminates second guessing, leads to more productive time on the water.  Removing guess work that lets you concentrate on finding fish, or eliminating areas not to waste your time in.  Great Lakes trolling is about fine tuning your technique.  That begins with little tricks up your sleeve the fleet hasn't found out about yet.  Clean snaps take my Salmon Buster™ spoons to whole nother level.  Made in the USA Roscoe Duo-Lock flat-out work!

My spoons, bead chain keel weights, and Duo-Lock snaps are a total system that works.  Just make sure your leader from weight to the lure is close 5' or longer.  If the bead chain weight is at the rod tip and you can still hang the spoon on your reel, that's the perfect leader distance.  This program has been in the works since 1977 when I purchased my first set of boards, then refined when I entered the charter business in 1983.  So, the information gathered here took years to distill.

This is a total program the removes all the guess work on your part.  Keep troll speed between 2 and 3 mph with my Salmon Buster™ spoons.  Use 15 pound test mono and there's no way not to succeed.  If you're not catching fish with what's described here?'s not your fault!  Reason for no fish? ...your boat is in a dead zone and you need to look elsewhere!

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1. Introduction

2. Happy Hooker

3. Fundamental Tactics & Mindset
with a 7 minute Brown Trout video in stunning HD

4. Pro Rods Setups

5. Big Boards vs. Inline planers (birds)

6. Sink & Swim Bead Chain Swivel Weights

7. Stealth Presentation

8. Golden Rule of Trolling Speed
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