April, the Brown Trout Bonanza
Fishing the Scenic Shoreline of Lake Michigan

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April Brown Trout Charters on Lake Michigan

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The month of April is the window of opportunity to catch Brown Trout.  Manistee rates as the home of the State Record Brown.  This Giant Fish weighed in at almost 35 pounds and was caught in 2000.  We will be fishing the scenic shoreline of Lake Michigan with planer boards close to the beach.  Light tackle, 15 lb. test with stick baits (Rapalas & Bombers) along with spoons have produced many limit catches. In the past we've averaged as high as 14 browns per charter.  In 2001 we boated 7 Master Angler Sized (over 16 lbs.) fish with the largest pulling the scale down to 22 pounds!  Manistee County is the Best Brown Trout Fishing in the entire Great Lakes Fishery and we've got the State Record to prove it!  "No Brag just Fact!!"

Because of the limited season on Brown Trout (month of April) available dates are generally hard to come by.  So, if you're interested in catching Trophy Sized Trout,  book early to insure your  date successfully. Keep in mind the weather can be cool but the fishing is hot.  Also, my 28' Cherokee Boat is enclosed and heated.  We will not be fishing in rough water due to the close proximity to the beach.  Full or Half Day Charters can be accepted on weekends, but full day trips are preferred due to the amount of travel time in getting away from the crowds.  Browns are notoriously spooky by nature and will not bite under heavy fishing pressure, as a rule.  

If you're suffering from cabin fever this is a good way to start making plans to cure it!  Hey, just give me a call to make your haul, my answering machine is always on duty.  Plus you'll be eligible for special off season room rates at the Micro Tel in Manistee. To see what your room looks like Click here to see room

Manistee holds State Record on Brown Trout 

Has been recorded for the year of 2001 in the Master Angler Program administered by the Department of Natural Resources. Angler Larry E. Curtis of Reed City, Michigan caught a record-setting brown trout weighing in at 34.62 pounds and measuring 40 1/2 inches in size on April 5. Curtis was trolling along the coastline of Lake Michigan offshore of Manistee County when he reeled in his record catch. Tom Rozich, Department of Natural Resources fisheries biologist at Cadillac, identified the fish. The previous brown trout record was a 34.45 pound brown trout, also taken from Lake Michigan waters off Manistee.

Please keep in mind, the duration of Brown Trout Season is a short one and the way the weather has been this year I expect it to be outstanding to say the least!"  The boat we use at this time of the year is my completely enclosed 28' Cherokee Sport Fisherman and it's equipped with 2 heaters to ward off the chill in the mornings or late evenings.  I recommend that you dress warmly to enjoy the Premiere Brown Trout "Hot Spot" in Michigan.

To see exact results from every charter with no embellishment.  This is a "tell it like it is" standard of honesty that Capt. John King is known for.  Proof can be found in the archived links to photos that accompany every charter.  While other charter operations might give you a bunch of "pie in the sky" unfounded promises. Here, you can see and read the precise verification of the whole story when it comes to fishing with King's Charter Service, we serve only the reel facts!

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