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Photos of fish caught in the Big Manistee River recently,
by the most astounding Steelhead Fishermen in the World

Our Charter Guests!
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All pictures are of Big Manistee River Steelhead
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Michael. Adams        Pat Adams w/15 pounder         Richard Adams           Barry "Pro" Pines

Barry's Son, Rich          Capt. Bud Raskey                  Clover Dye                Dave & Dave     

Dave Cunningham           Notz's Steelhead         Rick Pritchard w/trophy
Capt. Len's trophy                   Joe Pellat                   The Siler's                   Tom Gorguze

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      Pete Dwan 2/18/01            Mark Johnson 2/18/01      Bill C's Brown Trout     Bill & 20 lb. King 3/2/01

     RandyBass.jpg (23907 bytes)   
             Randy Bass 2/26/0              Ed Bratkowski          Cindy &  Roger 3/22/01 

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 Steve Bentley 3/29/01     Andy Grendes 3/30/01    Big male Lk. MI July 01

                  MarkPefley_Steelhead.jpg (35451 bytes)                
 Lunker Nov. 02    Mark's 12 lb'er Dec 02      Bob's Beauty Apr. 02            April 03