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Tuesday  November 19, 2019

Photo of the Day
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2020 Meat Heads In-House
Well, kind of almost?

11/12/19 Boss Vee Plow
Made in MI's U.P.

Sally the One Eyed Salmon
Her mug shot    8/20/19

Thanks to Wayne J
10/30/19 Manistee, MI

10/30/19  Steelhead
Manistee, MI SB 4.0 GOC

Wayne's 36" Northern Pike
10/20/19 Manistee Lk..


Salmon Busters™ Great Lakes Info Tips and Trix Capt. John's Log

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"You've just discovered the most extensive information available to the Great Lakes Angler and Charter Fisherman I've been able to put together so far. Please keep in mind, there's well over 150 different pages. Full of my original content containing a complete encyclopedia fishing tips, past results, photos, You Tube videos, Facebook posts, tricks & how to's. Only here, are the constantly evolving techniques to consistently catch more & larger fish are revealed in an easy to read & understand format" ...Capt. John King

Today's Update and, ...or Fishing Report?

11/19/19  There's a lot of moving pieces and parts in my tackle manufacturing business.  By parts, mean suppliers that provide us with with components to complete tackle.  Most of these suppliers do not do retail sales to the public.  If they did? ...they'd go broke.
                My manufacturing chain is only as strong as the weakest link.  Was sent 2020 injection molded meat heads with unacceptable color match issues. 
                Sure, this can and will be fixed, but it's another unneeded delay that wastes time.  Time is money in the manufacturing business.  Click 2020 load of meat heads

11/18/19  Quest to restock for the 2020 season continues with snubbers and diver rings.  Sold out of green Super Snubbers™ and black 3D printed diver rings. 
                 Both of this products are my original tackle inventions unlike anything else that's on the market.  Our snubbers and rings offer far superior performance too.  Creating brand new tackle is easy once you envision the solution to a problem.
                Training another worker to drill, trim and process heads.  This will be the 3rd person in 3 years.  You have to have a strong work ethic to work at home.  Some people are not self-starters and do better in a structured environment.  Machining heads is relatively easy, but it can be monotonous when there 1000s heads sitting in front of you.

11/17/19  Clean and organize the work areas in our tackle building shop is front row and center for today.  Gearing up for 2020 meat head production is the reason.
                In years past, never ordered heads until December.  Now, I want to get a leg up on the season.  Work now, play later will work in my favor in the coming season.
                   Snowometer estimation is at 26" for this snow season thus far.

11/16/19  Our 2020 season begins for reel this week.  New stock of meat heads will be in-house soon.  By count, heads are our biggest seller, because they're purchased 2 to 4 at a time.  Several meat rig manufacturers use our heads too.
                 I'm proud each one of our heads says "Made in U.S.A."  Precision machined in Manistee, MI by dedicated fishermen who place great importance on a job done right!

11/15/19  Firearms opening day for deer.  The bill to legalize deer baiting is awaiting the MI governor to sign it.  So, for now baiting is still illegal.
                The MDNR has airplane spies in the sky looking for illegal baiting activity coordinated with on the ground COs.  Click MDNR enforcement article
                100k plus airplane with crew seems like it's way over the top to trap a deer hunter.  Resources like this could be put to a better use on real criminals that shoot up our schools, shopping centers, places of worship, and prosecuting robo callers!

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