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World Debut of 2008 Chromatic Attack
Photographic Proof from the 2007 Season!

Building a Legend, One Fish at a Time!
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Silver_Bullet_Arcadia_Bob_K.JPG (43649 bytes)
8/18/07 Arcadia, MI
Lead Core Rod
Silver_Bullet_Arcadia.JPG (168360 bytes)
8/18/07 Arcadia, MI
BTI & Super Mag Head
8.18.07_Arcadia_Getaways_Box.jpg (69195 bytes)
8/18/07 Arcadia, MI
Getaway's Fish Box
First fish ever caught with 
Silver BTI & Meat Head
8.30.07_Leland_028.jpg (49015 bytes)
Silver Bullet BTI/Fly
8/30/07 Leland, MI
8.30.07_Leland_Silver_Bullet.jpg (51503 bytes)
8/30/07 Leland, MI
BTI Works with Flies!
8.31.07_Manistee_007.jpg (55533 bytes)
8/31/07 Manistee, MI
Silver Bullet = Silver King
8.31.07_Manistee_Silver_Bullet_Steelhead.jpg (41488 bytes)
8/31/07 Manistee, MI
Works on Steelies!
8.31.07_Manistee_Silver_Bullet_12_incher.jpg (145697 bytes)
8/31/07 Manistee, MI
Coho, flare, & sparkle!

8.25.07_Manistee_Chrome_Head_BTI.jpg (42034 bytes)
8/25/07  Manistee, MI
Silver Bullet Meat Rigs produces with Black Mamba Glow BTI

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Chromatic Attack  

To those message board members purchasing the specially priced 2008 Silver Bullet package deal, may I suggest fishing this as a total system.  Mix and matching is not necessary and might actually hinder success.  For the last part of the summer season, all I ran was this stuff and never felt outgunned at the cleaning, or by worthless braggadocios radio chatter that can't be proved.  Eliminate the brainwork and just load the spread with these fine metalized products.

Evolutionary Time Line

8/17/07  Getaway Bob K showed up at my shop and surprised me with metalized heads and 2 BTIs.  Bob's project was under deep-deep cover.  In fact, the cover was so deep, I didn't even know about it!  His input was 1000% unexpected by me, but he knew a company that built it's reputation on highly specialized in plating for custom cars, etc.  Flex of the flashers was always my concern, that might cause the plating to crack.  Little did I know his plating company solved this problem a long time ago with the special durable base coat.

8/18/07  Getaway pulled 9 fish to have the biggest number catch in our Arcadia duel. Bob said, the metalized BTI with same heads was his best rod. 

8/25/07  Pulled the new heads with a Black Mamba BTI, it was our best rig.  Wasn't in any mood to experiment, after the spanking I took in Arcadia.  Painted a chromed head with yellowtail colors, found out fluorescent paint won't stick, or at least not for long, but it did catch never the less!

8/28/07  First set of tests results about adhesion/structural today.  This was structural and how the metal adhered and coating info.  All areas passed with flying colors and superior to some test pieces of my competition. 

8/29/07  Received my test batch from the metalizing company.  Which included a few 12 inchers, some more BTIs, chromed bullets (for flies) and meat heads in Super Mag & regular.  I appreciate this companies speed in which they got more test products to my shop for on the water testing.

8/30/07  Used a the new metalized BTIs with a fly, seen it catch off North Manitou, 15 mi from Leland, MI.

8/31/07  Got into the fish fairly decent for the time we were there, before crowded conditions chased us back to the dock at 9am.  Hit 5 fish, boated 4.  Released a respectable Steelhead and a King, kept 2 Coho.  All fish hit some form of metalized products.  See photos for proof.

9/4/07  Finally got dialed in after a few runs with the Prototype 2008.  12 inchers did well from 60 to 100 feet down on the riggers.  Chromed BTIs on the divers were part of the spread.  Took 6 Kings in less then 2 hours, with a lots of photo time involved (time actually fishing was an hour or less).  Used red and florescent green flies, both saw about equal action, with the green leading ever-so-slightly on the riggers and the red on the divers. Using a color coded program with the flashers/meat rigs simplified keeping track of test results.  Red ones went on the portside and the green went swimming on the starboard.

9/9/07  Charter skipper Jim Munoz called me to say we had another winner with the Silver BTI's.  They boxed out on a 6 person (18 Kings) MI King limit and he finished his charter 2 hours early.  Here's a different spin, cuz Capt. Jim "Spanker" Munoz was using the metalized chrome BTI with flies!

10/3/07  Weatherometer test results came in today. 15 days in the weatherometer is equivalent to about 300, 24 hour days of sunlight at the equator during the fall or spring equinox.  The short summation of all testing said: "It looks like you have a winner John."

10/5/07  Examined several bids/pricing and made the decision to move forward.  Cost issues are a big part of all manufacturing, but went with the company Getaway recommended, cuz of the proven flexibility issues.

10/10/07  Reviewed all laboratory testing again.  Here's an excerpt from 8/28/07 structural/environment tests:  "Subjected to a -40C / +80C / soaking in water environmental cycling condition with no change in visible appearance.... (cycle run 3 times). The parts were also able to withstand -40C and 90C for 16 hours (overnight) with no change visible."   90C is close to boiling, minus 40 Celsius is -40 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit)!

10/11/07  Prepped the blades and heads for shipment.

10/12/07  Packed and shipped the products for metalizing.

10/15/07  Sent the flasher blades, meat heads and a small quantity of bullet heads to the vacuum metalizing company.

11/2/07  Received the final product from the metalizing company.  I dealt with a Michigan based company.

11/3/07  Started working the blades for world debut on 11/22/07.  Several pre-orders exist and need to have a shippable inventory in about 2 weeks.

11/4/07   Finished over 100 blades since yesterday.  Felt nice to make progress, cuz the behind the scene events move at a snail's pace, like extreme slow motion. 

11/8/07  Started on photos, but flare from reflection drove me nuts trying to get quality images to post at the webstore.

11/10/07  Started working on installing the code for shopping cart stuff for the webstore.

11/12/07  Began production of kits and deals for message board members.  Picked the free hats from Tom R after a 2 hour fishing trip on Manistee Lake.

11/13/07  Spent a long day re-doing the webstore in the Christmas and adding the new 2008 Silver Bullet products in all shapes and forms.  Dull data inputting, working with java script/html codes suck.  Shopping cart stuff is tricky.

11/16/07  After a brief stint at deer hunting, most of what I have in stock is complete ready to go.

11/19/07  Did the world debut announcement and consider this a successful project put to bed!

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