World Debut of 2008 Chromatic Attack
Photographic Proof from the 2007 Season

Building a Legend, One Fish at a Time!
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Metalized Flashers, Bullet & Meat Heads

The credit for this product enhancement is entirely due the dedication of message board members and fishin' buddy, Bob K ....aka "Getaway," with added participation from another board member "Codfish" Craig.  This was not my idea and I believe in giving credit, where credit is due!  My entire product line was built with input from our members just wanting to do one thing: catch more fish!

Cost issues prevented me from pursuing this, until "Getaway" talked some sense to me by saying, "cost shouldn't be an over-riding factor from those that demand the extreme best in tackle performance."  Then I thought, the only expensive tackle? the stuff that doesn't work!
    Seeing this wasn't gonna be one of the streaky, on again--off again quirky products, that depends on the time of the season, was decided to go ahead to bring the highly polished mirror-like finish into full production.  Personally? ...I've never seen a finer finish on any tackle out there, barring none!
9.4.07_Manistee_Double_Header.jpg (51721 bytes)
1st Double Header
9/4/07 Manistee, MI
9.4.07_Manistee_Double_Header_@.jpg (95812 bytes)
2nd Double Header
9/4/07 Manistee, MI

9.1.07_Manistee 007.jpg (303849 bytes)
9/4/07 Manistee, MI
OK King, Mid-Teens

9.4.07_Manistee_Fish_Box.jpg (70583 bytes)
Our Fish Box
9/4/07 Manistee, MI

Chromatic Attack 
is a Total System!

I ran a 2 rigger, 2 diver setup, or a reel chromatic attack. This program works ...reel-fact!  The 2007 test sessions prove this point beyond a doubt

Tried of starting from scratch trying to figure out what works, and what don't?  This is system that cures this problem...big time, ...once and for all!

Just load the spread and go fishing with these fine silver-bullet, or metalized products and you're good to go!

Introducing Metalized Products

The new metalized flashers produced with both Flies & Meat Rigs.  They're a multi-purpose blade proven to work with either program in rigorous testing during 2007.  Kings, Coho, Steelhead all met their fate at the hands of these dynamic new products, making them a truly all-species weapon that you can add to your arsenal. 

If you're tried figuring our what colors to run, metalized, or silver plated products will solve this problem.  This stuff works early, mid-day and later in the evening from what I witnessed with my own eyes.  Same goes for cloudy, hazy, bright, dark, clear, or any light conditions in between. 

Previous history partially showed late August into September is not the time the shiny chrome, or  silver-plated stuff to be at it's best.  I was amazed the new stuff did so well,  Testing was through the later part of the adult salmon season.  With this polished mirror finish doing well in the above mentioned time frame, ...I'll go out on a limb and predict it will produce even better in the spring Salmon season!

I challenge you to find a better metalized products on the market, pertaining to fit/finish.  If you do not agree, just return any unused product and I'll refund your money, less shipping costs.  
Here's where the extra money put into $2k lens quality tooling polish paid huge dividends.

Light Reflection Means Flash, More Fish!

As you can see in the photos, these new metalized products are just like a finely polished mirror.  Here's a reel-fact beyond a doubt: 
you could use these flashers as a mirror to shave with!

August Testing Regimen

There's only one way to test new products, go fishing with them! Then use a control factor to make sure new stuff keeps up with the 
established fish established killers.  In all cases, the new metalized flashers and heads kept pace with the proven producers.

8/18/07 thru early Sept. was the time frame.  Ludington, Arcadia, Manistee and Leland, MI were the ports where these new metalized flashers (both 10" & 12") and meat rigs produced fish.  The flashers produced with both flies and meat rigs for a multi-dimensional attack.

Depths and conditions were across the board with low light, full sun, cloudy, and depths down from 50' to 130'.  My last 4 Lake Michigan trips all I ran was the chrome stuff and it churned out fish after fish!

The very best news is the new stuff kept up with my number one flasher (aboard my boat), the Black Mamba Glow.  The new metalized heads were NOT outdone by the Clear Red 2, or 3 fly Meat Rigs. 
Both number best sellers at the webstore:

Limited availability: only so many can be made at a time and from the day I order blades from my supplier in Bridgeman, MI until we have finished product in hand (ready to ship) could be as much as 30 days out.  Metalizing company needs a 2 week lead time and so does the company that injection molds my bullet heads, meat heads, 12" flashers & 10" BTI flashers.  

8.31.07_Manistee_Weapons_of_Choice.jpg (50399 bytes)
8/31/07 Manistee, MI
Weapons of Choice

8.31.07_Manistee_John_J_Steelhead.jpg (57419 bytes)
8/31/07 Manistee, MI Steelhead Victim

8.31.07_Manistee_Coho_BTI_Silver_Bullet.jpg (52748 bytes)
8/31/07 Manistee, MI
Male Coho

9.4.07_Manistee_Metalized_Bullets_for Rigs.jpg (87099 bytes)
Metalized Bullets Too!
Check out the meat rig

9.4.07_Manistee 007.jpg (274332 bytes)
 Salmon Belly 
Reflecting like a mirror

9.1.07_Manistee_Kris.jpg (57534 bytes)
9/2/07 Manistee, MI
Just the head works too!

9.4.07_Manistee_018.jpg (59168 bytes)
9/4/07 Manistee, MI

Largest King of our limit!
Hit a 12" Silver Bullet & Silver Bullet 3 fly meat rig 

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Totally 100% Made in the USA !

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