How Project 2015 turned into
Salmon Buster™ Spoons
By Capt. John King 11/23/2014  Part II

Reel Instructions

With all things fishing, nothing is written in stone.  Basic instructions can lead to success.  I can share with you, we ran the prototypes on 20# test mono. Designed into these spoons is the ability to use a reasonably priced, very strong made in USA coastlock 5-34 swivel from Roscoe.  Some spoons, like yesteryear's Lucky Lure, Sutton Spoons, Flutter Spoons and Big Jon's Finweaver all required expensive Sampo ball bearing swivels ...if you want to reach these bygone spoon's full potential?

During 6 months (May-Oct) of test sessions in 2014 we never ran extra long leads behind the riggers.  Staying this side of 30' back at 50' down, and the riggers went deeper, lead lengths from the cannonball decreased.  100' down the 4.65 produced action with a 10' rigger lead and at 90' down the 4.0 took fish on 12-15' leads. 

My spoons have a dazzling pulsing action, much like a crankbait that transmits lure action up the line on rigger rods.  So, don't let your rod's twitching action, or rod pump that might fool you into believing you're towing a shaker.  It's just the Salmon Buster™ spoon ringing the dinner bell for Mr. Fish, as it very well should!  I was surprised to learn, with a 100-120' of line off the reel, my spoons could be fished on the surface with no added weight in the speed range of 2.2 to 2.5 mph.  This is how we learned of the constant throbbing and pulsing action that was a reel-eye opener.

Reel Salmon Buster™ Advantages

  1. Paint will never flake, or peal off
  2. Molded-in color means the spoon will look new for many seasons
  3. No silver plating to tarnish, wear off, or rust ...ever
  4. Larger, stronger stainless steel USA split rings made by Roscoe
  5. Bigger eyelets in the spoon to allow for more action
  6. Your personal preference in 4 hook optional colors
  7. Hefty upsized VMC hooks when compared to the competition
  8. Proof tested to 80 pounds dead pull
  9. Proven fish tested colors & patterns during the last 10 seasons
  10. Incredible spoon action verified in YouTube videos
  11. Lifetime guarantee on spoon body
  12. Will not bend, twist, or become distort like metal spoons
  13. Tested speed tolerant from 1.2 to 4.0 mph
  14. Designed by Capt. John with 46 years of Great Lakes experience
  15. Made from from the world's strongest plastic, Lexan™
  16. Unique patented design
  17. Angled reinforced perimeter over 2000 hours in development
  18. Fully tested in 2014 (May thru Oct.) by printed 3D prototypes
  19. Made in the State of Michigan, USA
  20. Ends all issues with metal spoons that bend & kink
  21. Light transitioning effects no metal spoon is capable of!

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