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September results

9/1/00                         9/3/00                     9/6/00  

Wind, wind and more wind is what we've been getting here in Manistee.  Had to cancel more trips today on account of it, met with the Wiggins and Frey parties this morning at 7:00am and the best option was to reschedule.  While Late September and October are noted for it's windy conditions why does it only have to blow on the weekends?

  The cool weather has caused fishing for Steelhead to improve on the lake and river.  You'll  be receiving first hand reports because this week I'm busy with charter bookings for both Lake Michigan and the Big Manistee River. 

Predicted 3 to 6 foot seas and a personal commitments prevent Lars Hierta from fishing today will me today.  This was OK on my part because we need more fish to show up in the offshore waters of Manistee and thermocline to move up to the surface, it's a 120 feet down now.  The first 3 weeks in October will be fantastic action on chrome silver bullet water rockets.......Steelhead!

Leslie, Gloria and Joe Keysh fished with me today.  We caught 2 small Kings  and slow going, so we decided to hit it another day when conditions will be better.   A very deep thermocline (120' down) contributed to our lack of success.  I made the wrong call and hit Big Point Sable and the fish just weren't there.  Most boats reported in with not many fish.

9/19/00  Weather and cancellations have prevented me from hitting the lake for the best past of 2 weeks now.  I used this time to post my E-mail members on my best producing spoons in the 2000 season so far.  I'll be fishing this weekend and you'll get a hands on report.  Feels good to have some time for myself!
    I went to Tippy Dam today for a photo shoot and found Al Williams from Clinton Twsp. Michigan with a large river ran King Or Chinook Salmon.  Al has fished the fall Salmon run for the past 15 years at Tippy.  While he only landed one fish, he had several break off.  Great job Al Williams!  Click here for Al's photo.                Click here for Tippy Dam photo.

Tried to fish today with Kathrina Sypridakis, Lois, Scott and Joe Simecek.  Rough water prevented us from being successful.  The only option was trolling around the harbor and there just wasn't many fish available.  3 to 5 foot seas at 6:30am is what we found when we cleared the harbor, that kind of chop is just not enjoyable to be in.  We made 3 passes in the harbor before I felt like I was beating on a dead horse.
    The plan here is to have Scott's Group back next year during prime time when conditions will be more agreeable for everyone on board.  Also, I like to add the weather prediction on the wave heights was way off by NOAA and if I knew the water had of been so choppy I'd have saved these folks a long ride up north from Warren, Michigan.  
    In a closing thought, these were nice folks and I wished the lake would have cooperate

9/10/00  Rhea and Byron Robinson had today's charter date, these folks didn't call and cancel.  They just chose not to show up...very tacky on their part.  If there's justice here for me, we wouldn't have gone in the morning anyways because of thunderstorms which we've had more than our share of.  Plus that, a day off feels good after the August pull. 

I fished today with the Allen family today.  This trip was a present from Dad Clarence to his two sons John and Doug, plus family friend Paul came along also.  This was a super great group that needed no instruction in how the handle a fishing rod.  In fact they never missed or lost a hooked up fish, boating 2 Cohos and 5 Kings to 18 lbs....astonishing!
   All in all it was a great half day event because we only spent about 4 hours with lines in the water and the Kings were extra frisky as well.  These folks are natural born Salmon fishermen and I hope to see these folks back again in the future. 
   Oh, by the way although today's catch wasn't the heaviest of the season it was wonderful compared to yesterday's puny catch.  Click here for the photo of reel fishermen.

Fished with Terry McCain and Bill Goudzward today on a semi-calm Lake Michigan.  Struggled to find these fishermen some fish and just couldn't locate them.  Both Bill and Terry were enjoyable to be around and deserved better than 2 small Coho we boated.  The lake has rolled over twice in 3 days and the fish are scattered all over hell's half acre.  While some fish were caught by the fleet, most boats had very skimpy catches.  Tomorrow should be better with the sable west wind we had today. 

9/6/00  Fished with Tammy, Chris, Don and Brian Green today.  The fish have scattered from the strong north blow we experienced.  We had 8 strikes and boated 4 reel nice Cohos, a Steelhead and a 16 lb. King.  
    We didn't set any records on this trip, but the quality of the company was unsurpassed.  The lake cooperated with gentle seas and light breezes.  Not many fish were available and we covered a lot a territory for the 6 we were lucky enough to land.   Click here for photo.
Michael, John, and Mike Sr. Pawluk had today's date along with friend Mark.  The lake wasn't even close to being enjoyable to fish on.  Tried the harbor after I ran south 2 miles and turned back from rough water.  We had a couple of weak nibbles on the diver rods with no hook ups.  The Pawluk party was kind enough to wait around until 4:30pm for predicted calmer waters which never happened.  John is rebooking for the outstanding Brown Trout Fishery we have in Manistee next April.
      The bad thing about today is that a couple of the guests traveled from out of state and I had to send them home empty handed.  But, the weather is something we can't control.  Also, most of the  charter boats that ventured out into the rough seas (4 to 6 footers at least!) came in early with seasick passengers, which not the way I do business.

Joe Patti and his friends Denny Hickerson, Alvin and Steve Matich had one heck of a Salmon Charter today.  Joe fished me last year and got into a heavy catch and wanted to show his buddies what Salmon fishing is about.  Guess what?  Everything thing went according to Joe's plan with everyone landing tough skill testing fish.  In fact, Denny boated a pit bull mean King that topped out at 29.25 lbs. on  Solberg's marina scale.
     This trip started out with a severe thunderstorms, high winds and showers, but the weather turned out to be real decent by 10:00am.  We ended up with 14 fish for the trip, 9 Cohos and 5 cracker jack Kings for a total fish box weight of approx. 180 lbs.  Also, I'd like to thank Joe Patti for rebooking on the same Sunday in 2001.

Click here for 29 pounder photo.    Click here for trophy board photo.

The Barry Pines family went with me today.  This charter started off on the wrong foot with heavy duty thunderstorms until 9:00am, then the Solberg dredge blocked my dock and if that wasn't enough a freighter was entering the channel when we finally could get off the dock.  This charter finally got underway at 2:30pm.  The only good thing I can say about this trip is that we landed 9 fish and a box that weighed more than a 100 pounds.

Fished with Norm Englesen and his gracious mother Judith from Norway.  We hit the fish right of the bat and missed 7 bites trying to get lines in the water.  Norm landed several oversize Kings to past 22 pounds and Judith boated a strong 11 pound Coho during the skirmish with the attacking Piranha like Salmon.  We've almost became spoiled because doubles and triples are a way of life aboard the "King Fish" (my boat).
     I didn't really get a chance to visit with Norm and his Mom much during the charter event, being busy with tending lines.  Feature this, the trip started at 7:00am because of a thunderstorm delay and by 10:00am the Englensens had quickly boxed their limit.
   We ended the morning with 5 monster Kings and 6 Cohos homesteading in the fish cooler for a total weight of at least 150 pounds.  I'm glad the trip ended early because of threatening skies.
  Click here for their limit catch photo.


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