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6 Pack Stickers on the Job!

Having fished the Great Lakes for the past 40 years, there's no right, or wrong way to catch fish.  My articles are based on personal observations, not theories.  You can marvel at the pat answers some writers who journalize  "how-to" fishing narratives.  The truth is there are no pat answers like the 10 Commandments that are chiseled in hard stone.  Look at what I share with you, "as it works for me." What's mentioned should work for you too, but there are always overriding factors that can change the game in a hurry.  Being flexible enough to go with the flow and not downright stubborn will pay untold dividends! 

Please let me set the stage for the below info:  9/2/08 was the day after Labor Day and we launched late, like pushing 8am.  Arriving on our chosen fishing grounds (south of Manistee) around 9am.  We had no early-stupid bite to work with.  Our action came in spurts.  We'd troll for about an hour empty, then get a 2, 3 bites packed together. Followed by another hour of a slow fish activity.  We yanked lines around 2pm boxing 6 Kings, 3 Coho and a Lake Trout.  A legal 10 fish Michigan limit for the 2 of us onboard. No big deal catch compared to my past charter days circa 1983 thru 2003, but a decent fun outing for a pair of fishermen in a 22' boat during the middle of the day!

9.2.08_single_treble.jpg (119631 bytes)
Single Treble
Mouth Hooked

9.25.08_Chin_Hooked.jpg (121480 bytes)
Chin Hooked
Ripped Gills

9.25.08_Stinjger_Treble_Coho.jpg (98700 bytes)
Double Trebles
One is stuck in chin

Curing a Problem
Fly_Mess.jpg (143020 bytes)
Tangled Mess
Wad of Trolling Flies

 Fly_Protector_Sleeves_001.jpg (93151 bytes)
Neaty Wheatie

These storage boxes are available at:
www.michiganangler.com  Storage boxes can be used to easily store 24 meat rigs, or flies.  All boxes come with the protector tubes.

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun!

Missing hits on flies is now is a thing of past since we changed over to double snelled trebles.  On 8/31/08 we boated let's say ...one fish out of 4 diver bites.  9/2/08 we wised up and changed over to all double snelled trebles on our flies, same as on our meat rigs.  We didn't miss any hits on our divers hits that day, or the 3 diver whacks on 9/25/08.  Not hooking up hits on our trolling flies is now ancient history since we went to all double snelled trebles on our trolling flies. 

Photo 1
9.25.08_Chin_Hooked.jpg (121480 bytes)
Fly Nibbler

Photo 2
7.2.07_Super_Mags_trebles_stuck.jpg (159238 bytes)
Meat Rig Eater
Photo 3
9.25.08_2_Trebles_Chin.jpg (103179 bytes)
Fly Nibbler

Please scrutinize the photos number 1, 2 and 3.  Other than the obvious advantages of the lethal double trebles, you'll notice in photos 1 and 3 the Salmon that hit flies were more like nibblers.  Being hooked up on their chin and outside of their snout.  King Salmon that whacked our meat rigs fully engulfed the meal.  Thusly, welding to double trebles on the inside of his alewife hole.  All 3 images shows the deadly 6 pack of stickers produced boated fish that might have been otherwise missed!

Honestly, I do not fish a lot of flies, but the touchy 2008 season required splitting hairs.  Once was it was established ...meat would only take fish for us in 46 to 38 degree water.  In the warmer water, like 54 to 62 degrees Salmon would whack the BTIs with flies on our divers more aggressively, compared to our meat rigs.  This was a radical departure from the 4 previous seasons.  Reasons could be many and all speculation is purely conjecture.  The reel-facts about 2008 says we were not besieged with big numbers of fish, day-in & day-out.  Especially, if compared to the previous bonanza seasons during the span of 2003-2007.  Sure, there were some easy days in 2008, but you could count them on one paw, ...as far as I'm concerned.

I lay no claim to being first to string to trebles together, but our production company Kingfish Inc. is "first in the world" to handcraft a custom bend, or turned-up eye, similar to many turned-up eye single hooks.  Upshot of this is a direct straight-line pull on the hook, driving home your point!  Missing fish can be fixed, getting more strikes can not!  So, cash-in on every opportunity.  There's 3 options for hook set-ups for our industry leading trolling flies at: www.michiganangler.com  that will suit everyone's needs.

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King Purple BTI
w/X-Glow BTI Fly
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9.25.08_Double_Treble_Ripped_Gills.jpg (110339 bytes)
Bloody Gills
Monkey Puke BTI & X-Glow Sea Green Fly

9.23.08_Tandem_Treble.jpg (134731 bytes)
Double  Trebles
6 Pack of Stickers means a mouthful of hooks!

9.23.08_Single_Treble.jpg (134035 bytes)
Single Treble
Only 3 Chances

Double_Snelled_Fies.jpg (107124 bytes)
20 to 24 inches
Fly Leader Length recommended with 10" BTI Flashers

Shorter the leader, the faster the fly will snap-roll with our 10" BTI Flashers