Attaching the Leader to Vertical/Slanted Finned Flashers
Made Simple 

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Tie an overhand loop

insert the loop  thru swivel

Slip swivel loop and pull tight

Finished product

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Attaching Your Offering

Sometimes in our quest to become knowledge fishermen we overlook the simplest things.  The Bechhold Flasher is a west coast product where they drag "meat," cut herring of herring fillets that are meant to spin, hence the reason for the quality snap swivel at the rear of the flasher.  Many have complained there's no pigtail type clevis like comes with the Luhr Jensen or Les Davis dodgers and have requested this page. 

By following the below steps you'll be able to attach and remove the leader of your fly, cut bait, or squid with no problems.  I came across this solution as, necessity is the mother of all invention.

Step 1.  Tie a double, what I call an, overhand loop (double granny knot) in the leader of the fly, cut bait, or squid you plan on using.

Step 2.  Remove the swivel from the flasher.

Step 3.  Insert the loop through the eyelet of the swivel.

Step 4.  Slip the loop end back of the swivel and pull tight.

Step 5.  Re-attach the swivel with the leader to preferred rear hole of the flasher

Tip:  Make sure the double knot is snugged down over the eyelet and not impeding or tangled up on the barrel part of the swivel.  It has to be slid all the way down to the eyelet, this is a must!

Tip 2:  This the same method I used to attach my diver leaders to the snubber and the double synch of the double overhand loop has never, ever broke at the knot end of the diver.

This is the simplest solution I been able to come up with so far, even though the double loop knot will pull very tight, and be kinda hard to remove after catching several tuna-sized Kings, but it works!

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