The.....Did You Knows?

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Tips and Tricks

1.  Most hooks used by Lure Manufacturers aren't the best for the job?  The triple X strong hooks in use today don't have the same holding power a lighter wire or regular hook in the same size.  The relationship between the penetration of the barb and the size of the wire used in the hook correlate into holding power being: small hole-- big barb.  Triple X hooks that are used are to silence those who don't believe in a drag system on today's modern reels and would straighten out anything less and complain like hell.  In my humble opinion a round bend or Aberdeen style hook is best in a lighter wire or gauge.

2.  Did you know when a fish is running line or screaming the drag, he actually is rolling the hook out of his jaw if he's running dead away from you?  This is a especially important piece of info when using dodgers or flashers because the chatter of the attractor can and will vibrate the hook free.  When they start towing your stuff on a free line......Fish offfffff!

3.  Did you know most releases that we use today aren't designed to be a multi-purpose through out the season answer?  In the spring hooking a 15 pound Salmon 30 feet down is infinitely different than hooking a 25 pounder in August a 100 feet down.  The thing that comes into play here is the bone density and the toughness of a Salmons skin as it ages.

4.  Did you know if you're trolling and the track of your cannonballs isn't hanging straight don't and hanging off to one side or another because of current or wind you're fishing side saddle and your spread is not fishing efficiently?

5.  Did you know that a Salmon never stops swimming because that's the way they oxygenate their gills?  The only time you'll see a Salmon not moving is in a river or where there's enough current and then it looks like he's still, but the water is moving.  In a 5 year life span a salmon can cover a distance of 130,375 miles based on an average of 3 miles an hour.

6.  Did you know that the Salmon Fishery in Michigan is superior to our parent fishery on the west coast?   Less regulations too.

7.  Did you know the Salmon were imported to Michigan to bring the biosphere of the Great Lakes back into kilter because of the over abundance of the alewife (bait Fish)?  If you didn't have a predator prey relationship the beaches would be unusable like they were in the 60's before the introduction of the Salmon.  These fish where not put here so I could make a buck or two of them or you could catch them.   They're here to bring back natures balance to the environment.

8.  Did you know the State of Michigan first tried introducing Pacific Salmon to the Great Lakes back in the 1800's?

9.  Did you know an Adult Coho can't close it's mouth because of it's hooked jaw and this is one the reasons getting a hook into a Coho is no small chore?

10. Did you know in a Steelheads mouth there's at least 5 bony patches you can't get a hook into?  That's why in most cases you unhook them from the insides of their cheeks at the hinge of the jaws. Click here for Steelhead hook job  Click here to a see Steelhead mouth

11. Did you know a J-Plug is a searching plug and can cover up to a 10 foot circular radius at 100 back from the ball at 5 miles an hour?

12. Did you know the a fish can use a spoon as a pry bar to free it's self?

13. Did you know that all hooks need to be sharpened on new lures before using straight out of the package?   The chrome plating process automatically dulls the hook.

14. Do you know, why you fish?  Because it satisfies the primordial urge in you to be self sufficient in this techno-society or civilization we're forced to deal with.  Granted we use every piece of highly technical electronics money can buy, but in the Neanderthal Days a barbed spear would have been considered as a technical advancement also. 

15.  Did you know that all silver plated spoons come with a clear lacquer top coat to prevent tarnishing that can dull over time?  Without the overcoat the spoon will tarnish in the package, decreasing shelf life.  000000 is the finest steel wool and it works wonders on dulled up spoons.  I was shown this in person by Chuck Cartwright the Silver Streak Guru, then he told me never to do it, fat chance Chucky Boy, I'm onto your tips.

16.  Did you know the food chain in the Great Lakes starts with phytoplankton, which is chewed on by zooplankton which in turn is eaten by the minnows or alewives, then the Salmon and trout munch on them?

17.  Did you know you can never find a pair of scissors of needle nose pliers when you need them the most?.........reel fact!

18.  Did you know that after a fish has been netted the best thing to do is go straight up in the air with the handle end?  This locks the fish in the bag an then directly transport it to the cooler so it don't touch the floor and get the boat smelly. 

19.  Did you know the raw bleach kills all fish odors in your cooler?  Also, when mixed with Dawn dish soap it makes the best boat cleaner and disinfectant in the world.  Use this powerful mix only in an open air area because the fumes with choke you but it sure works on dried blood stains.  Tip: leave the lid open on your box when not fishing. 

20.  Did you know that you should never, ever hook your stored lure on the inside of a line guide.  The barb can chip the ceramic insert causing a razor sharp edge that you'll only find when a good fish puts a solid bend in the rod exposing the edge and slicing you line like a hot knife goes through butter?  This has happened to me more than once from other reasons.  Keep checking those inserts for chips.

21.  Did you know if your hands smell like fish the fishy odor can be removed in a hurry with toothpaste?

22.  Did you know that if you change your oil every 30 to 40 hours your engines will last you a lot longer?  (I have 6500 hours and 14 seasons on mine by following this advice).

23.  Did you know that sometimes your direction your trolling brings the most visibility to the fish you're after?  Make a note of your course if you're whacking fish heavy duty. 

24.  Did you know you can keep track of your boat speed better by watching the downrigger cable angle than any speed indicator made?  Plus, it will never break or lie to you and best of all it's free