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Ed Evans

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In my travels through life I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and fish with Mr. Ed Evans.  I first ran into Ed in at the Palace Sportfishing Expo in the early nineties,  He booked a river trip and this started an association that would last for well over 10 years.  I got to know Ed quite well and he was one of my few charter guests that stayed at my house when we fished together.

Being a former boat owner, he always made the point, that by hiring me, I was a whole lot cheaper then owning a boat.  Well, to make a long story short, no matter how poor the fishing had been, it always improved when Ed Evans showed up.  It seemed the fish (in most cases) always saved their best bite for Ed, as you can see in the above photos.

Ed had an inside witty humor, that I understood and enjoyed.  His outlook on life was always positive and to say the least, refreshing.  He taught me what the word "karma" meant.  He often fished with his son, Derrick.  Sometimes he'd come just by himself.  He never pressured me into huge amounts of fish and was just as happy with 3 fish as he was with 15 in the box.  He just relaxed and let the fish do their job, might be a better way to describe his attitude about fishing.

During his exploits with me he landed Steelhead in the river to 16 pounds and several master angler Kings he chose not to register.  His reward was being there and enjoying the moment, not the accolades.

I will sorely miss his company and counted him as not only a charter guest, but a good friend too.  Saying goodbye to someone like him is hard, so I'm gonna say, "until we meet again!"  God bless you Ed, for the good times you shared with me, both on Lake Michigan and the Big Manistee River.  You will live on in my fond memories forever.