Some of my 
Best Producing Spoons in 2000
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The spoons listed here have caught at least 600 fish in the 2000 season
 and had probably more than twice as many strikes or hits!

Silver Streaks
By Captain John King  9/15/00 Copyrightę2000

The first photo displays the Silver Streaks that are my bread and butter producers form Wolverine Tackle and the Cartwright Family.  This is a reel class trolling product that has more Master Angler Awards to its credit than any other on the market today.  The legend of the Streak speaks for itself.  From top to bottom, and left to right I try to explain how and why, I use them and under what circumstances too.  

(1.)  The yellow-green dolphin is excellent all round choice when the fish are in the top 50 feet in July and August, great on the dipsys and lead core during the summer Salmon run.  

(2.)  Red and Pink edged with red and glo glitter tape was designed by he Fishin' Machine Dave Keene from the Flint Steelheaders, its great on June Steelhead, a good slider choice, excellent on the divers and core also.  This bait has taken 30 pounders in August too!  

(3.)  Double orange crush over a smooth gold blade is outstanding on the divers, birds and riggers from May thru October.  You'll have to make this one though, I copied the double orange pattern from the Dreamweaver boys.  A "must have" for any serious Great Lakes Fisherman. 

(4.)  Mag hammered yellow tail glo, a must have when Adult Salmon are your target.  Charge this one with a flash before daylight, ship it down to 44 to 50 degree water and fish onnnnn!  This is probably the number one killer of Adult Salmon on my boat especially when the Kings are below the 50 foot range.  A slayer a many lunker 30 King Salmon for me during August......a must have!!!

(5.)  Mag yellow green dolphin with green glo tape.  Super choice for the deeper fish if they're hitting the dolphin pattern.  Use anytime during July and August, mixes well with dodgers and flashers.  Good on the dipsys.  Be sure not to troll fast with the Mags, they'll spin out just below 3 mph.  

(6.)  The Sister Sledge pattern is a good all around pattern anytime.  the Mag works well behind the dipsys in the harbor for Kings in off colored or stained water.  Good for Browns in the spring in the mini size off the boards.  

(7.)  This mini in the pink yellow watermelon was firecracker red hot from late April thru Mid-July as a fixed or free slider spoon.  Tip: on the mini, change the hooks from the stock number 4's to 2's.

(8.)  Regular size hammered yellow tail glo is the way to go if the fish are spooky from heavy boat traffic and won't take the Mag.  You can troll this spoon fast, at speeds exceeding 4 mph.  Don't leave home without a good supply of this fish fooler.  Sliders, mainline, leadcore and dipsys.  

(9.)  Mini double orange crush is super on the birds in May and June.  This small spoon is effective throughout the entire season.  A great slider or diver selection, we almost won the Big Boys Salmon Slam with this little guy.  Works on every specie, big tunas love it, use on dipsys if the fish are high.

(10.)  Hammered silver blade with green glo cross tape is and has been the fleet's preference for a long time.  This pick will put fish in the boat under most circumstances.  A multipurpose spoon that has high fish visibly and catch-ability.  Use anytime when in doubt, works well on everything.

The Northern Kings or NK's

Northern Kings or NK's came on the scene in the late 80's here in Michigan and originally were called the Pirate Spoon.  However, they were popular on Lake Ontario long before Michigan ever saw them.  I believe they were designed by Joe Renosky who also came up with something like the Banjo Minnow  which was sold on TV infomercials.  This is a high quality silver plated spoon that likes speeds on the slower side.  I know of 3 sizes this lure comes in.  From left to right the descriptions are below.

(1.)  Magnum sized black with the white belly and green glo tape is a low light assassin, this lure has ambushed many Adult Kings for me.  An excellent harbor bait at first light, charge with a flash or bright light and you're in business.  Works when the fish are deep and when its a darker day.

(2.)  Silver plated Hammered Mag with green glo tape.  Took many large Kings on it in the 87 Lowrance Tournament in Ludington on it and finished in the top 10.  Presents a large flashy target to deep fish and has strong hooks.  Works on riggers, divers and the core from July through August.

(3.)  Blue yellow dolphin with green glo tape is the medium sized one (28).  A good kicking action at slower speeds and comes into its own during the summer Salmon run.  On the riggers I used it in the top 50 feet with great success, can be a terror on the dipsy, good fixed or free slider.

(4.)  Green yellow dolphin with green glo tape in the medium or 28 size work well when they're chewing on the green dolphin, mixes well them.  Top 50 ft. lure in July and August, use on divers.

(5.)  Green yellow dolphin with green glo tape.  This lure in the D4 size is not for the faint of heart, this bait kills big time.  Used from May until early August with great success.  This bait rode a fixed slider most of the time and has a wild slow speed kick, sluggish cold water fish love 'em.

Yeck Spoons

I believe this is the original Northport Nailer from the 70's.  Not many available in my area but the 2 shown are excellent producers.  The Wart Frog pattern is Adult King or Chinook food supreme.  Also, the waffled metal construction of this lure is awesome.  It has a small amount of crushed ice glo tape on its edge, charge it with flash or light.  Had fantastic luck with this bait 2 years ago.  Top to bottom for description.

(1.)  Orange or red yellow wart frog with the white belly is Steelhead chow, I've used it on the dipsys with outstanding results.  Like the slower speeds, has good visibility and seductive kick.

(2.)  The green wart frog is Fish Onnnnn! for big Kings.  The construction is same as above and will produce Salmon in July and August.  Works on everything but my best accomplishment with this bait was on the leadcore and riggers.  Sometimes this lure will save your day if you need to fill the box with tunas.  This lure didn't get hot in 2000 like it has in the past, but I won't overlook it.

Michigan Stinger

I was first introduced to the Stinger Spoon by George Richey at the Outdoorama Sport Show in the Detroit area back in the mid to late 80's.  George was selling them at his booth with the Michigan Squid Product line that he invented.   My loyalty to Streak prevented me from using though, until 1992.  This is a worthy lure to add to your tackle inventory because it catches fish.  The regular size is the speedster of the trolling spoons and works well with Streaks if you're looking to cover lots of water in a hurry.  The regular size works well in May and June on the birds if the target is Steelhead on the surface, and of course they'll produce on the riggers and divers too.  The largest or the Mag can be pulled slightly faster than the Mag Streak without it turning into a Mepps Spinner.  This lure come in 3 sizes, but I've never used the micro spoon.  In the order of; left to right then; top to bottom, I'll list my favorites.

(1.)  The regular sized hammered silver plated blade with a green edge is a staple of my May program in Saugatuck, the spring Kings love this bait on the riggers, sliders and divers.

(2.)  The hammered silver plated with the red or orange tip is a fantastic surface bait for the birds and sliders as well.  Make sure you have this same bait only in the gold plated version too!

(3.)  Hammered silver plate with Pete Ruboyianes' s double orange tape job is Steelhead candy.  This lure has accounted for the demise of many different species of fish when they're on the surface.  I've done well with it as a rigger and slider bait also.

(4.)  Yellow or chartreuse with the green tip (white belly) and plain glo ladder back is an awesome spoon for Adult Kings.  This lure has boxed 30 pounders for me and is hard to beat in late July into the August run of Salmon.  Use on a 1 lb. drop weight, charge it up with light for the early bite.

(5.)  This one goes by nickname of monkey shine and has orange face and a green tip.  Works on the surface, sliders or riggers.  August Cohos love this bait in the Mag size and will chew it up.

(6.)  Mag green glo hammered silver plated Christmas Tree is King food.  This bait was so hot a few years ago it was arts and crafts times cutting out the ladder backs trying to duplicate it, because none could be bought.  Use on the riggers and divers especially when going deeper than 50 foot. 

Pro Kings

I first ran into Dennis Niedlinger at the Metro West Steelheaders Sport Show in 1984.  He was just beginning the promotional aspects of getting his product to the public.  The earlier Pro Kings were stamped out of heavier gauge metal then chromed, they since lightened them and switched to stainless steel for what I consider an improved product.  Also, they've added a holographic fish scale tape to the back to enhance visibility.  I have problems in the past with the paper tape they used a few years back, but they've since switched to a better grade of vinyl tape and this problem no longer occurs.  Their claim is that you can pull them fast like a Stinger or Streak, but my experience is them they'll spin out sooner.  Top then left to right, is the order I'll list them in.

(1.)  The Green Hornet is black and with a green scalelite side with a glo ladder down the center.  This is a low light spoon used for the before daylight or at dusk set, charge it up a with light.

(2.)  A daylight version of the green hornet, this lure has caught countless fish for me and I used the same bait for the past 5 years without losing it to a fish yet.

(3.)  Orange and green scalelite, sometimes produces in the harbor and is good for June Steelhead also.  I used it as a slider, mainline, diver bait and on the bird with accomplishment over the years.

(4.)  The awesome Bumble Bee, here's a Pro Kings road to glory, because this is my best PK!  This bait works all year on all species, and no other manufacturer has matched its catchability.  This is my number Pro King that can become "red hot" to the fish you're chasing.  Try it, you'll like it.

(5.)  The cracked ice glo PK has in the past has destroyed fish for me.  My best luck with this one has been on the riggers or sliders.  Has the potential to catch fish everyday of the season.  I've did best on it during May through mid-July.


I've save for last what could considered the best great lakes trolling spoon introduced the 1990's.  This products sales have skyrocketed in the past 4 or 5 years.  It's easy for me to write this story because I truly like and respect Roger Bogner, the inventor.  Also, Pro Staffer Capt. Dave Yeager who has won the Pro-Am Tournament with this spoon here in Manistee in late June more times than I can keep track of.  The legendary Capt. Pete Ruboyianes is the front or promo man for this product.   It's similar in design to a NK but it has a higher speed tolerance.  The performance of it's much copied dolphin and double orange patterns speak for themselves.  It comes in 3 sizes, but I've never pulled the Mag, this I can tell you the smallest one is a sleeper bait.  The "Little Devil" (Capt. Dave's boat name also) has done me proud when fished off the birds or divers.   I'm listing these from top to bottom them left to right.

(1.)  Pete's special monkey shine is one of my best late season producers.  This bait will work throughout the entire year.  I like it for May and June when shallow running Steelhead are hitting.

(2.)  Root beer Ruby Red is a good choice in the top 50 feet of water.  I've used this on the leadcore, riggers and divers with unreel catches of Steelhead and 3 year old Kings.

(3.)  Pink green watermelon pattern is a stable when I'm fishing.  The pattern has become one of my best slider lures.  Work effectively on the Dipsys for all species throughout the season.

(4.)  Double orange crush, this one is a "hot" top 50 foot selection.  I've boated 30 pounders with this lure hanging from their chops.  Make sure you have this lure and pattern in you tackle box.

(5.)  Mean green I think this ones called, I threw this one in because most of the other ones are to chewed on to show how good they look when they're new.  Use from Ludington south for best luck.

(6.)  Got this one from Capt. Dave Yeager as a freebee.  This is one hot dipsy lure during June, it follows the double orange pattern closely.

(7.)  Green yellow dolphin, this bait shown is beat up and don't show up well in the photo.  Best bet to buy when shopping for this product.  A legend among Salmon fisherman here in Michigan.

(8.)  Blue green dolphin, similar to above and works almost as well.  Here's a tip:    I hope you'll thank me for:  adjust speed for best action, then load them in your spread.  The dolphin color works better when you're towing a bunch of them.  Also, they mix well with Streaks, only at a slower trolling speeds.