Rubber Band Releases

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1. Wrap a your fishing line 3 times around your first 2, or 3 fingers

2. Half-hitch a rubber band thru the 3 loops you just made

3. Snug up the loops by pulling on the rubber band, until it's tight!

4. insert and clip into a Black's Downrigger Release

A. Blacks Rigger Release adjustable tension
B.  A single #16 rubber bands are fine for depths to 100'
C. 2 number 16s if you're going deeper
D. Rubber band degrade quickly in full sun, keep in a sealed Ziploc in darker area
E. Correct length is about 3 inches from loop to loop
F. Buy the right rubber bands, not cheapies at Walmart

Rubber bands can clog bilge pumps and require a sometimes cleaning off
your line, but so can a lot of other forms of debris.  Keep your deck clean
and you're good to go.

If you're after 90 to 100% hookup ratios, bands are for you.

2 to 4 bucks will purchase a season-long supply of rubber band releases

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