Sewn Minnows

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Sewn Minnow Rigging Instructions

To rig a sewn Minnow you'll need at least a 6 inch needle and 15 to 20 pound test monofilament fishing line.  Insert needle towards the end of the minnows tail with your fishing line tied to a suitable treble hook.  Push the needle through the minnow until the needle comes through your baits mouth.  Pull the mono thru and push the flat side of the treble hook into the tail of your bait.

Side a free sliding treble down your line to peg the mouth of the minnow shut or tie an extra loop knot.  18 to 30 inches behind a large set of Colorado type blades or cowbells.  Troll as slow as your boat can go.  The minnow must never spin, if it does effectiveness will be lost.

Whole Herring Cut Bait

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      Eye Hook                 Plug Cut  Angle        Plug Cut with Hooks

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      Hooks & Holder                          Strip with Opposing Hooks

Rigging Cut Bait or Whole Herring

During the summer of 2001 I tried fresh frozen herring several times and had no luck with the stuff.  There's several ways to rig it as the above photos shows, however until I can get the herring the work, there's no need of further explanation.

The Lake Ontario boats that swear by this run very few rods and tend to use herring strips instead of whole herring.  The strips are commercially prepared and even dyed colors.  I'm waiting for an expert to help us all out with this stuff.

If you plan on using alewives, pack them in salt then freeze them, Jerry Bechhold told me the problem with the alewives is you'll blow their bellies out when trolling.  The bottom line after spending a hundred bucks on 18 dozen fresh frozen herring and 50 bucks on various holders I haven't caught a fish with it.  It's a blind alley for me.

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