Rip Teazers Care and Usage
Injection molded soft plastic replacement herring strips
Production infused with 100% pure herring scent
1/30/21 by Capt. John King

Still learning to be perfectly honest with you. Know the best way is to keep the strips in the original cellophane bag for long term, or winter storage.  Been torture testing strips laying out flat on a windowsill for months unprotected that don't seem worse for the wear yet.  This will be updated when more experience is gained.  When I know more? will too.

Glow Content

Goal was to make a cost effective premium product.  Not to short change the fleet with a skimpy amount of glow pigments.  There's enough extended glow colorant in each one of our strips to paint several metal spoons.  We all know how much they cost.  Performance always comes with the cost.  Big bucks were spent on the hard to get, long duration, extended multi-colored glow pigments that's injection molded in our ground breaking 2021 XG Rip Teazers.

XG King Kryptonite


Rip Teazer Tips & Tricks Video

video can be viewed at full HD 1080.  Click full screen, then gear/setting options, click resolution: 1080

Plastic Pins

Not Like This!

Know No's

1.  Never completely soak the strip with herring oil, or Re-Scent.
2.  Never pierce rear of strip with hook for a bend.  This is not needed.
3.  Leave exposed the the sun for extended periods.
4.  Do not cut the toothpick in the head short.  You'll need to pull it out eventually.
5.  Make sure the strip is fully inserted into the meat head.  This is for balance.

Reel Tips

1.  It's easier to pierce our tough strip with metal like a pin, or paper clip.
2.  Peg hook towards the end of the strip for better hookups.
3.  Plastic toothpicks and pins work better than wood picks..
4.  Speed ranges from a slow 1.5/1.8 to plus 2 mph.  2.2 mph seems sweet spot.
5.  A few drops of Re Scent rubbed-on helps retain bait fish smell for fussy eaters.
6.  A fast recharge during low light with UV flashlight gives fish a better target.
7.  Strip Teazers will fit other brands.  Look for it to be a snug fit.

Pearl Strip Teazer

Blue Glo SUV

When possible store in original cellophane packages.  Extended periods like winter Zip Loc bags can be used in a pinch with a few drips of Re-Scent.  Make sure to press down and squeeze all the air out of the bags.  Done right, it's almost like a vacuum seal.  This will extend the life of the Strip Teazers many seasons.

Matching strips to head color is preferred, but not necessary.  First production run included many of our existing standard colors that match our heads and flashers.  More will be added during 2021.  XG Green Glow and XG King Kryptonite are like salt and pepper.  These 2 selections go with everything!

Some of the Colors

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Green Glo SUV