Rip Teazers Show the Glow part 3
Injection molded soft plastic replacement herring strips
Production infused with 100% pure herring scent
2/3/21   by Capt. John King

No B.S. Glow Video Verification

The Cat's out of the bag now.  There's no one going to put this genie back in the bottle.  We showed another way to use a devastating meat program, less the cost and hassle of chasing frozen bait.  There was no short cuts developing our soft plastic strips.  It was all hard work, backyard engineering, and a labor of love for the sport of Great Lakes Salmon fishing.

No edits, or video enhancements.  Shot in one continuous honest scene.  This was not a rehearsed over produced video.  This is how it happens in one scene to show and prove there were no edits what-so-ever.  I was surprised how good the glow came up with a GoPro 7 that's not known as a good low-light camera.  Your reel future is as bright, as the glow in this video.

Show the Glow Redux Video

This video can be viewed at full HD 1080.  Click full screen, then gear/setting options, click resolution: 1080

Significant Features

1. Color molded in
2. Saltwater tough
3. Detailed scale pattern
4. Troll speed: 1.3 to plus 3.0 mph
5. Fits several brands
6. Excellent on adult Kings
7. Bait fish scent production infused
8. Cost effective compared to herring
9. Zero learning curve
10. Proven and tested
11. Glow is good for 6 hours, or more
12. Made in the USA
13. Wide color spectrum selections
14. Super U.V. qualities
15. Metal flake (some colors)
16. Stores easily
17. World 1st original tackle
18. Ends frozen bait chase

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