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5/26/13 Manistee, MI

5/26/13 Manistee, MI

5/26/13 Manistee, MI

6/8/13 Lk. MI

Archived Updates

6/30/13  Mamba madness is me trying to build inventory to keep up with demand.  New XG Mambas in Black, Green and White have better extreme glow properties then any previous models.  Glow performance comes with a price.  This XG lure tape is the most expensive we've ever purchased. Click new 2013 XG Mambas
              These new additions are finished on both sides.  Our industry leading Hyper Holo™ silver is on the backside.  Granted, they are pricey due to the XG tape.  But when I'm fishing and ain't had a bite in 2 hours?  ...you'll never here me say, "man, I'm glad,
I went the cheap route on tackle."  Secretly regretting I didn't not have the new XG tape that could have changed the circumstances in my favor. Click new XG Mamba prices
       P.S. The few fish I've caught this season ALL came on the new XG lure tape!        

6/29/13  Hey, there is some fish in Manistee after all.  Lots of bait has slowed the catching.  5 Kings right now is considered respectable, as fishing continues to be hit and miss.  Fish deep, set down on the right spot early-late, and you will catch some. 
For now, the gravy train of EZ catches of year's past has fell by the wayside!

6/28/13  Fishing off the Port of Manistee, MI is still on the slow side.  This could mean more fish for later July and August ...in case you're looking for the silver lining?
               The good news is gas prices in Manistee fell from 4.30 a gallon to 3.59. 
That's close to a 70 cent savings per gallon.  Fill up a 30 gallon tank and you'll keep 20 bucks in your billfold.  Have a great weekend, ...cuz you deserve it!

6/27/13  Dave Richey famed outdoor writer, author of 22 books, and Detroit New staff writer for 27 years has passed away.  Click Dave in his trophy room
              Dave was our window to the world if you lived in the Detroit Metro Area and had anything to do with hunting and fishing in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. 
              His Sunday Detroit News Outdoor page is how we got our hunting and fishing fix long before the internet came along. 
               Scoop was a handle Dave hung on himself.  He was always looking for the next great outdoor story to entertain us with.  Dave could write with the passion of a raging rapids then turn on a dime to a placid beaver pond as his words flowed flawlessly.
               We lost another first generation Salmon fishing icon as our sport ages!

6/26/13  Crunched some MDNR numbers on King/Chinook Salmon plants for Manistee, MI.  Figures are approx not down to the last digit.  But very close. 
             In 2001 the MDNR at various sites planted 636,000 Kings in Manistee's waters.  2011 MDNR data showed 458,000 Kings for Manistee.  445,000 is the number for 2012.  About 200k less fish stocked when we compare 2001 vs. 2012.  Click MDRN data
             Even with 1/3 less fish planted in 2011 then 10 years ago, it does not explain this season's Lk. MI's slow start.  What does explain it? ...every year class survives at no certain level due to favorable, or unfavorable conditions that effect mortality.

6/25/13  Since this website began just prior to the year 2000 I've always had a vast pool of current Salmon and Trout photos to chose from ...sent in by viewers.  Not so this year.  Reason? ...Lk. MI anglers are just not catching like they're accustomed to.
              Lack of a definable thermocline has made Lk. MI fishing on the tough side.  Once the water stratifies into cold and warm layers? ...this will help concentrate the fish.
              With surface temps in the 50s, the fish can be from the surface to hundreds of feet down.  What's mystified me is why we're fishing a 100' deeper then we used to?

6/24/13  Everything I've heard about Lk. MI fishing is lots & lots of bait and not many fish being caught.  So, we've been on a tear making tackle for the soon to be here July-August rush.  We've already had some items sell out for 2013. 
               I think we all tend to be too hard on ourselves.  Case in point: I've been down in the mouth about not getting underwater video results desired.
               Then, ...I thought?  ...self, ...at his time last year I didn't have a clue about making underwater videos.  Until I built a new computer last winter, didn't even have a computer suitable to do editing video.  Looking at the big picture huge strides forward have been accomplished when we look at 2013 vs. 2012!

6/24/13  Everything I've heard about Lk. MI fishing is lots & lots of bait and not many fish being caught.  So, we've been on a tear making tackle for the July-August rush.  We already had some items sell out for 2013. 
               I think we all tend to be too hard on ourselves.  Case in point: I've been down in the mouth about not getting underwater video results desired.
               Then, ...I thought?  ...self, ...at his time last year I didn't have a clue about making underwater video.  Until I built a new computer last winter, didn't even have a computer suitable editing video.  Looking at the big picture huge strides forward have been accomplished when we look at 2013 vs. 2012!

6/23/13  Sunday took a day off.

6/22.13  Going on a media free weekend and not turn my computer on again until Monday, June 24, 2013.  Vacationing from computerville will be nice.  Did this a few weeks back and found extra time for neglected personal projects.  Breaks help refocus efforts!
             Today's featured photo show Dylan's big grin with a couple of Manistee Lake Smallmouth Bass.  The joy of fishing can begin at any age for a lifetime of experiences.
            Think back.  Remember how proud you were of your catches in the early days? When you began your fishing journey?  Click Dylan's 6/21/13 Smallmouth Bass

6/21/13  First day of summer 2013 has arrived.  Have a great weekend and enjoy it!
               Deep water underwater video's sound track we shot last week is overloaded with noise.  You can even hear the 12" flasher chopping thru the water at 140' down. 
               Seeing down there is one thing, but hearing the audio from what's going on? ...surprised me.  Hope to be able to share this remarkable sound track with you soon when the right conditions present themselves for another shoot.

6/20/13  Yesterday's afternoon's planned testing session was cancelled on due to seas  deemed to lumpy to get good video footage.  It would have been fine to fish in. 
               But fishing is not what I'm after.  I'm after gathering depth-dive-pull data that's as close to right as possible.  Not skewed by surging waves, or cross currents.
               Then, there's the issue of underwater filming with over 300 bucks hanging on a cable counting the camera & special weight.  Too much to risk if conditions ain't right.
               Another problem is light penetration down deep.  Waves tend break up available light making this task next to impossible for quality video.

6/19/13  Reserved this afternoon for more dive/pull tests for the 2013 Diver Diggers™.  Should have some meaningful data for this fish catching tool soon.
               Going to a new secret port I've never fished before.  Wind & wave forecast looks very favorable for an underwater video shoot.  Tune tomorrow for the reel story.
               Manistee, MI's Bud Pro-Am Tournament is this weekend.  With the fleet out in force ...I have no doubt some boats will locate the fish and have respectable catches.

6/18/13  Slide Diver large ring is 4 5/8" dia.  Dipsy mag ring is 4 7/8" dia.  Stock size 1 Dipsy ring is 4 1/4" dia.  I have another off brand large ring that is 5" on the button.
              Posted these sizes, because they effect how hard divers pull and attain depth.  Truth is, the less expensive diver rods are on the soft size and take a hard bend when towing divers with a mag ring.  Softer diver rods do have their advantages.  Such as, more cushion to tame hard rod surges.  Whereas, a stiffer rod can result in a few more lost fish.  Especially, if the rod-person wants to savagely overpower his foe.
              Plan is? ...next time I get off the dock is to pull test all the ring sizes mention and record the amount of force with a digital scale.  Click various Dipsy rings
              Part of these tests will be to see how much,  ...if any? ...the game changing Diver Diggers™ add over the pull of a stock #1 Dipsy with the small ring.  This is where diggers will shine for those that do not have much confidence in their diver program!

6/17/13  Need to tie up a loose end from last week about what I've been able to learn about the 2013 season thus far.  The amount of Kings being caught is running behind previous years.  Juvenile Salmon were not abundant last October off Manistee, MI. 
              This year's Kings are running larger.  Traditionally, June is not where we prejudge, or guess what's going to happen in July, August, & early September when adult Salmon return.  A lot can happen between now and then.
              I do know IN, MI, IL, & WI DNRs that control the King/Chinook Salmon stocked in Lk. MI stand to look real stupid "if" more fish are not available later this summer after they cut back the stocking levels to all time lows. 
             Topics this week: Benefit most.  Not getting passed up. Remembering audience skill levels cover a wide berth. Diver and various ring exertion on rod measured in pounds of pull.  Diver rods ability, flex, or not to flex and consequences of each.

6/16/13  This is a continuation of yesterday's topic concerning line counter reels that measure distance.  Checked a couple of mine, found out 20% error to the light side.
               There's no sure fire way to give you exact depths the new 2013 Diver Diggers™ will attain.  Trolling speed, pull of the lure against the diver, line diameter will all effect depth.  I'm trying for a number to get you inside the ballpark.  Like 2 to 1 for line off reel with the diver dialed on setting 1.  Easy formulas to remember is what I'm after.
               In 14 seasons, 4000 plus daily updates I've only had to print 3 retractions from reporting errant news, info, or data.  Misinformation is the far worse then no information. Something I do my ultimate best to avoid.  That's why I measured my reels!

6/15/13  How accurate are your line counter reels?  Checked the China special in today's photo and found a 20% error to the light side.  I keep my reels full, 3/16"-1/4"
before hitting the level wind pawl.  Full reels gather more line per crank of the handle.  Less turns means less arm fatigue.  Click Cortland Spectron filled LC reel
               By measuring 10' and watching the counter read 8' is OK.  I have a base line and can give more accurate distance lengths for you to dial-in the new 2013 Diver Diggers.  But first you must know ...if your LC's are saying? ...what they should!
               Keep in mind, mono will get wet swell.  In turn, growing the spool diameter slightly.  Super Braid lines over time will compress the diameter.  More on this soon.

6/14/13  My charter days in the 1980s and 1990s most of my attractor caught fish were caught on dodgers 4' behind the cannonball.  1000s of Kings and Coho fell prey tight to the ball.  Fish we captured on video this past Tuesday evening ...the 12" RF was 5' behind the special large profile 12 lb. fish shaped camera weight. 
              Now, to take this further, chute/center rigger is normally 10' back to the flasher with a meat rig trailing about 4' behind the flasher. 
             This is my best rigger with the out-downs, or wings (1 and 2) having slightly longer leads.  What I learned from the Tuesday evening video? ...from now on all riggers will be set at 10' back, or less when down past the 70'-80' depths.  More investigation is needed, but from experience Salmon are not ball shy down deep.

6/13/13  Today's update begins this past Tuesday evening in the setting sun's low light.  Todd the Rod & I got out for a few hours to run Diver Digger™ depth tests and shoot underwater video, or at least try to in unfavorable lumpy conditions.
               We were able to capture 2 still pics of King Salmon with off mark the aim ...charging our meat rigs.  Video length was 18 minutes.  12 minutes in, fish 1 missed his meal we were offering with 3 swipes (all misses).  At the 15 minute mark we had another customer do the same thing.  That being: Salmon do a lot of missing their target.
                Granted, image 2 and 3 are very-very poor quality.  Keep in mind, it was next to dark with hardly any light.  I was impressed that the Hyper Holo™ Super Mamba had a large amount of visibility this late at 140' down.  Click 3 in 1 140' down 2 fish pic
                Both fish were in camera view for no more then 1.5 seconds in high gear.  Spinning, twisting and turning with agility at speeds that I never could of imagined.
                On 5 separate occasions dating back to last October this was the first time we got a fish that wasn't camera shy.  Please look at today's featured picture as what's to come when we can get better lit video footage and show you a reel-movie!
                There will come a time when I do not have to draw circles to show you what's going on in the dank, dark environment within the perplexing mystery of the deep!!
         Tomorrow how spooky are Kings will be the focus & video as a learning tool?

6/12/13  Today's 4 in 1 photo shows the weight of a regular Dipsy (size1), mag diver and installed weight with a Diver Digger™ on a regular diver.  Click 4 in 1 photo
               Did get in one Digger depth test last evening.  Due to a 2'-3' SW choppy sea? Believe results were skewed by a dog tracking cross course in a cattywhompus sea.
               There's a glimmer of hope in my pursuit to capture deep underwater footage in the 100' to 150' down range.  Last evening was taught a King Salmon will make several swipes at a bait and never get it.  I was reel-amazed at how fast they moved!
               At 140' down a King came in, missed.  Immediately turned and made another swipe at the meat ...missed again.  Then, 2 minutes later another fish, or the same fish charged the bait ...miscalculated, ...spun around, & was off target again too.
               This might go a long ways to explain why most of the fish caught aboard my boat are never marked.  Even in 38 degree water these fish can boogie!

6/11/13  Today is the day I formally introduce the world to the single best improvement to your diver program, Diver Digger™.  In my neck of the woods (Manistee, MI) catching Kings in the top 100' of the water column is a thing of days gone by.  Kings nowadays tolerate, live, eat, grow, and hit in water down to 36 degrees.  Click Diver Diggers™
             Hope to get this afternoon to hold flats class.  Manistee does have a more gradual slope 2 to 3 miles N of port.  This is where dive data test happen to learn more about what the Diver Diggers do ...on what setting ...and how much line off the reel.
             Diver Diggers™, 1 wire and 1 with braid (Cortland's Spectron) both hit bottom at the sale time with the same amount of line off the reel.  Will confirm this again, because it explodes the mistaken myth wire divers get deeper then braid.

6/10/13  Fishing out of Manistee, MI right now is in the eye of the beholder.  If you're a limit driven greedy-gut? ...stay home and watch the grass grow. 
              Do you enjoy the chase, puzzle and art of Great Lakes trolling?  Can you be happy with 2, or 3 fish?  ...then, this fits into the realm of reel-possibilities.
              Covered a lot of territory during last Saturday's evening fish.  Ran to 3 miles N of the harbor to 8 miles S of my home port.  Seen no place better than another.
    Click XG BTI Black Mamba  Click 12" XG White mamba  Click for a darn good pic
              It turned into a matter of spending time in 150'-200' of water hoping to get lucky & have one bite. TTR aka Todd the Rod & I had 3 bites, 3 stuck, & boated all 3 too. Fish came at 100'-140' down with our NEW Diver Diggers™ Dipsys leading the way.
              Action was 2 double digit Kings with one a strong mid-teener.  Plus, a fatso 10-12 lb. Laker.  This year's Kings are squat chubby fish that look very well fed.
              On tap for this week: video sound track of swishing sound for the flasher chopping thru the water, braid vs. wire divers, Project X reveal/debut nears, angle of the dangle, reasoning & history behind Project X, flats class data accumulation, new XGs

6/9/13  Project X Part II data collection test were productive when we fished out of Manistee, MI yesterday evening.  Project X earned 2 more assists & proved what a wonderful tool this is.  Tune in tomorrow for the reel-story! Click Laker w/stuck trebles

6/8/13  Project X Day 2 is today's reel-deal!  Concept phase is over, prototypes are done and now we're making our first production models.  To me? ...it's exciting to design a new piece of tackle dedicated to the simple principal of helping you catch more fish.

6/7/13  According to Channel 7 News in Traverse City, MI Lake Michigan has gained 2 inches of water compared to this time last year.  This is from a plus 7 inches of precipitation in March, April and May 2013 over long time averages.
            Fishing in Manistee, MI? ...the fleet is catching some Kings during the early and late bite.  How good is it? ...plan on finding out tomorrow.  Have a great weekend!

6/6/13  Yesterday's windy tale about my dream of going fishing was about all I could muster.  6/4/13 the day I had planned on going?  Well, my day started at 5am getting the day's orders ready and shipping.  Extra heavy work load and making tackle kept my face glued to a computer until 1pm.  Then, there was nothing left in the tank after 8 hours of nonstop "nose to the grindstone."  Maybe, this Saturday I can get paroled to Lk. MI.
             It's a bunch more important to me to get orders out and take care of business. 
The hidden sword is ...if we do not ship your order until 2 days later and you see me off on a lark fishing?  Plain and simple, that's not a way to build a loyal customer base.
       The good news is secret Project X is rip roaring ready to get wet ...and soon!

6/5/13  Yesterday afternoon was one of those perfect fishing days on Lk. MI you live for.  Cloud cover and a light chop we kinda had a feeling it was gonna be reel-good.
              Had a hot tip the Kings were in 120' to 160' of water 2 miles S of Manistee, MI's harbor.  We got 3 lines in and immediately had a double.  Then, reset and hit another double that made it to the net.  As a bonus we captured 3 Kings ...all goodies, in the high teens to low 20s attacking our camera rigger a 150' down.  Underwater video footage was fantastic in full HD with extreme clarity and color separation.  Then, I woke up!

6/4/13  Weather permitting this afternoon I'll be back on the pond for round 2 of shooting underwater video.  Round 1 was very disappointing.  But figured some stuff out that should make video easier from now on.
             Action cams like GoPro are strictly point of view camcorders (POV).  So, field of view and distance is about the same as our eyes for size relationship.
             Pet peeve is every camera I own requires a different battery and charger.  To make matters worse manufacturers do not include wall chargers.  This means a trip to eBay for a plug-in 110 charger and spare batteries.  Click maze of chargers

6/3/13  My very few fishing trips (3 so far this year) have turned into technology tests trying to shoot acceptable video.  Every step forward has been a step back.  Kinda semi feel some where's between disappointed and defeated.  Just figuring out the menus is a task from not doing it enough to get comfortable operating the cameras.
             Defeated will not happen.  It's a long bumpy road in front of me to capture high quality deep underwater footage.  Plus, the good stuff topside.  I will win eventually!

6/2/13  Wind and rough water has kept most of the Manistee, MI fleet dockside.  Lk. MI looks to be cooperative starting the Monday.  Need to get out and test Project X.
            Today's newest pic is my new sonar/GPS.  Had to make a custom mount to hang it from the hardtop to see where we were going.  This machine takes up a lot of room.
            You'll note on the sonar screen a single rigger at 100'.  We were shooting test videos at various depths and didn't drop down to the plus 200' marks. 
            Water proof GoPro action cam housing is rated to 197' and we didn't push our luck past 150' in our 1st test session. Click sonar/GPS mounted overhead

6/1/13  Plan is for me to hit it hard this weekend making tackle.  Then, ...take a few days off next week to refine and gather data on Project X before we hit full production.
            Project X will take you to "where no man has been before" to borrow a quote from Star Trek.  You will see the need and the reasoning behind this hush-hush project.

5/31/13  Couple of pictures for you today. First one is boat flares.  You need to check expiration date.  Boats over 16' are required to carry 3 USCG approved dated flares.  It's EZ to overlook this part of your onboard safety gear. Click required boat flares     
               Second is a not so good 12" XG White Mamba combo photo down 150' about 10' behind the cannonball.  This pic taken off 1080i HD video will win no prizes ...but it's a step in the right direction to be able to capture video that deep.  
               Last fall 70' to 80' down and it was lights-out into total darkness.  Next move is to tighten-up to the ball (4' back) and use a lens filter to get rid of the washed-out way-way too much green effect. Click 150' lousy downrigger image

5/30/13  Today's photo is an example of the size of May Kings off the Port of Manistee, MI now.  Spring fish provide a sneak peek at what's to come later this summer.
              Dealing with over 20s is a whole another ballgame compared to the mid-teener Kings of 2012.  Sounds like fun and I'm all in! Click 5/25/13 Manistee King
              Was able to capture video 150' down last Sunday afternoon with an auxiliary light source.  Lot's of green light permeated down from plankton.  Chore is to color correct with a lens filter.  This is a hard task that doesn't come with instructions. 
              2013 GoPro 3 White Edition mini action cam performed OK at 150' & housing didn't leak.  Due to it's squarer shape, it does not track as well as Contour cams.

5/29/13  Today's update is delayed until tomorrow. Future subject matter will be Lk. H Kings, Project X and Project XX.  Capturing video at 150' down.  Why TTR don't miss? Some tournament boats did OK last weekend out of Manistee fishing small pockets of Kings to 20 pounds and above.  We're just overrun trying to play catch-up from last week's tackle store orders.  Reasons behind getting the off-peak fish to pull the trigger.

5/28/13  Fished out of Manistee, MI this past Sunday.  Time frame was 3pm thru close to 5:45pm.  We did a 100% better then my last trip.  How? ...we caught a 7-8 lb. plump youngster King on a wire diver.  Aboard my boat this was the 1st fish to fall by the new 2013 BTI 10" flasher in the White Mamba pattern.  Click White Mamba King 
              New Super Snubber™ took a lot of hard bang-bang shock normally associated with wire divers performing flawlessly to design standards. Click TTR w/same fish
              Fishing is not EZ out of my home port of Manistee.  Know more then a few trailer boats that didn't pull a fish for 2 days of trying.  Look for fishing to improve out of this port when S wind pushes up some fish from Ludington & ports S later this week.
                  More about the reel story from Manistee, Mi tomorrow...

5/27/13  Please remember the true meaning of today.  From 5/18/1775 at Lexington Green thru present day Afghanistan we have heroes that gave everything for our country.
              Went cold turkey and went offline from last Friday night at 10pm thru this morning at 4am (54 hours).  This is the first time in 14 years I gave up the internet and it felt plain wonderful.  Reason behind my hiatus? ...just tired of being steam-rolled by highfalutin technology that invades nook and cranny of our personal life! 

5/25/13  Know boats are catching fish off Manistee and Onekama, MI with my flashers.
This is tournament tune-up weekend & delivered special requests to boats in this event.
              Gonna maintain a low profile and go into stealth mode.  Need to work on secret Projects X and XX this weekend.  Need to do preliminary water testing.  Stay tuned...

5/24/13  Have a great Memorial Day Weekend.  We made it thru hell week, cuz this is the time of the season when tackle stores stock up.  Capt. Chucks in Ludington and Tangled Tackle in Manistee, MI are being restocked today.  Both stores will son have the new Super Snubbers™ with bonus diver die cuts and a good selection of my 2013 lineup.

5/23/13  Memorial Day weekend forecast for Manistee, Mi is temps in the 60s.  Lk. MI is predicted to be on good behavior with seas around 1 foot.  That's the good part.
              The bad part is the N gale force winds happening today.  N blows do not improve fishing at central MI ports this early in the season.
              Spent a good part of yesterday tweaking design changes on secret Project X.  There's 5 people in the world that know about this project & you ain't one of them ...yet!

5/22/13  On tap is a great human interest story about a 5th grade class project raising a few hundred King, or Chinook to plant in Manistee, MI's Bear Creek.  Bear Creek is the one of the original birthplaces of our beloved Great Lakes Salmon back in 1966.
               Brethren, MI's Elementary School where this takes place.  Brethren is small town America on the N side of the Big Manistee River. Click rearing tank
               Raising these fish is great hands-on life lesson that covers everything from biology to economics.  I commend the Kaleva Norman Dixon school district for do so.

5/21/13  Ludington, MI's Loomis St. boat launch is being dredged & might not be ready for the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend.  Copeyon Park boat ramp on S. Washington Ave. in Ludington is useable.  Oh, by the way ...they are catching Kings at this port now!
               After a good month of waiting can report on how this Salmon season is taking shape.  Looks like a return to the big fish we had in 2011.  When over 20 pounders were common place in July, August & September.  Early indications is less Kings then 2012, but size will be up 4 to 5 pounds compared to 2012.  Click 2011 five Kings at 96 lbs.
               So far, another common thread for this year's Kings is meat and deep.  Hearing a lot of 150' to 240' down over out to 400' of water at central MI ports.  Can you fish this deep effectively?  It does require super braid on rigger reels & Stealth rigger cable.

5/20/13  Sweet, sour and optimism is today's main theme.  Manistee, MI did not offer easy gravy train fishing for the Tight Lines for Troops event held this past Saturday.
               Promising reports are finally filtering in on a much improved May Salmon fishery from S. Lk. MI.  At first glance it looks like we're about a month behind due to a cold April.
               Notice to Manistee, MI Mariners:  The white light in the lighthouse on the N pier is being changed to green by the USCG.  Remember: red, right, RETURN.  Meaning: Keep the red blinking on Manistee's S. pier light to the starboard side of your vessel UPON ENTERING the harbor.  Leaving the harbor opposite is true.

5/19/13  Good news from East Chicago, IN.  The Kings finally showed up and big is the word.  May Kings 18 to 22 pounds is what Tom M relayed to me about fleet results.
            His 5/18/13 catch was a pile Coho and some Kings to 18 lbs.  He ran a 100% dedicated meat program, as his pic clearly shows. Click Tom's big guy King
More tomorrow and a 5/18/13 Manistee, MI fishing report.

5/18/13  Manistee, MI's fleet will be out today in full force for their annual Tight Lines for Troops event.  This do is to honor all vets that's served in all branches of the military.  Stand by for fishing report when the dust has settled.

5/17/13  Today's featured pic kinda explains itself with a before and after add on Navionics Micro SD card/chip.  Enhanced detail and with safety navigation aids is what this optional chip brings to the table.  Click before & after navigation chip
              Still learning the ins and outs of the new 12" GPS/sonar I indulged myself with.  Neat fishing toys are more than worth it, cuz you only get one go-round in life.

5/16/13  Looking for the silver lining to slow start of Lk. MI spring King Salmon?  This year's population of spring Kings has not been touched by the fleet.  In turn, meaning there should more fish should be available as this season progresses.
              One reason for the slow start on the waters of my home port, Manistee, MI begins with a temp map lacking defined surface temperature breaks.  Sharp 10-12 degree vertical thermobars act like structure herding Trout, Salmon, & bait. Click temp chart
              Fall 2012 did not offer the easy no brainer catching like October 2011 did.  Suspect the fish moved offshore, or towards deeper waters 300' to 500' down.

5/15/13 Today's topic is the virtue of patience.  A mindset all fishermen need, but seldom have.  Take this season for instance that's off to a slow start at my home port of Manistee, MI.  Brown Trout, once a staple of Manistee's early season fishery should be put on the endangered species list.  The MDNR needs to fix this, cuz our April Brown Trout season has been on hard times for 10 years and we're all out of patience on this issue.
  Tomorrow ...likely reasons why Manistee's Salmon fishery has not materialized yet?

5/14/13  Planned topic of cartography has been semi put on hold until I install the Navionics Micro SD card on my new GPS/Sonar.  These add on charts are a miracle at adding overlaid detail to the plotter function on your GPS. Click Micro SD card
              Nuances that take years to learn are instant knowledge with contour depth lines for ports that have major structure.  You see the drop off, or rise in depth long before your boat reaches it.  Before & after pic cartography is in the works.

26 degrees at my place this morning.  Improving weather by mid-week is good news.  This means more boats fishing towards next weekend to gather reports from.
              As of midnight last night my web server was offline when this site is normally updated.  Offline status was fixed by 7am this morning.
              Working on a last half May webstore special.  Have a new original ground breaking product I hope to share with you very soon.  Byline for this secret new piece of tackle borrows from the TV series, Star Trek: "going where no man has gone before."
         Tomorrow's topic? ...cartography that instantly makes anyone a port expert!

5/12/13  Cool, rain, and snow is the conditions in Manistee County, MI.  Making this a good weekend to take care of pre-summer chores.  Not much from the fishing front yet.  When I hear some news you'll be the first to know.

5/11/11/13  Have a great weekend, because you deserve it!  It's no big secret Lk. MI spring Salmon have not been abundant around Manistee, Mi ...yet.  There's a trap here trying to use last year's results, as a guideline for this season.  Spring Kings off Manistee is towards later May, ...when we look at the long term history.  Even seen June offer a huge bonanza of feisty spring Salmon on the rampage off my home port of Manistee.
               Did some video/sound checks on my fishing trip this past Wednesday (5/8/13)& learned a bunch.  Quality live audio aboard is a lot harder than the video part.
               Click for photo of the beautiful Lk. MI conditions we had on 5/8/13.  

5/10/13  5/8/13 Manistee, MI port report is pretty uneventful, but did notice some reel facts.  Like, there was a pocket of 52 degree water on the surface 3 to 4 miles due W of port.  This water was stained a brown-green color.  Which explained the darker water drew heat from the sun and was a good 8 degrees warmer then the main body of Lk. MI.
               John J, Todd the Rod. and I had lines in the water from 9am thru 1pm and took nary a bite.  Depths fished was 30' to 160' down over 60' out to 330' of water.
               Today's featured pic 1 shows a 40 minute clean sonar screen with no marks. 
               Blue horizontal bars at 90', 110', & 160' down are the rigger balls going thru an area void of Mr. Fish. Click featured pic 2: 5/8/13 Mr. Skunk fish box
               Traditionally, Manistee's spring King Salmon fishery takes off later this month.  Your guess is as a good, as mine, ...as to when? Click empty sonar screen

5/9/13  Great time on the water yesterday out of the Port of Manistee, MI.  Seas were calm and weather was flat-out gorgeous.  Fishing like always, ...was reel-good, but you'll have to check back tomorrow for the straight skinny.  Click 5/8/13 fish box
            Only snafu was figuring out how to configure the new GPS/sonar into split screen and 50kz transducer mode.  Instruction-operators manual is mind-numbing 300 and some pages long.  New machine marks OK left on auto settings. Click sonar over 200 fow
             Work continues on Manistee's new fish cleaning station with the cement block walls being erected. Completion is slated for later July. Click to see what's done

5/8/13 In box and out box have been cleared up.  So, it's time take a morning off and go fishing.  I have no great expectations, because what I've heard about Manistee, MI's early season fishery taint all that promising.  I do know there's a day when fishing will improve, a day when it gets worse, and days where it stays the same.  Question is: what kind will today bring?  Focusing on video exposures at various depths will happen.

Reports I'm privy to, ...are random scattered Trout and Salmon action from Lk. MI's more southern ports.  No big numbers yet, but this spring is way behind last year. 
This I do know, Ludington's Brown Tout fishery has been a lot better than Manistee.
             Need to stop being a landlubber and get afloat soon.  Worked too many consecutive weekends not to make time for at least a morning off.  Working is good, because working makes money and things like new sonar/GPS possible.  But what good are new toys unless you have time to use them?  Time is a very valuable commodity.

5/6/13  Probably just like you, ...I'm eager to hear some good fishing reports.  With good fishing, the word tends to travel fast.  Slow fishing? ...not much is said.
            Finished the sonar-GPS install yesterday.  Still learning how to add detail from the micro-SD card, but at least the unit is working.  Click 12" GPS display screen
            Need to thank Todd the Rod for his expert help with the Sat-Sun electronics install job.  Todd is an excellent all-around gifted mechanic who's skills smoke mine.
            Today's featured photo shows what the Port of Manistee, MI looks like on a plotter.  Manistee is unique, because 2 major river systems empting into Manistee Lake. Then, this lake empties into Lk. MI via a channel that runs thru downtown under 2 drawbridges.  Manistee has a lot to offer, as the sport fleet already knows!

5/5/13  Hope to finish installing my new sonar-GPS system display today.  The un-fun part was yesterday disassembling the boat to run power and transducer cable.
             Features are severe technology overkill and shows how far behind the times with marine electronics I am.  I do not need: Horizontal Dilution of Position (HDOP), AIS, CHIRP, WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile aps, thermal camera, video in and out, Multiple data sources (MDS), SIRUS weather radio, ...etc.  Click 5/4/13 boat all torn up.
             I just want a machine that turns on, tells me where I am, shows depth, and marks fish.  Suffering from information overload ...is just not me!

5/4/13  Mounting a new GPS-sonar system today.  New electronics were installed when I purchased my boat in 2008.  After 5 years it's time for an upgrade.
             Installing electronics is the EZ part.  The difficulty factor comes in learning to operate the menus and how the pages function.  So, there'll be a lot of trial & error messing with the controls.  Should have D.I.M. (did it myself) photos for you tomorrow.

5/3/13  T.G.I.F!  Have fun this weekend,  Tomorrow's weather is supposed to be nice and the winds light.  What more could you ask for?

5/2/13  Word is Lk. MI has came up about 5 inches thus far and is predicted to rise another 3 inches this spring.  Counting inches? ...normally we wouldn't, but near record, or record low water makes every inch we get ...extremely important.
             There are marinas in Manistee, MI that have no boats in them until dredging happens.  Several boat ramps around my area are still unusable for the time being.

5/1/13  Today's tip is Spring Kings do not mark very well in cold water.  Fished Kings twice of Manistee during April of 2013.  Caught fish both times in 35-36 degree water 150' down on meat and had nary a mark on the sonar. 
            For some reason unbeknownst to me sonar in sub 40 degree water does not put marks on the screen like we're accustomed to seeing later in the year.
            I've heard it said, cold water fish don't have much of an air bladder for the sonar to bounce a signal off of.  I'm no sonar expert, but understand the principle.
Moral of today's reel-story?  Marks, or lack thereof has zero to do with what you catch!

4/30/13  If this recent warm weather doesn't make you feel like summer will soon be here? ...nothing will.  Good to see 60s and 70s finally grace Manistee, MI.
              Finalized the lineup for the new 2013 diver die cuts in 5 desirable colors.  Having tackle you can be confident in is part of the big picture. Click diver tape
              Look for action to pick up on Lk. MI with the onset of May.  Spring Salmon can offer some of the best action of the season, if you're in the right place, at the right time!

4/29/13  Here's a customer testimonial about the new 2013 Super Snubbers™:

"John, I fished a tournament today and got to thoroughly test out your new super snubbers. We caught a few lakers and the 18# king picture below on the wire dipsy. The wire rod took a beating when the fish hit and we would have lost him without the stretch in the snubbers."   ...Thanks Again, Bill C.

4/28/13  Found another "neat" way to use Leader Lockers™.  Solved a nagging problem of how to store multiple hook stickbaits ...securely.  Prior, I was using a cut off box that could/would spill and make a mess, or jab my paws trying to get out a lure.
              Leader Lockers are more than just for storing Meat Rigs®.  If it has hooks, then store it safely.  The cost of lures make this a wise move! Click stickbaits stored
              On 5/1/13, or this coming Wednesday the price on the multifunction Leader Lockers™ will go up 5 bucks from 24.95 to 29.95 and be worth every cent of the hike.

4/27/13  Taking today off.  Stomach flu has me laid low.

4/26/13  Safety on the Great Lakes is a full time job.  If you own a boat it's not a question if you're going to hit something, ...it's a question of when? 
              I've hit flotsam on Lakes Erie, Huron & MI during my long tenure, as a Great Lakes angler.  The point I'm trying to make is with rivers flowing at, or near flood there's going to be a lot of junk in the water.  I've seen floating trees, picnic tables, wooden cable spools, carpet etc.  So, be careful.  Careful is a lot cheaper and you'll live longer.

4/24/13  Posted a current satellite photo of Lk. MI.  Please note the amount of muddy water being dumped in at St. Joe & rivers northwards. Click Satellite view
              A few of our website members fished Lk. MI, and Lk. Huron last week.  For the most part everyone caught some fish.  The best catch numbers came from S Lk. Huron.
              Lost power yesterday around noon.  This outage will cause some shipping delays.  All backlogged of orders will be cleared up by tomorrow.
              Thanks to all for your response to the new Hyper Holo™ page at my webstore.  Counts and prices will be adjusted as needed once we get a better handle on the labor/time involved to custom cut every order.
Click for more info & pricing.

4/23/13  Mondays?  ...a curse in the business world.  If it's going happen and be bad, 90% of the time? ...it's Mondays.  I was greeted with a shop heater that wouldn't heat and promised important parts that were delayed.  Then, we got hit with a slew of orders.
              Major progress on my video efforts for 2013.  Used part of a camera tripod clamped to a rod holder on the hardtop.  Shot some test video & still photos tweaking the aim.  Presently, it's far from perfect, but on the right track. Click rod holder cam
              Reason behind getting video camera field of view dialed in precisely? ...this way video can prove the Super Snubbers™ mean stuck fish on diver hits.  It's one thing to make a claim.  It's another to prove what you're saying thru videos and pictures!

4/23/13  Mondays?  ...the curse in the business world.  If it's going happen and be bad, 90% of the time? ...it's Mondays.  I was greeted with a shop heater that wouldn't heat and promised important parts that were delayed.  Then, we got hit with a slew of orders.
             Major progress on my video efforts for 2013.  Used part of a camera tripod clamped to a rod holder on the hardtop.  Shot some test video & still photos tweaking the aim.  Presently, it's far from perfect, but on the right track. Click rod holder cam

4/22/13  Yesterday worked on creating a better sound system for onboard video system.  Live sound is part of any video and makes editing faster.  Alternative is to narrate/voice-over the action.  That sounds a lot easier than it is.
             Predicted wind forecast is not all that great for Manistee, MI.  First sign of improvement? ...I will be back out to test onboard video/sound system modifications.
            Hope to have a good handle on the GoPro cameras before the end of May.  There is a steep learning curve that needs to be conquered.

4/21/13  Built & installed a new page for my webstore at: www.michiganangler.com
Die cut tape is now being offered for 12" flashers, meat heads, divers, & all major brands of spoons.  Need a tape display photo for the spoon die cut part before I can call it done.
             This page will not be available in July and August.  No special orders accepted!
             More than earned my next day off to go fishing with nose to the grindstone yesterday.  Doing shopping cart technology code eats up massive amounts of time.  Developing new pages for the webstore is the least favorite thing I do!
Click die cuts
             OK, now for the happy stuff.  Today's plan is to mount a new video camera placement on the hardtop of my boat.  This should be a major improvement.

4/20/13  Today is making a new mount from my overhead GoPro mini video recorder.  Lens on the Hero 3 Black Edition is too wide at close to 180 degree coverage.  This cam was mounted on the rocket launcher between the rod holders. 
               You can plainly see the rod holders on both sides of the camcorder.  This needs to be fixed before my next trip.  Click GoPro video cam pic
                There are field of view settings that will narrow the frame width once you figure out the miracle to press the buttons in the right order when paging thru the menu.
               GoPro Hero 3 review:  captures HD 1080i video and does an OK job.  However, videos need an audio track and sound capture on the Hero 3 is junk.  Battery life is an hour to the outside when you're shooting video.  Standby mode is longer.  In my opinion these cameras are way-way overhyped and I'm not satisfied with their performance.
               Seen the GoPro cameras on the Discovery Channel's Gold Rush Show. 
               Then came to realize these might not be not stock cameras, but highly modified versions with special lenses.  Or, extremely costly video editing software that can un-skew the annoying fisheye bubble effect.

4/19/13  Started off the 2013 season with a Brown Trout doubleheader out of the Port of Manistee, MI this past Wednesday.  "Todd the Rod" and I fished from about 9am thru 1pm on what's best described, ...as mostly a sea trial for the boat & video equipment.
              We took a 2fer at 11:30am, then added another one shortly thereafter.
              Water temp on the beach was 40-41 degrees with a light chop from the NW that built as the morning wore on.  Click Todd the Rod with our 4/17/13 double
              Close to the harbor there are water clarity issues that looks like diluted tea and milk.  This murky water was pushed further N.  S looked a little bit better, but this water was carrying a grey silty tint. We pulled stick baits at 2-3 mph.
              Relearned how hard/dense cold 40 degree water is when we smacked a wave hard on the way back to the harbor.  It was like pounding the boat thru a concrete wall.  Cold water is a ton thicker and does not move like warmer 70 degree summer water does.
              Needless to say, safety is a ultimate must when fishing frigid water conditions. Hypothermia can set in fast in cold water.  Long-long before anyone can rescue you.
             Tomorrow will focus on my 1st experiences with GoPro video recorders.

4/18/13  Good news for those concerned about launching their boats out of Manistee, MI.  The 1st Street launch is fine.  At the end of the concrete (where the ramp ends) there was 5' of water on the west docks.  There was no sharp drop-off.  Maybe, 5 inches or less where the concrete transitions into gravel.  Click dock and deeper dock
              In today's featured pic you can see the difference on 3/30/13 to yesterday with the dock being noticeably deeper.  Manistee has a world class boat ramp.  Above all, this city knows how to take care of their fishermen!
              Oh, just about forgot to talk about our fishing trip.  Guess you'll have to tune in tomorrow to see how we did.  Relearned important lessons that will be shared too.

4/17/13  Today is a special holiday for senior citizens over 66 years old and caught their first Salmon on 10/1/1968.  Anyone who fits the above criteria has the day off!
         So, not wanting to be a rule breaker ...I must take today off to go fishing!

4/16/13  If all goes according to plan? ...first Lk. MI trip from my homeport of Manistee, Mi will happen soon.  Rods all have new 15# test string, shoreline lures are aboard, and all that's left now ...is stowing the gear.  Click boat almost ready
             This is my 45th season fishing the Great Lakes. And you know what? ...my anticipation level has not diminished one iota.  What will the 2013 season bring?  Don't have the slightest clue, but it will be big fun finding out.

4/15/13  Shipping our first bonus/free Hyper Holo™ silver die cuts for divers today.  Every Super Snubber comes with free silver die cut lure tape until the end of this month.
               Need to do a short You Tube instructional video on how to lineup lure tape the EZ way.  This will be accomplished in the near future when time allows.
               Came up with a way for our Leader Locker™ inserts to hold spoons.  Peg with a paper clip and you can get 25 spoons on one card.  Securing spoons helps tone down paint chipping on the edges that leads to the finish peeling off. Click more info

4/14/14  Added 2 new requested products to my webstore.  Harness Lockers with 3 inserts to securely store lots of crawler harnesses for 29.95. 
              You can purchase hard foam inserts less the case.  Inserts go for 7.95 apiece in any number you want.  Insert dimensions are: 7.5" by 13".
              Bonus Hyper Holo™ silver Diver Decorators come with every Super Snubber™ purchased.  This is a win-win.  You get the best snubber available and precision die cuts to dress up Dipseys, or Slide Divers. Click to order Super Snubbers™

4/13/13  Last year, 2012 my first trip for Kings out of Manistee, MI was on 4/25/12.  We caught 5 down deep.  Like 150' to 120' making this the first time I ever fished meat this early for Salmon at my home port. Click 4/25/12 box of Kings
              These deep Kings were more interested in non-glow G2 Green SUV flashers aboard my boat.  Glow comes into it's own as the season progresses. 
               I suspect last year was an anomaly due the 2012 warm March.  Normally, we don't see much Manistee King action until mid to later May.

4/12/13  Wet, soggy and cold is the deal for Manistee County, MI.  Wet is good, cuz Lk. MI needs every drop it can get.  Next week at least we'll be in the mid 40s.
               Here's a recent product testimonial to close out this week:
"I recently received the new snubbers in red and green. I am very pleased with them, they are the highest quality snubbers I have seen. You have made an advancement in snubber technology and I look forward to using them should the weather ever warm enough to get out on the lake this year." ....John from Manistee MI
               Due to high volume my Super Snubbers™ there will be no price hike for rest of this season.  Plan was for a dollar hike, but strong demand trumped the increase.

4/11/13  Today's topic focuses on Diver Decorators.  Took an old beat-up plated diver and installed my Hyper Holo™ silver lure tape on it. Click Hyper Holo™ diver Part II
              Today's photo shows the reel-dramatic improvement.  21st century offers up the world on a silver platter with tackle options that exceed my dreams about this fishery when I started back in 1968.  Recycling old into better than new condition is smart.

4/10/13  Today's featured Hyper Holo™ Kevorkian diver pic is going to be in the eye of the beholder.  Some will swear by arts and crafts (decoration), others will swear at it.
               Made master dies to cut diver tape and might add this as a product to the webstore in the future.  Please note the upright fin on the diver has tape on it too.
               WTP's 820 laser and 830 crushed glow are likely candidates if, or when I add  custom die-cut lure tape my webstore.  Click Hyper Holo™ Diver Decorators
               Thinking of adding a poll to see if the public is ready for custom die-cut Hyper Holo™ and glow tape for divers and the major brands of spoons.
               Installing batteries in my boat project got put on hold due to a rainy-damp-chilly 42 degrees for yesterday's blazing high temp.  With not much relief insight for better temperatures until next week? ....I'm definitely not in big hurry to splash my boat.
          Besides, short term wind and wave forecast doesn't look that good either.

4/9/13  Reserving this afternoon to prep my boat.  Too much work and not enough play is not good for anybody.  Latest word on Manistee, MI's inshore fishery is maybe 2 bites a boat and one fish ...if you're lucky?  For being about 3 weeks into spring ...weather is pitiful!
             Daily high temperatures are 10 to 15 degrees below the norm.  Snow is predicted for tomorrow.  Long range outlook for next week is a little better, but not by much.

4/8/13  The words Meat Rig® were never strung together until I did it 2003/2004 and sold tackle under the name of Meat Rigs®.  I did not copy other manufacturers intellectual property to name was I was selling, or talking about.  My competition seems to have forgot who came up with these words.  Meat Rig® is NOT a generic term free for the world to use.  Meat Rig® is my registered trademark sanctioned by Government of the USA.  Click for proof
                                       More on this story tomorrow.....

4/7/13  Video update on how to use our 2013 Leader Lockers™

4/6/13  Big news coming Monday on how I am now fully protecting my intellectual properties.  Far too many competitors selling tackle ...are stealing words I created without even asking.  Then, acting like it's business as normal?
             Beware of companies calling themselves manufacturers.  In truth, most are buying components, or just rebranding tackle from desperate manufacturers willing to hitch a ride on my coattails.  Where are their videos?  Where are their written articles?
             We make our flashers & meat heads in MI, USA and buy supplies from companies making their products in the USA.  Mostly, all are from Great Lakes States.

4/5/13  Jockeyed vehicles around in my storage barn to move my boat into ready position for 2013.  Now comes the "to do" list so nothing gets overlooked and I mean nothing.  Looks like next week I will be ready to hit Lk. MI's shoreline off the Port of Manistee, MI.  What will our target specie be? ...anything that will bend a rod!
             Our maiden voyage will depend on how the weather cooperates.  Lots of new video equipment to test and get comfortable with.  Click boat out of the barn

4/4/13  Probably one the easiest things to forget before your first big lake trip of the season is your fishing license.  In the rush to ready a boat things can be overlooked.
             Buying an MDNR online fishing license is a piece of cake.  Have your drivers license in hand with a credit card and you're good to go. Click my senior license
             My senior all species fishing license for 11 bucks is the biggest bargain in this universe.  Even when I paid full price pushing 30 bucks? ...it's still a super reel-deal for the hours of enjoyment offered in the 2013 season. Click for MI online licenses
              When online licenses are folded up, they're about the size of a credit card.  Just make extra copies when you print out your license & receipt.  Keep an extra copy on your boat.   
Make sure you have ink and paper in the printer and it's a done deal!

4/3/13  Low temp for last night at my place in Manistee County, MI was 19 degrees. March 2013 average temps were below average probably by a good 10 degrees.
            Thus far, April 2013 shows no signs of being much better until next week.
            This extended cold snap has my big lake season delayed.  Reason?  ...very cold night-time temperatures says keeping my boat winterized makes more sense.  Sure, you can drop a trouble light in the bilge to keep the motor from freezing.  But why risk it?
             Fished extreme weather when I was in the charter business for 20 years and have no yearning to brave cold weather ...when there's no need to!
                     Tomorrow? ...purchasing 2013 MI fishing licenses online.

4/2/13  The City of Manistee, MI caters to the trailer boat sport fishing fleet.  I know of no port on the Great Lakes where you can launch, or retrieve 14 boats at a time.
             The city launch is located on prime real estate close to the beach of Lk. MI.  It takes about 5 minutes, or less to reach Lk. MI once your boat leaves the launching ramp.
              The City of Manistee retains most of the ownership of the S side of the river channel.  While there are marinas on this S side of this channel, the city does this by leasing their waterfront rights back to the private marinas.
              Manistee knows how important your sport fishing dollars are and will have their new fish cleaning facility up and running for primetime summer Salmon season.

4/1/13  Manistee, MI's fish cleaning station has been torn down.  New redesigned fish cleaning station is slated to open on 7/1/13.  This is well in advance of when the fleet arrives for summer Salmon in later July and August. Click old fish cleaning station
             Water level at Manistee's boat launch is low and care must be given when launching, or retrieving.  Water level to me looked a lot like when I last used this ramp during the first part of October 2012.

3/31/13  Thanks to everyone who placed an order during my special preseason sale that ends tomorrow (4/1/13) at midnight.
               Story about conditions at Manistee, MI's boat launch and the new fish cleaning station construction tomorrow.  Manistee treats their fleet first-rate!

3/30/13  Reserved this afternoon for something very important.  That being putting the batteries back in my boat for the 2013 season. 
              Predicted high today is supposed to hit 54 degrees in Manistee County. MI.  This week we lost a lot of snow cover and it looks like we will have a spring after all.
              Thanks to all who have purchased tackle in my preseason sale thus far.  This sale will end on midnight 4/1/13.  There will be some price increases for the 2013 season on 4/2/13.  So, procrastinators this is your last chance to purchase at lowball prices!

3/29/13  Whew ...what  a week!  With Herculean efforts we cleared up the backlog for Leader Lockers that goes back to February preorders.  All orders have been shipped!
               Preseason sale got extended by about 10 days, because Leader Lockers were slow coming into full product stage, ...in-hand ready to ship. Click Leader Lockers
               This weekend hope to get video footage video about the Leader Lockers.  Been using these since 2008 and have some enlightening wisdom to share.

3/28/13  Current preseason sale has been extended thru 4/1/13.  Special offer lowball 2004 pricing will be going up on 4/2/13.  New 2013 Leader Lockers will increase from 24.95 to 29.95 on that date too and ...be worth every penny of it!
               If you liked yesterday's Mamba-ized rigger weight photo? ...now, there's a trio of 3 Mamba weights ready to go wet in 2013.  Will this help catch rates? ...don't know? 
              Do know I've caught at, or over 30,000 Trout & Salmon from the Great Lakes with plain-Jane lead balls going back to 1968.  Click trio of fancy Mamba weights
              Good news!  We're finally shipping Leader Lockers today.  Hope have the backlog completely caught up by tomorrow.  Many thanks for your patience.

3/27/13  Title of today's featured pic is, frustrated fisherman.  Maybe, you share this same malady waiting on the big lake fishing season to begin?  Too much thinking and a little extra free time led me to Mamba-ize my rigger weights used for shooting video.
               Hyper holo tape on rigger weights with Mamba spots might be a little overkill,  but it sure is eye catching for this frustrated fisherman. Click Mamba-ized weights!

3/26/13  Renamed the formerly Meat Rig Cases to: Leader Lockers, because that's exactly what they are.  Our 2013 Leader Lockers secure and organize meat rig strings and trolling flies like nothing else.  I've been using them since 2008 and know how durable the Plano Pro Latch boxes are.  That's 6 seasons of hard usage with zero issues.
              White vinyl lettering is to cut down on the sun heating up the dark colored inserts while still offering a peek-a-boo see thru effect. 
              On sale until 3/31/13 for 24.95. What does the 24.95 sale price buy?  Peace of mind, protection and organization for 24 meat rigs, crawler harnesses, or trolling flies for many, many seasons! Click to purchase 2013 Leader Lockers
  Will be shipping Leader Lockers very soon.  Plano shipped the Pro Latch boxes last Friday.  So, our truck shipment should arrive today, or at the latest ...tomorrow.

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