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Steelhead and Salmon fishing on the Big Manistee River with


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Capt. Jay 12/5/03

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Steelhead & Salmon Information
Manistee River 

Fall and Winter Steelheading is a personal favorite with Kings Charter.  For the most part the crowds have gone home and we'll have the river to ourselves. Although, the weather can be cold please keep in mind that I have a completely enclosed custom built Jet Boat that is heated.  We won't freeze, believe me!  This trip is a hands on experience.  By the time we get to the second hole you'll be setting rods and running the show like a seasoned veteran. 

My job is to handle and maneuver the boat, yours is to handle the rods and "grab that fish".  When a Steelhead strikes on your rod you'll think he's trying to tear the side of the boat off.  Steelhead are to fresh water what Bonefish are to Salt Water by many. (Game Fish Supreme!). 

Hey, I just about forgot to mention the great leaping ability of this outstanding gamefish that migrates to the Big Manistee River.  Dollar for Dollar this is the best value in a hands on fishing trip.  If you haven't caught one yet I'll guarantee you'll be impressed at the beauty and sheer strength of these gamesters.  This is an wonderful angling opportunity to sample the best that Michigan offers.

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The 18 ft. Heated River Boat 

While Capt. Jay been known to use Flies and Spawn to catch these leaping beauties of the North Country he likes using Plugs (Crank baits) or pushing plugs the best.  Besides, they will constantly produce bigger fish and they're the easiest to use in cold weather. Let alone the "Slam Dunk Hits" this method is known for.  If you decide to book one of these adventures we'll be happy to see you onboard soon.

News Flash!

After 18 seasons of river guiding it was time for me to turn over the reins to Capt. Jay Frolenko.  He has purchased the riverboat end of my charter business. I fully indorse him and his fish catching skills.  I have fished with Capt. Jay and know he has a firm grasp on all areas of river guiding.  He has many years of experience on the Big Manistee and started fishing the St. Joe River about 20 years ago.  There's no shortage of expertise when fish with Jay.  We can handle your reservation and I'm sure you'll get a 200% effort to make sure you have an enjoyable outing and catch fish!  Even better, he'll accept some weekend bookings and will be running September events geared toward the world-famous run of King Salmon in the Big Manistee River....Capt. John King

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Microtel Inn & Suites
Manistee, Michigan
Offers Special Room Rates 
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 2 Queen Beds               Spacious Rooms                          Lobby                         Check In Desk

Your room with 2 Queen Sized Beds at the Microtel Inn, is located at the corner of M55 and U.S. 31 just 2 miles north of Manistee.  
Call (888) 771-7171 or (231) 398-0008 
for your reservations
 The rate can be as low as $45 a night plus tax  
for 2 persons in the Off-Season  (Oct. thru April).

This is a Super Bargain for Quality Accommodations!!
Free continental breakfast, non smoking rooms, suites with refrigerators and microwaves,  computer hook ups with desk space, mattresses are chiropractic approved
The Microtel Inn is Manistee's newest lodging provider with 83 guest rooms & suites