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SR1979_Alterantor_Rear.jpg (49394 bytes)
Rear Alternator

SR1979_Cable_Steering.jpg (49856 bytes)
Removed steering
SR1979_Stern_View.jpg (81593 bytes)
Stern View

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6/10/07 Going to swap tackle for a new 100 amp Troll Master Alternator.  These custom alternators are bullet proof and provided extra juice over the stock 40 amp system.  That's the reason the rear of the alternator was photograph.  Mike who builds the Troll Master requested this picture, so he could build me the right one.  
       Picked up 3rd rigger from Capt. Chucks in Ludington, along with some bird rod holders and 2 Big Jon FR423 diver rod holders. I purchased 2 BJs off our message board for around 700 new in the box.  This boat will have a recommended 3 rigger spread.  3 rigger will give me 16' of spread and an eight foot separation between the riggers

6/11/07  Installed SS steel bird poles, rebuilt the existing rod rack on the hardtop with SS steel.  Cut wedge to anchor kicker control box more securely.  Washed the headliner under the hardtop, cleaned up like almost new condition.  Re-did safety chains from trailer to truck.  Cleaned the interior windows.  Remounted fish box carrier on the transom with thru SS bolts with a thorough caulk job.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, if
my new hydraulic helm steering pump and hoses arrive soon.

SR1979_Base_Bird_Holder.jpg (45625 bytes)
SR1979_Starboard_Bird_Holder.jpg (61109 bytes)
Bird Holder
SR1979_Hydraulic_Helm.jpg (44624 bytes)
Sea Star 1.7
Traditional Tilt 
Hydraulic helm

6/12/07  Worked on bird holders.  UPS brought me my new Sea Star Hydraulic helm.
I'll be working on installing that (requires a new, bigger dash board hole).  Pulled off all
the power steering crap, like the power steering pump and the hoses that led back to the Mercruiser power assist mechanism that was not going to work in my application.  I want my small boat to fish like a small boat on Manistee Lake this October/November and perform like my former Cherokee in open, big water conditions.  That's why I'm so fussy about the steering system.  The good thing is? will be trouble free for many years and be a whack and stack machine, no matter what body of water this boat fishes!

6/14/07  Plan is to mount the rear hydraulic piston/cylinder to drive the tiller arm of the Mercruiser outdrive.  Prime the helm and have all steering issues behind me.  Next will be mounting the rigger board, down riggers and rod holders.  Need to trim 1 1/2" of the hardtop rod holder setup.  Mounted the control box (shift & throttle) for the kicker in it's final position after careful thought.

6/15/07  Run the hydraulic lines and connected the rear steer cylinder.  Bled the air out the lines, much like brakes on your auto.  This boat now steers with one finger with the main engine turned off.  Even transferring steering from the outdrive to the kicker is totally unforced and one finger will do the job!

SR1979_Stern_View.jpg (67147 bytes)
Side View
SR1979_Straight_Stern_View.jpg (81132 bytes)
Stern View
SR1979_Hyd_Helm_Controls.jpg (62380 bytes)
New Helm

SR1979_Transducer.jpg (32817 bytes)
New Transducer

6/16/07  Completed/installed the rigger board, riggers, extra rod holders, bird rod holders, and a 8 rod holder hardtop mounted rocket launcher.  Semi got the idea of how to lay out my new electronics for fingertip access.  I purchased a Lowrance X515c DF for sonar & the matching 5200c GPS.  I'm no fan of combo units, but understand many do not have the dashboard room.  Having a separate units, means "if and when" one needs to go to the electronics hospital, you're not out of totally out of business.  I was hesitant to go with Lowrance (because of past poor designs), but I heard Simrad was involved with them now.  Simrad makes good stuff.  Still lots to do, but I'm on the downhill side of this project.  This is the time when all the work seems more than worth it and this vessel is starting to stand tall!

6/17/07  Today just installed the new transducer from the Lowrance X515c DF.  The new sonar going on Project Sea Ray 1979 is what I'd call mid level (under 500 dollars).  While it has all the features of more expensive, this unit only has a 5" diagonal screen.  With a smaller view screen it is essential this unit be place in an easy to see place....and from all angles.  For an additional 12 bucks I ordered 2 swivel mounts from  The extra one will go underneath for Global Map 5200c GPS unit (under 500 dollars too).  Being able to turn these will help everyone on board.  Was going to go overhead, off the hardtop, or I might have to build a special adaptive platform to keep the electronics in the plainest view.

SR1979_Electronics_005.jpg (34355 bytes)
Global 5200c GPS
SR1979_Electronics_X515c_DF.jpg (40745 bytes)
X515c DF

SR1979_Electronics_Dashboard.jpg (72543 bytes)
View from seat

6/20/07  Worked on laying out and installing the new electronics package for Project SR 1979.  The helm is now complete with easy to read and operate sonar and GPS.  I had to plate the top of the control panel with a 7 by 24 inch piece of 3/4" plywood for best viewing angles.  Also, I installed swivel bases (6 bucks each) for being able to turn and view the electronics with the situation warrants.  Whew, the electronics are finally done!

6/21/07  Replaced the power trim/tilt pump that was giving me problems.  Screwed the center section of the floor down.  Put the refrigerator door back on.  The floor and fridge door had to be removed for inspection the fuel lines and an added fuel shut off switch at the outlet of the gas tank.  Tomorrow morning, I have some loose electronic GPS & sonar wires that need attending to, then we're going to splash Project SR 1979 in Manistee Lake it's first sea trial.  Should be done with most everything and be fishing during the last week of June.

6/23/07  Installed the new rear upper panels underneath the transom/rigger area.  Thru bolted the bird holder rack, so under heavy strain the 7/8 SS rod will not turn.  Ran the new wiring for updated  electronics in shipshape fashion.  Wired the downriggers with inline fuses at the battery even though there's a 6 amp circuit breaker on Big Jon Juniors.

SR_1979_Stern_Before.jpg (38802 bytes)
Transom Before

SR_1979_Rear_Deck.jpg (71251 bytes)
Transom After

SR_1979_Transom_Finished_.jpg (39706 bytes)
Transom Done

SR_1979_Planed_Out_003.jpg (43179 bytes)
First Sea Trial

6/24/07  Project SR 1979 got wet today, as this boat underwent it's first sea trail on Manistee Lake in Stronach, MI.  I did find some things wrong that are in need of fixing before I fish this boat.  Mainly, the blower switch fuse holder to evacuate fumes in the engine compartment needs replacing above all else!  15 hp four stroke was quiet and performed up to expectations  Hydraulic steering I installed worked like a dream, this was an unproven expensive upgrade.  Biggest problem was getting the GPS figured out.  Like all overdone electronics nowadays, it has far more features than I'll ever use.  Ran the  Lowrance X515c DF sonar unit in 50 KHZ and the Eagle sonar that came with the boat on 200 KHZ and had no interference problems.  The boat tops out at 32 mph around 4000 rpms, which is good for an extreme deep vee hull.  No hull in the 22' range that is presently made is cut this hard and that's one of the reason I chose this vessel.
The motor box goes to Dick Boyajian for an upholstery job tomorrow.

6/29/07  Got caught up in a rush of orders this week and hadn't had much time to complete Project SR 1979 until today.  Installed the finished new motor box and tied up all the loose ends in the transom area.  Basically, this boat is almost hit to hit the drink in quest of some Mr. Kings.  Need to pack the boat with tackle and that began this evening.  Have some work to do on rigging up a temporary planer board tag line to get me by until the budget allows for BJ electric planer board reels.  In the future, the plan is to share what I have in this boat.  Showing you where each dollar went, and on what.  Pretty sure the next update will be showing you at least one fish!
       This fall when the tackle business is slow, the carpeting has to go.  I have two ways to go and both offer a heck of a lot better alternatives then stinky old nasty fish smelling rug.  Roll-on pickup bed liner will probably be used.

6/30/07  Put in a long day just organizing the boat so it's 1000% ready to get with the program.  Filled the onboard fresh water and ran the refrigerator for the first time.  Plugged in shore power to this vessel with an adaptor for normal sockets.  Everything has checked out A-O-K so far.  Tomorrow is the true test when we attempt to fish this boat for the first time.  
      This needs to be said, I went thru normal channels to buys things just like you, as I didn't call any markers in like I could have.  This way and honest evaluation of the riggers, electronics and all products is possible.  Kinda hard to step on someone's toes when they give you stuff!

SR_1979_Finsihed_Photos_002.jpg (71049 bytes)
Business End
SR_1979_Finsihed_Helm.jpg (58662 bytes)
SR_1979_Vee_Berth_001.jpg (40686 bytes)
Vee Berth 

Before July this project will complete it's refit history and begin to writing a new book on what a resurrected older boat can do on our Great Lakes.  I've enjoyed sharing this running commentary with you immensely.  Taking an older boat in need of updates has been a sheer pleasure.  Rigging a boat to your personal whims is one of the best things about our style of fishing!

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