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Manistee, Michigan home of some of the largest salmon in the State.  Aka, also known as the

Lk. Michigan's Bad Boys of Summer

Let's get ready to rumble!

  with the
"Wild Things"

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Click here for Aug. results in 2000.  We prove what others claim!  No brag, just fact!

June into early July means OFFSHORE Steelhead Fishing and lots of 'em if conditions are right.  This is a surface fishery with most Steelhead and Salmon hitting in the top 30' of water.  We will be trolling deep water and I mean Deep! (up to 800').   Manistee is considered to be a top notch Port for this exciting fishery.  If Lake Michigan sets up right with vertical thermo bars, doubles and triples are "no big deal" on the acrobatic mean spirited fish called Steelhead.  This can be a wack'em and stack'em charter adventure and its continues well into Mid-July depending how fast the lake warms up.  This beyond any doubt is a............ 

 "Fresh Water Adventure on the Great Lakes"  

From July 15th through September 15th means Adult King (Chinook) and Coho Salmon.  This is what pushes the Port of Manistee to the forefront of Michigan's Salmon Fishery, no brag just fact!  There is no other Salmon Port in our State that registers more Master Angler King (Chinook) Salmon than we do here in Manistee county.  If anyone says differently, they're trying to feed you a "bill of goods," and gain your confidence with a mis-truth.  Manistee means giant Chinook, or King Salmon that abound in the waters off our port.............reel fact!

30 pound plus Trophy Kings are not out of the realm of possibility.  Come prepared to deal with the hardest pulling and fighting game fish Michigan has to offer (we've got a rod harness for you if needed)!  You can figure about a pound a minute to land these Nasty Bad Boys.  A 25 pounder can take about 25 minutes to land with 30 pound test monofilament line on a good stout Rod.  Plus in 2002 we had many limit catches.  Incidentally, we still do boat Coho's (past 17 pounds in 1999), Brown Trout, Steelhead and Lake Trout at this time also.  If you plan on carrying the cooler off the boat by yourself when we're done fishing on a "Full Day Trip", you'd better start eating your Wheaties now.

Manistee Produces Big Fish Consistently!

Not enough can be said about the Port of Manistee in the summer.  This is the finest fishing Michigan has to offer for giant King or Chinook Salmon.  In fact 50% to 70% of ALL the Master Angler Kings (Chinooks) are registered in only one place....Manistee County!!  A none believer?  Just check with Michigan's DNR for the results for the past 5 years about where the Big Kings really do reside.  In the past my Charter Guests have landed several Monster Kings exceeding the magic 30 pound mark.  Be sure to check out the Photo Gallery because one picture can be worth more than a thousand words.

If you're planning to fish the waters off Manistee be sure to book early enough to secure to date of you choice.   Charters from past loyal fisherman of Kings Charter Service keep the schedule full and open dates can be hard to come by.  From July 15th thru Labor Day weekend only full day charters are generally accepted.  Besides, you get more value for your fishing dollar when you chose a full day trip, I'm sure you've heard this one; "more bang for your buck"  Also, I'm holding the current rates even though Marina gas is over .60 cents a gallon more than pump prices and my 28' Cherokee gets 1.1 miles to the gallon to and from the fishing grounds.

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