Strip Teazers™ Reel-Proof
Injection molded soft plastic replacement herring strips
Production infused with 100% pure herring scent
2/5/21 by Capt. John King

Fish Wish - Fulfilled

This is as real, as reel action can get.  You see a historical event on my boat, a 1979 22' Sea Ray with the first ever King Salmon deciding our new Rip Teazer in the  XG-Green Glow color was too good to pass up.  This is a low-light evening 9:00pm fish battle royal that 100% categorically confirmed my brain child dawned a new age for the Great Lakes fleet.  This King came 100' down over 200' of water and hit a 10" BTI FireDot/Sparkler 2 Fly meat rig™ at approx. 2 mph.

Reel Proof

This video can be viewed at full HD 1080.  Click full screen, then gear/setting options, click resolution: 1080

August 13th, 2020 

I'm not over promising with this title.  Our foe jumped all over the starboard rigger like stink on dog doo.  Mr. King was bad juju from the git when it ran sideways under the starboard diver.  Then, it got worse from there.  This nasty boy 25 lb. King earned every bit of his nickname with a surprise ending any devoted big water Salmon fisherman will appreciate.  

Even if you do everything right? ...the explosive power King Salmon have at any given time, can and will, ...bust you up.  I just hope we don't run into any of this fish's same family linage in the reel-future ever again.   You can't script the nightmare scenario this villain presented.  All of this rooted in the absolute necessity to showcase full-sun mid-morning fish that ate 1 of 2 Strip Teazers while the 2 Green Label from frozen herring combos rode.  Mission accomplished!

This is a Murphy's Law video.  Proving, if it can go wrong? will!  Not my finest effort as a big water fisherman dealing with the Mike Tyson of Lake Michigan Kings that made us look like dummies.  End result was OK.  Getting there was not!

Mid-Morning Mayhem   (POV)

This video can be viewed at full HD 1080.  Click full screen, then gear/setting options, click resolution: 1080

This Ending Can Be Your Beginning

This is the last page of 6 new works.  It needs to be said, everything you've seen, or read came from my production team of one.  Being me.  These videos and articles are my best effort in the China pandemic, as a solo act.  Left no stone unturned.  Covered all the bases explaining what Rip Teazers are and how they work.  This pandemic has been a double edged sword when bringing in outside help into my home based shop is some where between foolish and downright dangerous.  But the economic slow down allowed for extra time for a complete and most thorough product roll-out since we started in the tackle business in 2004.  I do enjoy creating digital media and designing original 21st century tackle.  Hope you enjoy it too for many seasons!

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