April, May & June 2016

Spring Coho HRP 4.0
4/18/16 Manistee

Steelhead Gold Crush 4.0
5/9/16 Manistee, MI

King Salmon 4.0 HRP
6/4/16 E Chicago, IN

King & Laker
6/12/16 Kewaunee, WI

Archived Daily Log from 2016

6/30/16  This is the weekend of Manistee, MI's National Forrest Festival and avoid using the 1st Street boat launch that will be jammed up with carnival rides.  Leaving little to no room to park for those with a boat trailer attached to their vehicle.
              Manistee has been holding this long running festival for about 80 years.  There's lots of activities, including fireworks.  Click for schedule and more info

6/29/16  Need to retract yesterday's commentary about what MDNR Scott Heintzelman was "supposed" to have said.  Seems my "source," ...a well known sport fisherman in Manistee (who I've saved from major embarrassment) got it wrong!
               Scott H. called me to set the record straight and earned my respect for doing so.  He is in favor of the planned cut in King Salmon plants to build up further year classes of alewives.  So, now, it's up to history to prove this right, or wrong.
               This is maybe the 3rd, or 4th time in 16 years I've had to backtrack on news, or info supplied here.  Misinformation is a bunch worse than no information!

6/28/16  Yesterday's pic of the day, "Mound of Bait" led to today's featured photo of a plus 20 pound Lk. MI King Salmon caught not too far from Chicago, IL. 
               Seeing filled-out girthy large adult Kings like this kind of blows holes in the theory Lk. MI Kings are having a hard time finding a meal.  Click 6/27/16 Lk. MI 21# King
               Concerning future MI King Plants: "MDNR's Scott Heintzelman on 6/19 talked about the proposed further cut of 61% this fall.  He told me this was only a proposal and that we have a chance to stop these cuts. If we, the angling public, bitch enough & come up with evidence like my 16.3 average weight and photos of alewife schools in the lake and harbors.  He told me that if we make enough noise he feels it will make a difference.  I hope you will help get the word out through your website."  Sent in from anon.
               Look at the above as smoke and mirrors from a government organization that has lost the fishing public's trust with all time low disapproval ratings.  Worst part is there's no "we the people" system in place to remove failed MDNR hierarchy from office.  If there was?  MDNR Fishery Chief, Jim Dexter ...he'd have been voted off the island a long time ago.

6/27/16  Southern Lk. MI has bait, as today's featured photo proves.  Here's what my contact for this area said, "The bait is thick on this end of the lake more than I've seen in the last two years anyway this is from this morning." Tom M.  Click 6/26/16 bait
               I've yet to see any bait off my home port of Manistee, MI once every 7 to 10 days when I get a chance to off the dock ...for a few hours.  But that doesn't mean bait isn't off Manistee.  I'm not qualified, or an authority for Manistee's baitfish population.  At one time, when I fished as a charter skipper, had a better handle on what's going on.
               Point is? ...the MDNR is looking at another massive devastating reduction in the Chinook/King Salmon plant saying there's not enough bait.
               The MDNR flat-out lied/miscalculated natural reproduction for my area when they agreed with other Lk. MI states to accept a larger % cut in stocking levels.
               Firm science should dictate stocking levels, not based on estimations, or opinions!  The DNR was wrong about natural reproduction.  Are they wrong about bait too?

6/26/16  Good day to make plans for the upcoming week.  I'm looking for a break in the routine to shake things up.  My results out of Manistee, MI this season have left a lot to be desired.  That's why I own a trailer boat and traveling is what I have in mind.  Where will I go?  Honestly, don't have a clue, but it will be to a port I never fished before.

6/25/16  On the water law enforcement with be looking for boaters on the sauce this weekend.  It's called Operation Dry Water. Click here for more info
        It's not safe to boat & booze.  People that don't know this are called statistics!

6/24/16  T.G.I.F.

6/23/16  Finally found a few hours yesterday evening to fish Lk. MI out of the Port of Manistee, MI.  Setup in front of the harbor (15s) off the shelf.  Zigzagged S between 100' to 150' depths for 5-6miles to the 10s off Guerney Creek.  Only marked 3 suspended fish.
              Surface temp was 60 and the thermocline was around 40-50' down.  N wind pushing 1'-2' seas made for a comfortable S troll.  We never had a bite.
              Fishing only occasionally does not put in the position to rate my home port.  Know there are some Lake Trout around on the bottom, but we fished all lines in hopes for suspended silver fish.  Good sign was zooplankton is on the build.  That's the 1st step in attracting bait which I've yet to see in 2016.  Lines in the water was 5:30pm thru 8:30pm.

6/22/16  If, and "if" can a mighty big word at times, might get a chance to wet some lines this afternoon.  It's been about 2 weeks since I was last afloat and that's way too long!

6/21/16  WI and IN Salmon fishermen are doing way beyond anything I can expect off my home port of Manistee, MI (for Coho/Kings).  This is probably the 3rd season in a row, where WI has a far better early season fishery ...when compared to the MI side of Lk. MI.
              Why? ...can only speculate, but know they have bait (alewives) off the WI and IN shores while it's hit and miss on our side of the big pond.  Would have added IL too, but don't have any recent trusted reports to verify.
              Hope to get of land soon and see what's going on off Manistee for myself.  Have a suspicion the recent SW and S wind has improved the situation here.  Hunches and suspicions don't count.  What's in the fish box does!

6/20/16  Today, June 20, the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.  It's the summer solstice, or the 1st day of summer 2016.
              Don't have much for current fishing news from Manistee, MI.  Will do some digging today.  Did have one email that said a few Coho and Lakers are being caught.
              News from the extreme S end of Lk. MI down by Chicago says it's a Salmonfest! Coho are already past 7 pounds, some high teener Kings, and next year's juvenile Kings are all part of the mix along with a few Steelhead and Lakers thrown in.  Click 6/18/16 pic

6/19/16  Happy Father's Day!

6/18/16  Today and tomorrow is when the long running Budweiser Pro/AM  Tournament happens in Manistee, MI.  This is a tri-port start from Manistee, Onekama, and Arcadia sponsored by the Manistee County Sport Fishing Association.
               Beginning of this contest date back to the 1980s (I think).  Making is one of the longest running tournaments on the Great Lakes.  Monies generated from the contest go to the MCSFA are reinvested back into fishing in one way, shape, or form.

6/17/16  Have a great Father's Day Weekend.  Summer 2016 begins this Monday, but temps in the 80s says it's already here.
               Make take on fishing out of the Port of Manistee, MI depends on where you set up, or throwing darts blindfolded.  If you land in the right area, there's few fish to be caught.  Fleet pressure is almost nonexistent.  Went a week ago and there were only 3 trailers parked at the 1st Street Public Launch.

6/16/16  The DNRs in 4 states that own sections of Lk. MI need to step up their game and see the light.  How many of these paper pushers own boats and fish?  Willing to bet not many do!  They, the DNRs make decisions that effect us all at no cost to them.
               Is this a sleeper cell of tree huggers conspiring is to eliminate all imported exotic species like Salmon, Steelhead and Brown Trout from the Great Lakes?  Then, to eliminate fishing all together, before turning their efforts to stop hunting?
               Based this on the recent ongoing conversations for MI to plant only 200k Chinooks/King Salmon.  This has to be a freaking joke!
               Maybe, it's time to look at saltwater Striped Bass that have adapted well to freshwater impoundments all across the south.  Another name for Stripers is Rockfish, because they feed on the bottom and eat a variety of food sources.
               Returning Lk. MI to "just" a Lake Trout fishery is not going to generate enough enthusiasm to maintain a viable sports fishery.  There's not one thing wrong with Lakers, but after you've caught Kings it's going to be a hard sell to keep the parking lots at boat ramps packed with hoards of fishermen.

6/15/16  Congratulations to Team Streaker for winning the spring LOC Lake Ontario derby.  They took their 26 pound $16,500.00 money fish on my Magnum Meat head.
               Most in the tackle business over publicize tournament wins when it comes to big fish.  The truth is? ...there's a lot of luck involved to take the top fish in any contest!
               So, I don't push sales based on one fish ...in one contest.  My sales strategy is to make the best tackle possible that will last for years & years. 

6/14/16  Rumblings from the WI DNR suck bigtime!  If you're a MI, or a IN Great Lakes angler you'll see this is totally not fair.  Here's an excerpt from this contact mailer:

"The meetings follow announcement of a proposal by the Lake Michigan Committee, a multistate organization charged with managing the Lake Michigan fishery, to reduce lake-wide stocking of chinook salmon by 61.5 percent from current levels, beginning in 2017.
              This proposed reduction would equate to a 56 percent chinook salmon reduction (from 810,000 to 355,000) for Wisconsin. The other states that border Lake Michigan would also take significant chinook salmon stocking reductions through this proposal. Michigan would go from 560,000 to 200,000, Illinois would go from 230,000 to 90,000 and Indiana would go from 200,000 to 45,000."

              Indiana Lk. MI fishermen are getting hosed with a 75% decline.  Michigan's Lk. MI anglers are getting hit with an approx 65 percent cut.  While WI's cut is a little over 50%.  Every state's cut in King plants should be EXACTLY the same.
               The biggest fairytale us Michiganders were fed last year is the natural reproduction theory jerk around.  Proven not to exist last fall at Manistee's Little River Weir!!

6/13/16  Here's yesterday's port report and pic from Kewaunee, WI:


A repeat of the King from last weekend .. again on the Black Mamba Again fin clip Again 19+
Ended day 10 for 14 or 15 .. fish were not as gorged this time but the bows had bugs instead of small alewives."  Steve S.  Click 19# plus King

6/12/16  Here's a customer testimonial about my Salmon Buster™ spoons:

"Tried the 4.0s I bought earlier in one of the high altitude lakes in Central Oregon for brown trout. Fishing was tough--unseasonable sunny, hot days and high barometric pressure. My go-to plugs (MegaBass, Lucky Craft and Rapalas) weren't producing. But your spoons were just what they wanted. Got a bunch from 3 to 5 lbs. And that West Coast single hook is perfect for the catch-and-release fishing I do. And that swivel takes care of the jumpers. Can't wait to try the larger size. Thanks so much, Captain!"  Vincent C. Portland, Oregon

6/11/16  This past Thursday, went on a wild goose chase and the goose won.  Setup in 70' of water and trolled W to the 32 line out of the Port of Manistee, MI (about a 6 mile troll path) looking for Steelhead off the surface of Lk. MI. 
              The NOAA temp chart erroneously  showed 53° laying next to a 39° temp break that didn't exist.  Proving once again, just because you read it on the internet, doesn't necessarily means it's true!  Click for this lying temp chart
             The graph lines that show 39° was actually 53°.  When you swing for the fences, sometimes ...you're bound to strike out!

6/10/16  June 11th and 12th is Michigan's free fishing weekend when no license is required.  This is a great time to share your passion for fishing with a non-fishing friend!
               Here's a free fishing event for kids in Manistee County, MI (Wellston):

Manistee County
Event Name: Annual Bobbie Brown Kids Free Fishing Event
Location: Crystal Lake, Wellston
Date: Saturday, June 11
Time: 8:30 am to 12 pm
Details: This event will provide a prize to all participating kids. It's hosted by the Wellston Boosters Association.
Contact: roadkingdc@hotmail.com, 231-330-2422

Here's one for Mason County, Ludington, MI:

Mason County
Event Name: Summer 2016 Free Fishing Weekend
Location: 217 E. Ludington Avenue, Ludington & 204 E. State Street, Scottville
Date: Saturday, June 11 & Sunday, June 12
Time: All day, both days
Details: Fishing rods will be available to borrow from the Mason County District Library.
Contact: scarlson@mcdlibrary.org, 231-843-8465

6/9/16  Need to take today off.  Been working too many hours, too many days in a row.
             With the tackle business, it's either not enough, or way too much.  There's not such thing as medium and that's the reel-reason I'm shutting down for today.
             As I approach 70 work output is not high on my list.  Being dedicated to shipping orders with haste is.  And that's the reason it's hard to cut back!

6/8/16  Today's chat is about Dan O'Keefe from Michigan State University Extension, Michigan Sea Grant's article.  Titled as, "The Lake Michigan paradox: Fewer kings but more charter trips" has some very interesting data about Kings/Chinook Salmon per charter trip.  Dan's informative piece covers both Lakes MI & Huron. Click charter trip data

6/7/16  IN, IL, and WI ports on Lk. MI with baitfish are going great guns.  Central and northern ports in MI has yet to see big schools of Alewives.  In my trips out of Manistee (about once a week since March), I've never marked any large bait balls.
             This will change as summer progresses and the water warms up.  Then, the MI ports of Manistee, Ludington and Frankfort will be the beneficiaries.
      Do know, there's been a lot more Kings caught in 2016 when compare to last year!

6/6/16  Today's fishing report is a continuation from Tom M's Saturday update.  He says the southern end of Lk. MI is producing excellent catches of Kings and Coho! 
              The bait/Alewives moved into 40-50' of water and the Salmon came right along with them.  Click Tom's 6/4/16 HRP teener King      Click 6/5/16 size of bait
             Size of the bait is a healthy 6" inches.  Tom shared, baitfish are so thick, you need to check your lines often in case you snagged some of it on your hooks. 
              Tom's best rigs were 1/2 coppers (150 feet) with HRP Salmon Buster spoons and riggers riding 5' to 10' off the bottom with the XG Green Frog combo flasher/meat rig™.

6/5/16  Good news concerning the Lk. MI Salmon fishery on the way tomorrow!

6/4/16  Today's back-story on Tom M's port report from southern Lk. MI began in the fall of 2003.  I'd just introduced and proved the effectiveness of a meat program in July thru Sept and Tom wanted in.  He stopped by my shop and bought most all of my leftover, or rebuilt 3 fly meat rigs™.  I knew then, I was going to leave chartering and become a tackle manufacturer.  Click 9/1/03 meat catch  Click archived 2003 meat log
             Tom M went on to introduce meat to southern Lk. MI the following spring.  He was the 1st to run a successful meat program out of East Chicago, IN in April of 2004.
               Here's what Tom said about his limit catch results from yesterday:
"Fishing has really turned on on this end of the lake starting today I went out by myself & got 4 Coho and steelhead all on your plastic spoons, thanks again!" Click Tom's catch

6/3/16  Closed for a well deserved day off.  Enjoy your weekend!

6/2/16  Today's topic is baitfish.  WI's Lk. MI coast is experiencing some pretty decent fishing.  While it's great to see ports having good fishing with catches in the 20 fish range. Even better is understanding why this happens. 
             Today's pic is from the boat launch in Kewaunee, WI.  You can see for yourself the huge amount of baitfish this port currently has.  Click Kewaunee, WI bait
             WI will continue to have the best fishing until baitfish show up in MI in like numbers.  Perplexing thing is we had a lot of bait off Manistee and Ludington last October.  Now, it seems the mother load of baitfish has shifted all along the WI side.

6/1/16  Today's port report is from Green Bay, WI's Steve S.  He fishes out of the Port of Kewaunee, WI.  Here's what he had to say:

                "Made my first trip on my boat Monday.  What I wanted to show you was the first king of the season on my boat caught on Black Mamba w/Raging Red 3 fly meat rig. This 19# King was fin clipped.  Click for Steve's 1st King of 2016
                 Fishing has been great for the whole port.  Lot of boats going 20 for 30.  More salmon seem to be included in the catch from what I hear, but everyone says "They quit biting when the sun comes out. " Nice to see a fair amount of Coho.  Been awhile for that in Kewaunee."

5/31/16  Worked all weekend trying to get caught up on must ship asap tackle orders.  Don't clue on what's going on with Manistee, MI other than sporadic success on Kings.  One day there's some around and the next day they're gone. Hopefully, some fresh fish reports will come in that I can share with you.

5/30/16  Been watching a story about Waukesha, WI that wants to divert 8.2 millions gallons a day from Lk. MI.  This is a tough call, because Waukesha is not part of the Great Lakes basin.  It's part of the Mississippi basin. Click for more info
              Cannot comment on this being right, or wrong.  Do know this could set a dangerous precedent where more Great Lakes water will be siphoned off by water hungry states not part of the Great Lakes basin.

5/29/16  Have a great Sunday and enjoy the outdoors!

5/28/16  Here's a 5/22/16 report by Steve S about the fishing in Kewaunee, WI:

"Made it out on a friends boat last Sunday. Went 8 for 17 on Bows and one lake trout. Had a good rip on a deep Krystal Killer but no fish. Rest came in top 30 feet on varies spoons.
           The harbor was chucked full of 1 1/2" to 2" bait. Looked like mini Asian Carp.  All jumping out of the water behind the boat.  Fish were packed with bait and shrimp. Fish seem a bit shorter then last year BUT chunky!"  Click for this catch

5/27/16  By this afternoon, Tangled Tackle, here in Manistee, Mi will be restocked with flashers and new Salmon Buster™ spoons.  Many spoons were sold out in 2015 and were needed to replenish existing stock.
                    Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend!

5/26/16  Weather for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend is on of the best I've seen in a long time.  70s & 80s for the N half of MI's lower peninsula is rare for this time of the year.
              Received 1st hand news about the outstanding Coho fishery Sheboygan, WI is experiencing right now.  Limit catches are happening.  Best news? ...these May Coho are 5 to 7 pounds.  Which is a fantastic growth rate this early in the season.
              Combinations of warm S wind is supposed to last for Manistee, MI thru Memorial Day.  This is exactly what this port needs to turn on!

5/25/16  Fatty Laker with a 20" girth is today's story.  This chubby fish was caught off Ludington last weekend by website member, Capn Kirk.  The lure was a 4.0 Gold HRP Salmon Buster™ spoon that's earned number 1 ranking on Kirk's boat.  In fact, he knows how to use my spoons better than myself!   Click for Kirk's tubby LT
             With Kirk's pic added today, that makes 4 photos in the left border.  All sent in by you, the viewers of this website.  Which I greatly appreciate!          

5/24/16  Hallelujah and praise the fish gods the S Lk. MI fleet is finally catching Kings and some Coho.  You know, fishing defies logic & timetables.   Because St. Joe is about a month behind the norm.  Best news? ...more Kings are being caught when compared to last year at this time of the season.  While not limits of Kings, but enough to keep it interesting!
              Here's what Peter D had to share from last Saturday's St. Joe fishing trip:

"I took my son Daniel and his friend Jack (a first timer) fishing Saturday out of St. Joe.  We managed to land seven of ten fish.  One lake trout, three coho, and three kings.  The boys nearly did it all out there but have to improve with the net a little ...Dad got nervous when the better of the kings went wild at the back of the boat and I had to help a little.  We had a great day!" Click for Daniel & Jack with part of their catch

 5/23/16  Dueling fish reports for today's topics:

"Wanted to let you know that your Salmon Buster Mtn Dew spoon took the first fish (13 lb King), in the first 10 min (at 12:31 pm) this past Thursday (5/19/16) out on the shelf. 
It was my first time out in my new-to-me boat on my brand new wire line dipsy rig...made my year on the first day...in the middle of the day! Snubbers are working great too." 
Thanks, Brad B. Wast'n Tyme Too, Manistee, MI
Click for Brad's King

"Went fishing Friday the 20th out of the E Chicago and it was laker city.  This is my friend and mechanic Jeff G.  He works for Cabelas and is a big user of your product.  Would love to see his picture on your webpage.  This is just one of the Bigger Lakers we caught on your green frog meat rig bouncing the bottom.  It was the only pole we had bouncing the bottom.  No Silvers for us. They (Lake trout) are still fun to catch, but we don't keep them."
Tom M.  Home port: E Chicago, IN  Click for Jeff's big Laker

5/22/16  What a great weekend to get out and enjoy the outdoors!

5/21/16  Here's a copy/paste on a new pesticide for zebra and quagga mussels:

"This new pesticide has been in development for years and one of a newer class of biopesticides. Zequanox works by tricking the mussels, Michigan Live explained. Whereas chorine- or chemical-based pesticides would be sensed by the mussels who could close their bodies, the new pesticide is built using dead microbe cells and therefore the mussels siphon them into their body. They eat the pesticide as food where it then kills them through the digestive system. It can take up to a month before they die." Click full article 

5/20/16  Fished out of my home port of Manistee, MI yesterday from 7am thru 11:30am.  Started in 50' of water 2 miles N of port (17s).  Trolled due W out to the 30 line (about 600' of water) about 7 miles offshore.  Water temp inside the harbor was 57°.  Where we set up in 50' of water, it was 47° that slowly dropped to 42° over 580' of water.
               Took a small Steelhead (3 to 4 lbs.) off the surface on the 400' to 450' dropoff on a Salmon Buster™ 4.0 spoon on the GOC (gold orange crush) pattern with a 2 oz bead chain keel sinker.  That was the total sum of our action.  Click for fish & spoon
               Don't take what I did as an consensus report from Manistee.  I fish so little and
infrequently, my skimpy fish take, probably does not reflect fleet wide results.  There was not many fish on the trolling path Todd B. & I chose.  We were looking for suspended fish.
              Did notice towards the end of the trip best marks we seen all day ...straight out from the harbor in 150' to 200' depths.  These fish were suspended 80' to a 100' down.

5/19/16  The lighthouse in Manistee, MI is getting a new paint job.  There's a tarp and scaffolding surrounding it in today's featured photo.  Click for lighthouse work
              At one time, lighthouses were extremely important for navigation.  Providing sight and sound signals to the mariners on the Great Lakes.  The beacon in these lighthouses would shine for miles, calling vessels to port.  These lights have since dimmed a lot. 
              During foggy weather, or restricted visibility ...the fog horn is how we found the entrance to the harbor in the 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s.
              The fleet began migrating to Loran C for navigation in about 1983.  Early Lorans were quite expensive, like 3k in 1982.  That's about 6k in today's money.  I got my first Loran in 1985 for my charter boat.  Surprisingly, most charter vessels did not have Lorans and relied on seat of the pants navigation thru the mid 1980s.
              Modern day GPS units are inexpensive and everyone who fishes the Great Lakes probably has one.  There was a time when lighthouses is all we had & were not obsolete.

5/18/16  Link to take the MDNR survey has been fixed after a faulty hyperlink was posted.  Hyperlinks is what you click to travel the internet.  Click MDNR fishing survey
               If the wind lays down going to try to escape the shop today.  Hopefully, there's a couple of hours to sneak away and fish Lk. MI after all orders are filled.

5/17/16  The MDNR asked for our opinion about fishing.  Only issue is their webmaster made a rookie mistake and gave us a bad URL, or a broken link that don't work!  Here's the page with a broken link to their survey: Click this broken page
               Hopefully, this mistake will be rectified soon and I can leave my opinion.
               If you're a MI resident, or a just interested in fishing in MI? 
               There is an email page I do highly recommend.  You can sign up for weekly news sent to your email box from the MDNR at: Click sign up for MDNR news

5/16/16  Today's featured picture could have came from several Great Lakes Salmon ports.  It's not. This photo came from the Pacific Ocean's Columbia Bar.  This is a world famous Chinook/King Salmon fishery.  Both in the ocean and in the Columbia River too.
                Tom G, who uses my tackle was kind enough to send in his great photo.  This shows how much we have common in the universal unspoken language of fishing.  We're all brothers & sisters of the same sport.  No matter where you live. Click Tom G's King

5/15/16  Burrrr.... woke this morning to temps in the low 30s and a dusting of snow in Manistee, MI.  Warming trend begins tomorrow with temp in the 70s by next weekend.
               After careful consideration need to soften my words from a few days ago about the MDNR running the risk of looking stupid.  We, the Great Lakes Salmon and Trout fishing public do not expect miracles and there's always at least 2 sides to any issue.
              It's entirely possible, everything is working in favor of our fishery management where the reduced Salmon numbers are allowing the baitfish population rebuild. 

5/14/16  A 9 year old female bear that attacked a 13 year old girl in 2013 has been killed.  Since then, this bear killed 2 dogs and was shot in self defense.  Raising the question, are there too many bears living in close proximity to populated areas?
              When there's a 500-600 pound black bear that's 2' from your backdoor like me, stories like this gain a lot more meaning.  Bears that have lost their fear of man are dangerous.  I'm no longer the top of the food chain on my property.  Random bear visits have changed the way I live in Manistee, MI and how protect my dogs.

5/13/16  Yesterday, Dave B caught a 23 lb. King off the Port of Manistee, MI.  This brings into question the MDNR's lowball bait fish estimations.  Click 5/12/16 big King
               Sure I know, our harbors are no longer being choked with zillions of Alewives.  But you don't grow a May King that's 36 inches long and 23 pounds without a lot of bait fish.  A 23 lb. May King could be a 26-27 pounder by August, maybe more.
               So, I'm stuck in a big-time quandary about what to believe.  I know what the DNRs are telling us.  Putting themselves in a dangerous position of looking like reel-liars, or extremely stupid.  Especially, if the 2016 crop of fish keeps proving them wrong!

5/12/16  Thanks to Dave B who's leading the way to show everyone Kings can be caught off the Port of Manistee, MI.  Here's what he shared about yesterday: 

"Wednesday morning salmon:
30.5", 10.7#
30" , 12.0#
29" , 10.9 #
30.5", 11.8#
Caught in... 113' to 160' of water.
These fish were shorter than the fish on Friday, but they were filled out well for their length.
Dave B.
Salmon Ambassador"

5/11/16  Look for fishing to improve for Manistee, MI once we get a blow from the S.  E wind has been the story lately and that only pushes the biomass Lk. MI further away from shore.  While Manistee is hit and a lot of miss for now, better days are on the way!
              Do know for a reel-fact, proven in recent photos fish caught off Manistee, while not numerous, are fat healthy creatures.  They are not starving from lack of baitfish, like we're led to believe by the DNRs that set policy.  I have not doubt we have smart, gifted people working at our DNRs.  But so was General Custer at the Little Big Horn!
              One common thread I seen with the really bright people I know? ...that's over confidence.  Because they think they're always right.  Us with average intelligence (like me) have a different approach ...where both sides of any issue can go either way!

5/10/16  Today's feature Steelhead pic from yesterday is a reel-anomaly.  This short, squat, fat 23" Steelhead weighed 9.5 lbs.  That's a whole lot of fish packed into a frame that's under 2' with a deep girth unlike any Steelhead I've seen going back to the 1970s!
              This fish hit my GOC (gold orange crush) Salmon Buster™ spoon with a 2 oz bead chain keel weight on a 100' lead behind the inline board. Click ultra fatso Steelhead
              Guesstimated depth the 2 oz weights attain at 2 mph is about 15' down.
              I'd rate fishing off Manistee, MI as very slow.  There are fish here, but finding biters is a task.  2 other boats I knew that were fishing each had 1 fish per boat.
              Thanks to my crew of John J and Todd B it was a very enjoyable morning even though we could crack the code for more action.  Lk. MI went to almost flat by 11am.

5/9/16  My thanks to Dave B sending in today featured photo.  It's 2 of the 3 Kings he caught last Friday out of the Port of Manistee, MI.  All nice, fat healthy fish that look like they came from Lk. Ontario.  These 3 fish respectively were 15, 16, & 18 pounds.
             According to Dave, this was his best outing thus far.  His location was in 150'-200' of water from straight out to a few miles S of Manistee. Click 2016 15 & 16 lb. Kings

5/8/16  Happy Mother's Day!  Good news on the way for tomorrow!!

5/7/16  Mid 70s yesterday in Manistee, MI was much appreciated.  Especially, after a cold April that didn't help the fishery off Manistee.  Finally, inshore water temp is warming up!
             Have a great Saturday and an awesome Mother's Day tomorrow!

5/6/16  Today's pic is a perfect example of what politically motivated government mandated Ethanol does to rubber carburetor gaskets over time.  This deteriorating gasket came off my 2006 OMC 4 stroke 15 hp kicker.  Click deteriorating gasket
             Ethanol content is labeled at the pump to be 10%.  Found actual alcohol content was closer to 7-8% in the Manistee, MI gas stations I tested with a kit purchased online.  Why? ...cuz pure alcohol is a lot more expensive than gas.
             S of the town of Manistee on US31 there's a BP station that sells "rec" (short for recreational) gas free from any alcohol content. 
             Ethanol use causes major issues.  Even on motors claiming it's OK to run it. 
Another why?  ...because outboard manufacturers know exactly how long it will take for the Ethanol to cause issues.  By then, their motors will be out of warranty.

5/5/16  Good day to change the date and get ready to go fishing.  Warming weather after yesterday's damp chilly conditions are something to look forward to.  Hope to hit the water this afternoon, or tomorrow morning.  Been onshore too long.

5/4/16  There are too many black bears in Manistee, MI.  Black bears kill people, or if you're lucky? ...just munch on you for a while.  Frank Devereaux was MI's last known fatality.  He was killed in Cheboygan, MI in 1883.  Click bear fatalities 2010-1830
             Been dealing with a giant black bear with a pawprint a bunch bigger than my hand.  This critter got in my garbage once.  Moved the garbage cans inside.  Much to the dismay of this big bruin that came back the following night for seconds.
             My take on bears in my neighborhood? ...young healthy bears that can forage on their own are not to attack you.  It's when they get old an can no longer feed successfully the odds of homo sapiens becoming a happy meal increase drastically. 
            Manistee has seen a huge increase in bears over the past 10 years.  Everyone I know that lives here, has seen them in their yard, bait pile, or bird feeders.
            MI bears in the wild have long 20 to 30 year life span.  So, it's easy to see how a few bears can turn into many.  Click more MI bear info

5/3/16  Enhancing daily updates with links to expand the subject matter makes the topic far reaching and more interesting.  The wonder of the internet is a simple mouse click that transports you into the world's knowledge base.  There's only so much 8 to 10 lines of my written text can do.  Hyperlinks are a big help explaining the rest of the reel story!
            Keep waiting for Lk. MI off the Port of Manistee, MI to build temperature.  It's like we're stuck in limbo with the same temp of the main body (5 miles offshore) since March.

5/2/16  In the April issue of the MDNR's Reel in Michigan's Fisheries, there was some good info on Green Lake up by Traverse City, MI. Click for this issue
            I know of this lake in the second person.  Heard of it from my departed fishing friends, George Richey and Freshwater Hall of Fame charter skipper, Bud Raskey.  Know they both fished this lake for Browns many years ago. Click Green Lk article
            While Brown Trout are no longer being stocked in Green Lake, Lake Trout are. 
            Mark Tonello, MDNR fishery chief for my area wrote an excellent report with historical facts I found fascinating. Click 2013 Green Lk report

            Inland lakes with cold water species of Trout and Salmon is where I hope to focus my efforts soon.  Best part? ...wind is not usually a factor on inland lakes.

5/1/16  Here's  a customer testimonial from the State of Washington on our west coast.  Especially,  enjoy feedback from parts unknown to me that I've never fished.  Here's what Tom G. had to say about my tackle:

"John I have to tell you I have made believers with your tackle.  Rods on my whaler using your tackle consistently out fish other methods.  Matter of fact my rod caught the biggest (plural) chinook all season.  I fish out of the Port of Ilwaco into the Columbia and over the bar into the ocean."

4/30/16  Have a great weekend.

4/29/16  Ludington, MI is showing some late April success when you can find clean water without the weeds.  Today's info is from website member, Capt. Kirk a Ludington local and an expert on early and late season fish.  He caught a big Steelhead (over 10 lbs.), a 5 lb. Brown and a fair sized spring Coho yesterday.  Click for Kirk's 4/28/16 catch
              Capt. Kirk ran 6 rods.  2 with body baits, 2 with metal spoons and 2 with my HRP Salmon Buster™ spoons.  The 2 Salmon Busters took all 3 fish!  While 3 fish is not going to set any records.  For this year's off-conditions ...3 fish is a heck of a good catch!

4/28/16  Inland Walleye and the stream Trout season opens soon.  Both of these seasons openers are on April 30th. For all the MDNR 2016 fishing license regulations Click Here
               Did some checking myself on legal limits for inland lakes holding Trout and Salmon like Crystal and Torch Lakes.  Both of these lakes are a Type E.  According to what I read, it's a 3 fish limit per license.  Guess this means combined species.

4/27/16  Here's a great heads up that will save you money if you ever get boarded by the U.S.C.G. or other law enforcement agencies.  Make sure your flares have not expired.  All Great Lakes boats are required to have approved dated flares. Click for regs.
             The Coast Guard can board you anytime they wish.  This has happened to me on the water, and then transferred to dockside in Harbor Beach, MI.  Been boarded at boat ramp in Manistee, MI too when the coasties were working the fleet.
             Most of the time the Coast Guard in not on the muscle.  They're only there to do a job that promotes safety afloat. Click Visual Distress Signals (flares)

4/26/16  Too busy with tackle shop duties to do any research for a meaningful topic.  Being busy making tackle and shipping order is job 1.  But it sure cuts into time to steal an afternoon to going fishing.  Looks like Friday-Saturday might work.
               Want to do some underwater filming with my inline Water Wolf action cam.  This unit goes on the fishing line to the lure to capture the bite.  Then, all the action as you fight the fish back to the boat.  Worry is the big blob of black plastic might spook fish away.
So, it will have to be used on a day when the fish are on a hard kamikaze bite.

4/25/16  Reports of a few April Kings are filtering in from the Great Lakes of MI and Huron.  Not many, but it's a good sign ...never the less.  Traditionally, May is the month for King Salmon and how many will be caught has yet to be determined. Click April King
               Do know there were a lot of yearling Kings in the fall of 2015 from central and southern Lk. MI ports.  That makes 2018 a year to look forward to.  If not sooner?

4/24/16  OK, you wait all winter and look forward to the once best in the state, Manistee, MI's Brown Trout fishery that broke and held more state records than any other port.
              Then, winter makes a strong last ditch appearance.  Cools the water down to the consistency of Jell-O that suspends weeds in a cloudy green silty colored soup.  Making the chances at a good catch of Browns out of Manistee ...like hitting the lotto.
              Now, it's all about attitude and keeping a good one.  Sometimes, I have to remind myself, most fishermen are the best optimists in the world.  Sure, we'll have some good fishing in Manistee this spring and I'll be here to report on it!

4/23/16  Good day to go chase some fish.  I'm in a holding pattern until Lk. MI sets up better off my home port of Manistee, MI.  Plans are in the works for some inland lake fishing this week.  Looking at Crystal Lk. in Benzie County for this Tuesday.
                        Have a great weekend, because you deserve it!

4/22/16  Added some useful links to include satellite views of all Great Lakes and access to surface temps charts for Lk. Huron fishermen.  Click for Great Lakes link page
              Water to the N of my home port of Manistee, MI has cleared from weeds.  But there's very few fish in the shallow, off the beach waters.
              Weather has to be the reason Manistee is seeing it slowest spring fishery, possibly ever.  Fishing is not good.  Thus far, in 2016, catching is a rare occurrence.
              This year we lost water temp in the first 2 weeks of April when winter-like conditions came back.  There has to be an inducement for the fish to move onshore. 
              Normally, there's a 5°-10° differential of warmer water onshore compared to the main body of Lk. MI.  This has not happened, even with the mild winter of 2015-2016.

4/21/16  This past Monday afternoon did a quick trip to the Port of Holland, MI with a favorable wind and sea forecast for a few days.  Click Holland channel to Lk. MI
              Drove out to 175' of water to explore and have the sun at our back on a E troll that's always better in the afternoon.  W troll direction wins in the morning.  Learned this when I used to charter out of South Haven and Saugatuck, MI from 1996 thru 2002 for spring Salmon during May and into early June.
              Headed out around 2pm lake was perfect.  Flat calm afternoon and it was nice. Todd B and I changed the boat over to fish Salmon-Steelhead from shoreline Browns.  Took Coho on a inline planer over 110' of water and missed some too.  Click Gold HRP Coho
              Decided to concentrate on this area in morning.  Cut our pm trip short to grab a decent dinner and get a good night's rest before the morning fish.
              Well, the morning trip never happened.  Wind came up around 3:30am and it was plain nasty by 7am.  3-4' SW rollers with 20-25 knot E winds meant a evil cross slop in no way was I going to deal with.  So, we put the boat on the trailer and headed home.
              My takeaway from Holland is that it's a huge boating port.  There were several big marinas on Lk. Macatawa with more boat slips than Manistee & Ludington combined.
              Figure we'd have done respectable on the morning trip that never happened.  But the way things worked out? ...we'll never know.  Do know it was nice to troll for a few hours without our lures fouled with weeds like we had in Manistee, MI.

4/20/16  When you sign on to become a Great Lakes fishermen there's an unspoken contract to accept the bitter with the sweet.  There's so many ways for fishing trips to go wrong and very few ways, for them to go right! 
               Without defeat there no victory.  That's why a good catch always clears the slate.  Conditions off Manistee, Mi this spring have been horrendous with inshore murky water and in certain spots? ...loads of weeds to foul your baits.
               Bead Chain Keel Weights have saved the day when it comes to the weeds by deflecting a lot of them.  Not to mention, the saved fishing line that could have became a twisted up mess.  Have not cut off any line, other than the original tie-on.  My reels are all still full like the day I put new line on all of the them.  Thank you ...Mr. Keel Sinker!
               So, this past Monday cut a trail to Holland, MI after good inside info fishing out of Saugatuck was decent for Coho with a few Browns and Steelhead....
                            To be continued tomorrow, or sooner!

4/18-19/16  Mike P was kind enough to call me with the details from E Chicago, IN.  The Secret One pattern in the 4.0 Salmon Buster™ was his best.  Not the Gold HRP I reported yesterday.  Mike's catch was a big deal when the other boats were doing 2-3 fish.
               Need to take some time off for some serious RR and will miss a few days of updates.  Daily chat sessions will resume after a mini vacation that's been long overdue.
   All orders received while I take a break will be shipped before the end of this week.

4/17/16  Been holding today's featured photo to confirm this mixed bag catch was caught with my spoons.  It was verified today by website member, Tom M.  Best color in my Salmon Buster™ spoons was the 4.0 Gold HRP.  They caught 5 Coho, a Brown Trout, a Laker, and a 15# King.  This was the 1st good King weighed in at Pastrick Marina in E Chicago, IN of the 2016 season. Don't have much info to go on.  If you know the names of all the fishermen, please forward them to me.  Click 4/15/16 Salmon Buster™ catch
              After careful consideration, came to the conclusion the only thing that going to perk up the fishing in Manistee, MI ...is time.  I've gave up on my home port until the water clears and warms up.  I don't like fighting with weeds, cuz you're never gonna win!
   If this taste of spring weather in the 70s doesn't make you think fishing?  ...nothing will!

4/16/16  Manistee, MI is in dire need of a big dose of Ortho's Weeds Be Gone.  Murky green water with 2' of visibility is what lays S of port to Big Point Sable.  Then, you can see bottom plain as day in 22' where the water is ultra gin-clear.  Click Manistee's weeds
              So, there's no middle ground with stained water that favors the fishermen! Weeds are nasty on the beach in 5 to 10 feet of water, where we normally fish.  Temp ranges from 44° in the murky stuff to 40° in the unproductive deeper clear water.

4/15/16  T.G.I.F.  Let's hope the warm weather is here to stay.  Next on the "hope" list is Lk. MI begins to finally warm up.  This has been a weird spring when we actually lost temp that shut the fish down.  Last on the "hope" list is the suspended weeds that fouled my spoons on 4/13/16 go away.  Never caught a fish on a lure fouled with junk yet.

4/14/16  Was lucky enough to get a couple of hours of water time yesterday.  Trolled N from the harbor in Manistee, MI, past Orchard Beach State Park, and to the Bar Lk. outlet. Water was 40°.  That's 1, or 2° colder, then my previous 3/22/16 shakedown cruise.
              Had nary a nibble in this 4-5 miles of water from 5' to 15' deep.  Water clarity has improved to 4' to 5'.  But there are weeds in it.  Pulled the spread after a 1 N hour troll and 5 of our 6 rods were carrying debris.  Water color N has a slight green tinge.
             Motor's new water temp gauge worked mint. New heater was OK pushing air out at 88-100°.  This will improve when we step up the 140° thermostat to 160° later today.

4/13/16  First few trips of the season is time well spent to work out any boat gremlins, if you're installed new hardware, or electronics on your boat.  In my case, the new cooling system was a big job.  Further complicated by the installation heater/defroster unit.
              Well, today is trip #2.  Decided on Manistee, MI for a couple of reasons.  It's 12 miles to the launch from my house and need to check and see if the inshore water clarity has improved.  Until the water clears at my home port, it's going to be a tough go.
               I have no illusions of being the scourge of the Great Lakes, but a fish, or 2 would be nice.  Heck, even a skunk would be an improvement over being onshore for last 3 weeks!
              Inclement weather has held my season back a lot.
              Today is the first time it's predicted to hit 50° in the last 2 weeks.  Cold weather means wind from the N.  That's not a favorable wind direction for early season calm seas.  Without moderate seas, shoreline trolling causes too many issues.  Such as: the big boards flipping over, or inlines/birds, jumping over each other, causing major tangles.

4/12/16  Posted a satellite view of Lk. MI taken a few days ago.  By enlarging the pic, it's pretty easy to see the rich, fertile green water in the S end of Lk. MI.  This is why recent Coho reports from E Chicago, IN are on the build.  Click satellite view Lk. MI
              Today is when part II of my 2016 season begins by readying everything for tomorrow's afternoon's 2nd launch of this season.  Need to check out all fittings and hose clamps on my new heater that runs off the enclosed cooling system
              My job running this website gets a heck of a lot easier with new fish photos.  Something that has been lacking due to the bad weather that's kept the fleet onshore.

4/11/16  It's going to be a great week.  Lots of E wind is predicted for my home port of Manistee, MI.  This will allow the water to clear up.  We will be picking up inshore water temp to set things in motion at improving the odds to catch fish!
              The last 3 weeks of cold weather and wind has kept me onshore.  Look for that to change soon.  I look forward to resetting my 2016 season.  My outlook is loaded with anticipation of good things to come.  I'm ready ...how about you?

4/10/16  Big-time warm-up begins this coming Wednesday when it finally hits 50°.  The main body of Lk. MI off the Manistee, MI area is 38°.  About same temp as 3 weeks ago.
              Soon to be warming inshore waters will be on the way to clearing up.  Lack of water clarity that has held back the catching off my home port of Manistee.
              One thing that I keep forgetting to mention? ...there was a fair amount of suspended weeds that fouled lures during my shakedown trip back in March.  If you do fish central MI ports go thru and reset your spread often to make sure you're not pulling weeds.

4/9/16  2 + 2 = 4 in the business world.  This simple math answer is done by one person.  In the land of government to solve this basic addition? ...the propensity would be to call a meeting, assign departmental responsibility, do an environmental study and mix in plenty of CYA.  So, you can shift blame to someone else that don't deserve it!
             Recent comments by the MDNR at the 50th anniversary of the Coho stocking program in MI are trying to sell us a false bill of goods about King/Chinook Salmon not feeding on the bottom.  While overlooking an important tangent not mentioned.
             They say, Kings have not shifted their diet to gobies and prefer Alewives.  OK, this can be explained by eons of generations of west coast Salmon eating herring, sardines and anchovies.  All these baitfish have one thing in common.  That being: these species have silvery scales that reflect light.  Great Lakes gobies are in darker, almost camouflaged color.
              Never let anyone misrepresent the facts to you about Salmon not feeding on the bottom.  Any dimwit ignorant enough to spread this load pure BS, obviously never earned their living as a charter operator for 20 years like I have. 
              Kings might not chow on bottom dwelling gobies, but caught many Salmon off the bottom that were stuffed with Alewives.  Click all bottom caught Lakers & King
              Now, the next question: what food source have round gobies used to colonized the Great Lakes?  But the larger question: what are the fry gobies eating the fry Salmon  & Alewives do not eat?  Baby gobies survive.  Why not small Salmon and Alewives?  I see lots of questions and zero answers from those getting a free ride off our fishing license fees.
              Has our MDNR looked inward to see what's wrong with their Chinook rearing, or planting policies?  Have they even considered BKD ...like in the late 80s is back? 
              Is wire tagging all Kings causing survival rate issues down the road?  Do know for a reel-fact, since the MDNR started inserting a coded wire tag in snout of every King planted, our Lk. MI King fishery has gotten progressively tougher and tougher. 

4/8/16 T.G.I.F.  Good day for a mental reboot for my yet to begin 2016 season.  Next week's long awaited improving weather should get things rolling.

4/7/16  Keep looking for a weather window to put together a successful trip to S Lk. MI.  Criteria is tolerable winds 10 knots, or less.  Wind messes with the sound track big-time.  Not to mention, capturing video in rolling seas.
             Going back to the 16th of March, 2016, we've only had 3 days with temps in the low 50s.  Even though 50s is considered about average for this time of the year.
             Next day forecast to hit 50 in Manistee, MI is a week from today.  Our current daytime highs are running 10-20° below normal.  If there is such a thing in MI weather?
             This drastic falloff in temperature has prevented the inshore waters in Manistee from warming up.  Surface water temp on the beach is less, or about the same as 3 weeks ago during my 3/22/16 shakedown cruise.

4/6/16  Ageless Firedot pattern is today's topic with a photo sent in by savvy E Chicago, IN angler, Tom M.  This color first took off in 1969 on Luhr Jensen's Manistee Wobbler spoon with scads of Coho eager to whack this color.  Click 4/1/16 Firedot Coho
             I've caught thousands of Kings and Coho on this design over the past 48 seasons.  Yes, that's why I have this very same color in my flashers, meat heads, and spoons. 
                    Some things never wear out and this is one of them!

4/5/16  Expanded the lineup on Bead Chain Keel weights to include 1.5 and 2.0 ounce sizes.  First reports on the 2 oz is 20' plus feet at 2.5 mph on 15# test with a 4.0 Salmon Buster™ spoon.  This needs further testing to be confirmed.
             Now, we have keel weights in 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 1, 1.5, and 2 oz  sizes.  This means a fine tuned depth control for pulling spoons off the boards.  Will have all 6 sizes of these game changing weights installed at the webstore today.  Click for all 6 sizes
  Plan was to fish this afternoon out of Manistee, MI.  A burst of early April business means we're too busy in the shop making tackle and shipping orders to neglect work.

4/4/16  Posted a pic of the recently installed new heater.  Would much rather show you a nice box of fish, but that's not going happen for a while. Click new heater
             Bright spot for improving warmer weather is next weekend.
             This Tuesday looks OK to fish out of my home port of Manistee, MI.  Will be trying the color line about a mile offshore and sewn minnows in the harbor.  Sewn minnows and cowbells are an old school deadly technique and worthy of a "how to video."

4/3/16  Average daytime high temps for the coming week are up to 20 degrees below the norm.  So, cold & snow froze out any ideas about fishing Manistee, MI in the near future.
            Time was better spent finishing the heater project.  Installed a new temp gauge too. The new one reads in numbers, not the stock idiot gauge. Click new gauge
             My new onboard heater is just like what's in your vehicle made possible by the closed cooling system installed recently on my GM V8 Mercruiser outdrive.
             Cost for the heater, hoses and fittings was quite reasonable.  Coming in at way less than 200 bucks.  With Todd B's help, total install time for heater install was around 3 hours.  Mounted this compact heater directly underneath the starboard driver's side windshield.  Hopefully, it will act like defrosters to help with morning fogging issues. 
Have a add-on defroster kit in case the stand alone heater doesn't clear the windshield.

4/2/16  Called the Cadillac, MI District Office of the MDNR to find out when the launch ramp in Benzie County, MI's Crystal Lk. ramp will be put in?
            Spoke with Jessie and he went the extra mile to call me back with the info.  He said, the goal is to have all DNR ramps installed by 4/8/16, or by next Friday.
            Fishing inland lakes like Crystal and Torch are a great alternatives, because wind and waves don't present problems.  Both of these lakes have a tough reputations to fish.  Locals that do have the knowledge to catch ...don't share squat.
            So, it's up to me to crack the code to catch fish out of these unique bodies of water that have Rainbow Trout and Atlantic Salmon.  Then, share the methodology with you.  Just in case, fishing new bodies of water fascinates you? ...like it does me.

4/1/16  Today is national holiday for jokesters with stuff that's only funny to them with outlandish claims.  So, beware, there are people out to make us look stupid today.  You can win by not being gullible & not taking anything too serious.  Don't be an April fool!
            My plans to travel and fish out of E Chicago, IN just got squashed.  Main contact, Tom M said the water turned to a silty gray and fishing has been very tough lately.
            OK, I want to go and catch.  To make this happen in the next week, plans include sewn minnows in Manistee, MI's harbor.  I gleaned firsthand knowledge of this deadly technique from a departed Hall of Fame Fishermen and my friend, Capt. Bud Raskey.
            Last I heard, from website member, Wayne J, the launch ramp was not in at Benzie County, MI's Crystal Lake.  Need to call the Cadillac MDNR to see when it's going in.
            Lastly, if all else fails, a trip to Torch Lake N of Traverse City, MI is doable.

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