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Reasons To Charter

"In plain English it's cost effective!  50K will buy you a starter rig add 5K for tackle, 5k in electronics, at least 30k plus for the cost of a tow vehicle.  So, for about $90,000.00 you'll be fishing in a fairly safe fashion.  Oh, I just about to forget mention dockage, gas, insurance, winter storage and maintenance.  Generally the two most happiest days in a boat owners life are the day they buy it and the day they sell it.  Fact: boats are expensive and a pain in the butt, just ask me..... I know"!....Capt. John

Charter FAQ's

1.  Will I need a fishing License?    Yes, you'll need a fishing license for the so called All-Specie (replaces Trout Stamp) if you're a resident I recommend buying one for  $26.50 for the yearly License if you fish  a lot.  If you're a non-resident or resident you can buy a one pass for $6.00 (this is a good deal compared to other States).  For those under 17 no License is required.

2.  What kind of rods, reels, or tackle will I need to Bring?  Good News here folks, Kings Charter supplies all the necessary equipment.  As I've said for many years all you'll need to bring is a good attitude.

3.  What if we don't catch any fish?  That's not going to happen!!  I haven't been skunked on Lk. Michigan since August 1988.   If fishing is slow you'll be advised to save your dough.  In the River it's entirely up to you to hook and land them and that sounds a lot easier than it is.  I was skunked for the first time in several years on 4/26/03 and 75% of the fleet was too!  In that case I gave my guests a absolutely free return trip. 

4.  What about toilet facilities?  On Lake Michigan Charters the 28' Cherokee has an Electric Marine Head (flushing toilet).  On the Big Manistee River the Forrest Service has public restrooms stationed along the River at the boat ramp access areas.

What kind of boat do you use on Lake Michigan?  The 28' Cherokee used on Lake Michigan is a custom built vessel designed and Manufactured in Michigan for Charter Fishing.  It has a 11'6" beam (how wide) and it's 28' long.  The Cabin or Hardtop area can be completely enclosed and heated for cool weather.  This is a fishin' machine; equipped with Radar, GPS, 2 loran's, 4 sonar units for finding fish, twin 350 V8 Crusader inboards, outriggers, 5 Electric Downriggers, 35 Rods and Reels and a bunch of other stuff that will be at hand when we need it.  
    Also, it can accommodate up to 6 guests comfortably, but a recommended charter of 4 persons or less provides additional time on the rods and more personalized attention.

6.  What about weather or water too rough to fish in?  The weather in Michigan changes a lot so be prepared.  The rough water part is pretty simple to answer: "I don't like fishing in Seas that are to large to be comfortable in.  You as a guest are doing this to have fun, not because you have too!  If it's not going to be a great time for all, I'll reschedule your date or refund your deposit".

7.  O.K. now we've caught 'em who cleans the fish?  I fillet fish as fast and good as anybody in Manistee County and there is no charge for skinning, filleting and bagging.  Plus, I supply the ice to keep the fish cold while aboard.  

8.  Does the Charter Operator supply food?  No, you know what you like to eat so come with your own chow.  And keep in mind the cooler you bring can serve double duty and can help transport your cleaned fish back home.

9.  What about the Boat you use on the Big Manistee River?  It's a completely enclosed 17' RiverMaster Jet Boat to skim over the shallows and has plenty of heat inside for cold weather outings.  It has all the tackle needed to catch fish.  This boat was built for 2 persons but in warmer weather can take a third at a slight extra charge.

10.  What's the best time to take a charter?  Well that depends on what kind of fish you're interested in catching.  I offer many kinds of specialty charters thru out the year and the vast majority are highly successful.  As I've always said the best time to go fishing is when you can!

11.  Safety Concerns? The Lake Boat is State Inspected and all necessary USCG safety requirements are meet.  The River boat meets same criteria.

12.   What about Motion Sickness? Take Dramamine or Scopolamine.  If your prone to Sea Sickness these precautions should take care of that problem out on the Lake.  The River is always flat calm and I never had a sickly person there yet.

13.  Are Alcoholic Beverages Permitted?  After 21 years of allowing guests to drink alcoholic beverages aboard, I came to the conclusion I didn't need this any longer.  Safety and legal concerns now means absolutely no beer, wine or hard liquor will be brought onboard.  My recommendation is, "if you want to drink go to the bar and let them be responsible for you."   I need sober, heads-up fishermen that can handle the can of action I can produce. Illegal Drugs of any kind are not allowed under any circumstances.

14.  What should I bring along?  Let's call these the "Don't Forgets" appropriate clothing for the time of the year (layered works best), hat, sunglasses, soft soled shoes for the lake, felt packs for the winter river trips, rain gear, food and drink in a cooler, Fishing License, sunscreen, cameras, camcorders, film, plenty of battery power for the big one that didn't get away.  So now that you're ready, let's go and experience some of the "Worlds Greatest Freshwater Fishing."  Also, you'll fish with confidence with one of the most experienced full time year around captains Michigan has to offer.

15.  Haven't thought of this one yet, but I'm working on it.