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This is the place for someone looking to charter or Great Lakes sport-fishermen looking for info.  I've organized the below detailed categories to help find exactly what kind of information you're looking for, because this is a reel website for everyone.
This website contains about 100 pages of charter info, tips, tricks, and a general wealth of my Salmon and Trout fishing knowledge I've compiled over the past 36 years. Plus, to keep it fresh, I keep the home page updated every day!.....Capt. John

Charter Typesfish
River Fishing
October thru April Steelheading on the Big Manistee River
April Brown Trout
Shoreline trolling on Lake Michigan with light tackle 
Spring Salmon
May fishing for spring Kings and Steelhead at South Haven, Michigan
Summer Salmon
Adult Salmon and Trout in Manistee, home of the Bad Boys 

Charter Resultsfish
River Results
Read the exact results from 11/19/00 thru 3/30/00 on every river trip on the Big Manistee 
April Brown Trout 2000
See how my guests caught 239 Brown Trout in April on Lake Michigan's shoreline
Saugatuck in May 2000
Report on May Charters and how we landed 184 fish.  2000 results below:
June Charter Results
July Charter Results
August Charter Results
September Charter Results
Oct. Results
Nov. Dec.& Jan Results 
The above links cover the charter reports on about, 600 fish or more! 

2001 Results
River Results  
April Brown Trout
May & June
July Salmon
August Tuna Time

2002 Resultsfish
Nov & Dec  
Aug   July   
April  March  

2003 Resultsfish
January   March
April   May
June   July 
August  Sept.
Oct.  Nov.   Dec.


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Past 1st mates of the month, a reel favorite
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Recent and archived Brown Trout photos
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Actual charter photos from every June and July trip in 2000, where we prove what others can only claim
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Awesome Pictures from every August charter out of Manistee in 2000
Photo Gallery
Great archived photos from over the past seasons
Manistee River Photos
From the 2001 season
Charter Infofish
Charter FAQ's
Frequently asked questions about charter fishing information and what services I'm  offering 
Why Fish Manistee?
10 great reasons to fish in Manistee, Michigan home of the most Master Angler Kings caught in the State!
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Everything you need to know about reservation policies and the rate structure

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Manistee Campgrounds
Matson's Campground Big Manistee River campground
Orchard Beach State Park
Camping on Lk. Michigan

This site is Designed, Published & Maintained by Capt. John King without any knowledge of html, knowing how to spell, proper grammar, webmaster skills of any sort and his famous hunt and peck two finger typing system.  I hope you get used to it and me.....enjoy!

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